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1st August 2019
Beware of evil twins on your holidays

Millions of holidaymakers and travelers around the world connect to public WiFi networks on their mobile devices without too much thought about security. But according to cyber security firm WatchGuard Technologies, the presence of ‘evil twins’ means staying safe online when using public hotspots can be anything but. 

Cyber Security
19th December 2018
Will the UN act on the cyber security treaty?

  Escalations in state-sponsored cyber attacks will force the United Nations (UN) to tackle the issue with a multinational Cyber Security Treaty during 2019, predicts researchers at WatchGuard Technologies’ Threat Lab.

Cyber Security
20th September 2018
Most WiFi solutions can’t automatically detect all threats

The new Trusted Wireless Environment framework has been launched by WatchGuard Technologies, which helps businesses and solution providers to build WiFi services that offer high performance, scalable management and verified, comprehensive security. This new initiative seeks to upset the status quo in the wireless market, which has prioritised performance over security.

Cyber Security
12th September 2018
Security research reveals password inadequacy still a top threat

New research from the WatchGuard Threat Lab shows the emergence of the Mimikatz credential-stealing malware as a top threat and the growing popularity of brute force login attacks against web applications. The research also reveals that 50% of government and military employee LinkedIn passwords, largely from the US, were weak enough to be cracked in less than two days.

19th December 2017
Could botnets force governments to regulate IoT device manufacturers?

  According to researchers at WatchGuard Technologies, as IoT botnet attacks continue to grow in size and effectiveness in 2018, the damage they cause will force the IoT manufacturing industry to add stronger security to their products or eventually result in governments addressing IoT security with regulation.  

Cyber Security
18th December 2017
New cyber attack techniques are on the rise

WatchGuard’s latest quarterly Internet Security Report, which explores the computer and network security threats affecting small to midsize enterprises (SMEs), has revealed massive increases in scripting attacks and overall malware attempts against midsize companies throughout Q3 2017. 

Cyber Security
14th September 2017
Do you know if your business needs to comply with GDPR?

As the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) deadline approaches - it is set for 25th May 2018 - an independent global survey commissioned by WatchGuard Technologies shows that many organisations are ill-prepared due to uncertainty about the criteria for compliance. The results show that a staggering 37% of respondents simply don’t know whether their organisation needs to comply with GDPR, while 28% believe they don't need to compl...

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30th March 2017
Research reveals 30% of malware attacks are zero day exploits

  Thirty percent of malware can be classified as new or zero-day because it cannot be caught by legacy antivirus solutions, according to research published today in WatchGuard’s first Quarterly Internet Security Report, which explores the latest computer and network security threats affecting SMBs and distributed enterprises.

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