Advantest expands M4841 handler with active thermal control

24th October 2023
Sheryl Miles

Semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest has announced a new Active Thermal Control (ATC) option for its M4841 high-volume device handler.

ATC 2.0 provides dynamic regulation of temperature fluctuations caused by automotive semiconductors self-heating during test, helping to ensure more accurate production test of up to 16 advanced systems-on-chip (SoCs) in parallel with higher throughput and shorter test times.

Massive amounts of data processing are required for devices used to power electric vehicles (EVs) and other fast-growing, data-intensive automotive applications such as infotainment systems and forthcoming Level 4 autonomous driving. Advances in semiconductor manufacturing processes bring improvements in functionality as well as enhanced power efficiency for these advanced devices. As a result, thermal design power is actually increasing, causing devices to self-heat during test and making it more difficult to control test temperature. This creates a need for handlers that can perform prompt, stable device temperature management.

Replacing the handler’s prior passive thermal control technology, integrated ATC enables the M4841 to provide a stable, consistent test environment with fast response and high load-tracking characteristics that maintain the device’s internal temperature at the set test temperature, even if dynamic heat fluctuation occurs during the test. This stability enables users to build test programmes with unparalleled implementation flexibility – in turn, significantly enhancing overall test productivity.

“Our ATC technology has proven highly effective for other handlers in our portfolio,” said Kazuyuki Yamashita, Senior Vice President at Advantest Corporation. “With demand for high-data-rate devices in automotive, industrial, and other markets escalating, passive temperature regulation no longer suffices for our established M4841 model. ATC’s dynamic heat sensing and cooling combined with the handler’s volume production test capabilities creates a comprehensive value-added handler solution for our customers in these markets.”

Advantest’s M4841 handler with ATC 2.0 enables high-throughput test of up to 16 devices in parallel, yielding very high device volumes and supporting a range of complex ICs and packages. Its advanced performance capabilities and features make the M4841 the optimal test handler for high-volume production of devices used in consumer products such as portable digital equipment and automotive systems.

The new ATC option for the M4841 handler will be available in April 2024.

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