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23rd October 2023
ATS: the heating, sensing, and controlling suite of tomorrow

In the past, thermal systems always had trade-offs that often made the ‘ideal’ system out of reach.

Eco Innovation
13th September 2023
Taking a systems approach to solve electrification challenges

Industrial organisations can push decarbonisation forward by shifting process heater systems from fossil fuel-burning to electric.

7th March 2023
The new alternatives in power conversion

Power conversion is familiar in most consumer and industrial technologies, which typically use AC adapters to convert to DC and supply the required voltage.

News & Analysis
4th November 2022
Watlow completes acquisition of Eurotherm

Watlow, a designer and manufacturer of complete industrial thermal systems, has completed its acquisition of Eurotherm from Schneider Electric. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

10th October 2022
Enabling smaller and safer medical devices

Healthcare organisations are increasingly moving patients to home care settings to reduce the pressure on traditional healthcare facilities, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.

13th December 2021
Making the most of thermal sensors

From motion sensors that aid safe parking, to pressure sensors that measure air flow in air conditioning units, many applications used in our daily lives are guided by sensing technology.

30th November 2021
Are PID controllers still good enough today?

As computational technology advances, the role of the ever-dependable Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller has come into question.

28th July 2021
Accelerating electrification and the role of heating tech

While investment in clean energy plays a huge part in achieving global climate goals, it must coincide with the further electrification of industrial processes. Even in the oil and gas industry, there is significant room for the decarbonisation of processes, particularly in thermal applications. Innovative technologies have solved many of the challenges that previously hindered the implementation of electric process heating, making it an obvious ...

18th June 2021
The role of heating technology in medical devices

There are around 10,000 different medical devices on the market today. Each individual piece of equipment must be manufactured to the highest standards to ensure accurate, efficient and safe results. Here, Andy Selvy, Chief System Designer at industrial technology company Watlow, discusses medical device trends and how heating technology plays a vital role in the function of medical equipment.

Component Management
7th June 2021
Analytical innovation with advanced ceramic heaters

Advanced ceramic heaters offer numerous benefits in the design of analytical equipment. Many of the heaters used in industry today are metal sheathed, a long-standing technology that has been available for over 30 years.

Test & Measurement
17th May 2021
LEGACY temperature controllers optimise performance

Industrial temperature controller manufacturer Watlow has released its LEGACY SERIES panel-mount (PM) temperature controllers, which are designed to optimise performance using a simple control and menu functionality. The range includes the industry first 1/32 DIN controller, which incorporates Bluetooth technology to enable EZ-LINK, Watlow’s mobile application for setting up, monitoring and adjusting its temperature controllers.

9th April 2021
Decarbonisation and modern electric process heaters

Companies in the oil and gas industry are taking bold steps to reduce their carbon footprint. The overall strategy to tackle carbon emissions relies not only on alternative energy investment and increased efficiency, but also converting key industrial processes to electric. Here Volker Metzger, Applied Thermal Expert for Europe at industrial heating technology manufacturer Watlow, has explored the role of electric process heaters in dec...

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