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Component Management
3rd September 2020
Heat dissipation solution with the WE-TGF from Würth

With its WE-TGF (Thermal Gap Filler) Würth Elektronik has announced that it now offers a new solution for heat dissipation. The key feature of the self-adhesive gap-filler material is the non-conductive barrier with a high dielectric strength has a high thermoconductivity index of 1 W/(m*K).

2nd September 2020
REDEXPERT selecting capacitors for cross-technology

REDEXPERT, the online platform for the simulation and selection of electronic components on the basis of real measurements, has expanded its presence. Würth Elektronik has heeded its customers’ suggestions from the practical area and has installed a feature that enables the direct comparison of aluminum-electrolyte and aluminum-polymer capacitors. The calculation of the ripple current has also been improved.

17th August 2020
Würth Elektronik WE-CST EE4.4 current sense transformers

Würth Elektronik has expanded the product family of WE-CST current sense transformers with the new WE-CST EE4.4 series. An innovative manufacturing process not only makes these current sense transformers extremely small (4.7x4.65mm, 3.55mm), but also provides better insulation.

5th August 2020
Formula E finale in a six-pack at Berlin

The races of the Formula E electric racing series, which were cancelled due to the pandemic, will be made up for on 5th and 6th, 8th and 9th, and 12th and 13th August 2020 at Berlin Tempelhof Airport. The races will be held with different track variants without spectators at the track and with smaller pit teams.

29th July 2020
Würth Elektronik debuts phototransistor optococouplers

Phototransistor-type optocouplers are available for the first time from Würth Elektronik. The WL-OCPT Series 816 coplanar design optocouplers consist of an infrared LED on the input side and a phototransistor on the output side.

27th July 2020
On and off switching variants from Würth

It has been announced that new buttons and switches are enriching the Würth Elektronik electromechanical portfolio: the miniaturised WS-TASV and WS-TASU buttons, WS-SLSU slide switch and another WS-RSTV series device on/off switch.

21st July 2020
MagI³C power module includes compact LGA-6EP package

Würth Elektronik has extended its MagI³C power module product family to include a compact one amp version in LGA-6EP package. The special feature of the module (type 171010501) is the “power good” function. The module indicates on one pin whether the output voltage is in the nominal range.

17th July 2020
Combining wireless power and data transmission

Würth Elektronik has extended its ‘Wireless Power 200W Extended Medium Power Solution’ developer kit to include a new function. Although it was already possible to transfer data from the receiver device to the charging station, bidirectional data transfer can now be combined with the charging process.

1st July 2020
Würth Cat6-compatible WR-MJ modular jack connectors

Würth Elektronik has expanded its family of WR-MJ modular jack products by launching RJ45 jacks in the 8P8C layout, intended for use in Cat6 data lines. These modular jacks are available in various designs: in horizontal and vertical directions and also with an angle of 47.5°, shielded and unshielded, and in some cases with EMI contact fingers.

26th June 2020
High-current inductor targets automotive applications

Würth Elektronik has extended its portfolio of AEC-Q200 Grade 1-qualified electronic components with the WE-HCFA high-current inductor

18th June 2020
Controlling plant growth with horticulture LEDs

The new Lighting Development Kit from Würth Elektronik with horticulture LEDs accelerates the development of systems for targeted plant lighting. Companies developing solutions for vertical farming in cities or optimised ‘supplemental lighting’ in greenhouses can use the Development Kit to explore the effect of different ‘lighting recipes’ on plants and in their different growth phases.

5th June 2020
WR-FAST provides robust connection for power

WR-FAST Fast Connection is the name of a series of THT-configurable male connectors for accommodating single wires with blade receptacles — for example in household appliances. The new connectors are available in various blade designs, orientations and dimensions and are intended for current flows up to 16A and working voltages up to 300V.

28th May 2020
Wireless power coil WE-WPCC WPT/NFC from Würth

Würth Elektronik has expanded its portfolio of wireless power coils. WE-WPCC WPT/NFC combines wireless power transmission with the Near Field Communication (NCF) standard thus enabling, for example, the combination of a charging station for smartphones with identification and payment functions.

28th May 2020
Würth Elektronik publishes coaxial connectors catalogue

Würth Elektronik has extended its range of coaxial connectors and published a new catalogue. On 174 pages, the ‘Coax Connectors’ English language catalogue presents nine product groups. The new product families of SMB and SMP connectors is the highlight.

21st May 2020
Putting an end to radio interference with the WE-CCMF

With the introduction of the WE-CCMF, Würth Elektronik offers a compact multilayer common mode choke in a 0504 package which is characterised by high common mode attenuation in the WiFi frequency range (>30 dB @ 2450MHz).

20th May 2020
Elara line of simple to integrate satellite navigation

Würth Elektronik has launched a product family of GNSS modules. The Elara line represents some of the smallest GNSS modules on the market - both with and without integrated antenna. For sophisticated navigation tasks, the Erinome series uses all four global navigation satellite systems at top speed: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou.

17th April 2020
Preferential supply to manufacturers of medical devices

The Würth Elektronik eiSos Group has set up a task force to guarantee preferential supply to manufacturers of medical devices. As one of the largest European suppliers of electronic components, the Waldenburg based company thus wants to ensure that the production of urgently needed medical technology can be further expanded worldwide.

16th April 2020
Mountable WE-RCIS radio interference suppression choke

Würth Elektronik has complementd its AEC-Q200 product group of qualified radio interference suppression chokes with an SMT-mountable model: WE-RCIS. The rod core choke, available in four versions, is characterised by its high current-carrying capacity and very high saturation power.

15th April 2020
Versatile temperature sensor comes in compact package

Although the WSEN-TIDS versatile temperature sensor from Würth Elektronik measures just 2.0x2.0x0.5mm, its range of application is wide: Its accuracy in the measuring range -40 to +125°C is ±0.5°C, while in the range -10 to +60°C it goes down to ±0.25°C.

1st April 2020
Circuit board technology produces PCBs for ventilators

The worldwide spread of the coronavirus is not only increasing the demand for personal protective equipment, but also for medical ventilators, and here circuit board technology can help. 

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