Challenges and Solutions of AI & Automotive for Code Storage Memory

High performance memory is required for fast boot applications and better user experiences. Winbond will demonstrate several approaches to explain how to achieve higher data thru-put rate for instant boot and higher erase/program efficiency during OTA on AI and automotive application.

Fast boot loaders for autonomous driving systems and instrument panel displays, AI training model and database storage systems, and over-the-air programming updates for gaming and other embedded systems all have one thing in common - an ever-growing need for more Flash memory with higher densities operating at consistently increasing data rates.

NOR Flash provides the highest data rates but costs higher at densities above 512 Mb. NAND Flash provides lower costs and higher densities, but typically at much lower data rates. Winbond’s OctalNAND Flash is breaking new ground at high densities and high data throughput rates.

Winbond’s OctalNAND Flash provides a fast 240 MB/s alternative for automotive, commercial and industrial manufacturers to provide high density code and data storage without having to pay the premium for NOR Flash. OctalNAND Flash offers the highest read throughput NAND Flash for embedded applications.

By incorporating the x8 data bus width and high frequency data strobe signal, Winbond’s OctalNAND Flash is package and pin-to-pin compatible with Octal NOR Flash. It also provides an easy migration path from x1, x2 and x4 NAND Flash designs.

  • Presentation
  • Live Q&A with Erica Lee and an Electronic Specifier editor

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