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19th June 2012
Active Antennas Support Digital Dividend LTE Business Case in Asia-Pac Rural Areas

With the impending transition from analogue to digital terrestrial television across the Asia-Pacific region freeing new spectrum for wireless broadband, active Antennas technology will play a key part in building the business case for rolling out LTE services to rural areas, claims Michael Fränkle, CEO of Ubidyne.

15th June 2012
Active Antennas with multiple tilt support mixed LTE and GSM networks

Ubidyne has published a White Paper ‘LTE implementation into an Existing GSM 1800 Network Using Active Antenna Systems'. With the increasing move to introduce LTE into existing GSM networks, particularly in the 1800 MHz band 3, Active Antenna Systems (AAS) allow operators to optimize their networks for both standards and deliver major CAPEX and OPEX savings, claims Ubidyne.

15th May 2012
Ubidyne’s new micro radio delivers scalable output power performance for small and macro cell active antennas

Ubidyne is showcasing its unique chip-based power amplifier solution for active antenna design at the LTE Summit later this month in Barcelona. Ubidyne’s new P-Chip is at the heart of its latest micro radio transceiver and delivers scalable output power solutions for both small-cell and macro-cell active antennas.

9th May 2012
Ubidyne signs Asia Pac development deal

Ubidyne has signed a deal with a major Asia Pacific-based manufacturer of telecommunications equipment to develop an LTE active antenna for the 800MHz frequency range. The agreement follows successful independent network trials of Ubidyne’s 700MHz active antenna solution with a leading US mobile operator and is the first in a series of new contracts expected in the next 12 months with leading Tier 1 operators and OEMs. It is expected that the n...

21st February 2012
Ubidyne goes all the way with Full Active Antenna Systems at Mobile World Congress

There is only one way to build an effective Active Antenna System (AAS) according to Ubidyne that will be featuring its LTE 700MHz uB700 and 900MHz uB900 Antenna Embedded Radios at this month’s Mobile World Congress 2012. While there are multiple AAS architectures, Ubidyne believes it is vital to have one transceiver or M-Radio per antenna radiator. This means that an antenna with 16 radiators - or eight cross polar radiators - will also have 1...

1st February 2012
Ubidyne Announces First Active Antenna Solution for North American Market

Ubidyne announced the launch of its uB700 Antenna Embedded Radio product. Ubidyne’s Antenna Embedded Radio technology is the world’s very first commercially viable active antenna system for wireless communications. The uB700 Antenna Embedded Radio supports 4G (LTE) in the North American digital dividend band (700Mhz).

24th January 2012
Ubidyne features world's first active antenna solution for 700 MHz 4G at Mobile Word Congress

The uB700 Antenna Embedded Radio with flexible beam forming and tilting capabilities has just completed independent network trials with a leading US mobile operator, delivering double throughput at the cell edge and an increase of over 40% cell capacity with the same output power. The results show that before investing in costly small cells, operators can use active antenna technology to address the exploding demand for wireless data by maximisin...

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