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5th December 2023
Digital multimetre I/O board from UEI

United Electronic Industries (UEI) has announced the new 6.5 Digit Digital MultiMetre DNx-DMM-261 I/O board which brings digital multimetre (DMM) functionality to chassis series.

Cyber Security
18th July 2023
United Electronic’s cyber security tools keep critical applications safe and secure

United Electronic Industries (UEI), a provider of cutting-edge data acquisition, test, and control hardware solutions, is thrilled to introduce a host of new cyber security solutions available for its systems.

27th June 2023
United Electronic Industries announce Zynq as latest addition to product line

United Electronic Industries (UEI) has announced the latest addition to its product line: the Zynq UltraScale+ processor for our UEIPAC programmable automation controller systems.

13th May 2022
United Electronic Industries receives Gold Tier Supplier award

United Electronic Industries (UEI) has received a Gold Tier Award for exceptional performance and contributions to supply chain success for BAE Systems, Inc.’s Electronic Systems sector.

17th April 2019
In-flight health monitoring system for USAF aircraft

An in-flight health monitoring system, the UEI-HUMS1, has been released by by United Electronic Industries (UEI) for production delivery to Tyonek Global Services, and subsequent installation onto USAF aircraft. The unit passed DO-160 certification as required by the USAF for deployment on the Bell UH-1N Huey helicopter.

24th January 2019
Embedded controller CPU includes IEEE-1588 synchronisation

The UEIPAC series of standalone embedded controllers from United Electronic Industries (UEI) are now offering an optional 8347E CPU. This version includes IEEE-1588 synchronisation, solid-state hard drives up to 32 Gigabyte, hardware-based Ethernet encryption plus twice the RAM, and 32 times as much FLASH memory. 

30th August 2017
Rugged and flexible EtherCAT I/O cubes released

United Electronic Industries (UEI) has announced its new line of EtherCAT compliant I/O cubes. The DNA-ECAT series of I/O chassis is based on UEI’s popular DNA-series Cubes, but includes a new CPU module specifically designed to run as an EtherCAT slave. The DNA-ECAT offers all the I/O flexibility of the DNA Cubes, including compatibility with over 60 different I/O boards.

4th November 2016
Interface board supports high and low speed operation

A high performance ARINC-429 interface I/O board has been announced by United Electronic Industries (UEI). The DNx-429-516 is a 16-channel board that is fully compliant with the ARINC-429 specifications and supports both high speed (100kHz) and low speed (12.5kHz) operation. The DNx-429-516 is compatible with all of UEI’s family of I/O chassis.

Aerospace & Defence
10th June 2016
WxPD support added to UEI’s ARINC-708/453 interfaces

United Electronic Industries (UEI) is pleased to announce it has added WxPD support to its popular DNx-708-453 avionics interface. WxPD is a Honeywell developed interface between flight computers and digital displays typically used in weather radar and EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems) applications.

Aerospace & Defence
6th June 2016
US Navy selects UEI to provide I/O Controller for LCAC SBC4 upgrade

United Electronic Industries (UEI) is pleased to announce the US NAVY has selected the company’s DNR-MIL series I/O control chassis in conjunction with its VxWorks BSP as the Command, Control, Computers, Communication and Navigation (C4N) SBC4 Control, Alarm and Monitoring System (CAMS) for the LCAC fleet.

28th May 2015
Ethernet I/O module withstands 5g vibration & 100g shock

A compact data acquisition, control and I/O platform housed in a 68.58x101.60x104.13mm chassis has been introduced by United Electronic Industries (UEI). Based on UEI’s PowerDNA Cube architecture, the UEINet is designed for applications requiring a very small foot print with the capabilities to support virtually any input, any sensor and any interface I/O.

12th July 2013
United Electronic Industries unveil four new analog input boards

United Electronic Industries launches the four new analog input boards. All four of the boards offer 8 analog input channels, 24-bit A/D resolution and 120 kilosample/second maximum sampling rates. All four boards also offer complete, 350 Vrms channel-to-channel and channel-to-chassis isolation. The DNR versions are for use with the company’s RACKtangle chassis, while the DNA versions are designed for installation into the PowerDNA Cube chassis...

Test & Measurement
18th June 2013
UEI Announces FLATRACK™ 1U DAQ/Embedded Control Platform

United Electronic Industries has introduced the FLATRACK- an innovative Ethernet-based data acquisition and control platform in a 1U rackmount chassis. The DNF-4-1G FLATRACK provides two Gigabit Ethernet (100/10 Base-T compatible) interfaces and four front-loading I/O slots for quick and easy implementation and configuration.

1st October 2012
UEI Releases Volume 12 Product Catalog

United Electronic Industries is pleased to announce the release of Volume 12 of their popular product catalog. Larger than ever at 44 pages, the latest catalog is filled cover-to-cover with information on the company’s ever-expanding product line, as well as a number of new application stories and a helpful FAQ section.

4th November 2011
4-Channel High Speed Strain Gage Input Boards

United Electronic Industries announces the release of the DNA/DNR-AI-224, high speed, four channel strain gage input boards for UEI’s data acquisition and control Cubes and RACKtangle I/O racks respectively. The boards provide an ideal combination of high speed, accuracy and connection flexibility and are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications.

11th April 2011
UEI-RSS Serial Server makes PowerDNx serial devices accessible as standard Windows or Linux serial ports

United Electronic Industries (UEI) announced the release of the UEI-RSS Serial Server. The new software makes UEI’s popular line of PowerDNx DNx-SL-501 and DNx-SL-508 devices accessible as standard Windows or Linux serial ports. The serial server allows up to 255 serial ports to be controlled by a single PC over a single Ethernet port.

18th February 2011
UEI - IRIG-B Timing Generation and Synchronization Interfaces

United Electronic Industries (UEI) announced the release of the DNA- and DNR-IRIG-650 Timing Generation and Synchronization Boards. These boards are general purpose IRIG-B timing interfaces for systems designed around UEI’s popular PowerDNA Cubes and RACKtangle Chassis. The boards may be used to capture IRIG-B timing data when the IOM is slaved to an external master timing device and may also be configured as a master time keeper for the entire...

7th December 2010
UEI Releases Volume 11 Product Catalog

United Electronic Industries (UEI) announced the release of Volume 11 of their popular product catalog. Continuing to grow, the latest edition of the catalog is 40 pages. The new catalog is filled cover-to-cover, with information on the company’s ever expanding product line as well as a number of new application stories, and an all new FAQ section.

3rd May 2010
16-Channel 115V Analog Output Buffer/Amplifier

United Electronic Industries (UEI) announced the immediate availability of the PD-AO-AMP-115, a 16-channel, 115 V, analog output buffer amplifier for use with UEI’s Cube and RACKtangle I/O systems. Designed for applications where the standard ±10 V of most analog output cards is not sufficient; the PD-AO-AMP-115, is a16-channel DIN-mountable accessory that connects directly to UEI’s DNR-AO-308 and DNA-AO-308 cards. By setting the gain on t...

3rd May 2010
GSM/Cell network and GPS interface for the UEIPAC Cube

United Electronic Industries (UEI) announces the release of the DNA-CAR-550 PCIe Mini Card interface board for their popular UEIPAC programmable automation controllers. The DNA-CAR-550 provides a new level of system interconnectivity to the UEIPAC, allowing simple and direct connection to a wide assortment of Cell/CDMA/GSM networks, and Wi-Fi networks. The board also allows direct connection to the satellite based GPS system.

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