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Cyber Security
30th March 2021
Welcome to The Age of CISOs Quantifying Risk

Cyber attacks are an inevitable part of everyday business for organisations worldwide. However, despite the increased awareness of the major consequences a successful attack can have, many organisations are still downplaying the risks. By Miles Tappin, VP of EMEA at ThreatConnect

Cyber Security
18th December 2020
The brain of security

Great decision making requires the ability to review different options while simultaneously considering the risks associated. As humans, think about the risk calculations we make every day: when driving a car, walking across the road, or even deciding on whether to get out of bed in the morning. There is a risk of missing an important business opportunity by blowing off that early meeting if you decide to sleep through your alarm. Without us...

Cyber Security
11th November 2020
Shining a spotlight on operational resilience and cyber risk

The new digital landscape has welcomed financial institutions with open arms. Emerging technology such as Artificial intelligence (AI), crypto-currencies and big data have shown widespread benefits throughout the years, particularly how they have driven innovation and change. When it comes to retail banking, fintech providers have quickly taken the chance to offer personalised services to ensure they remain relevant to their target market and sta...

9th July 2020
Progress technology services ThreatConnect partnership

The Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) Platform provider ThreatConnect, has announced that they have appointed Progress Technology Services as their exclusive UK distribution partner. ThreatConnect is the only security platform with comprehensive intelligence, analytics, automation, orchestration, and workflow capabilities native within a single solution.

Cyber Security
29th June 2020
The 'mobius strip' of cyber security

Over the last few years, cyber security criminals have become more agile and possess a higher quality of skill than ever before. However, these skills come at a cost to industries worldwide. According to the Allianz Risk Barometer 2020, companies now see cybercrime as the biggest threat to their business, taking the top spot for the first time and ranking above threats such as climate change, natural disasters and market developments. By Miles T...

Cyber Security
20th September 2018
Successful threat intelligence saved average of £6m

Intelligence-driven security platform provider, ThreatConnect, has released the survey, ‘Building a Threat Intelligence Programme’, which reports that cybersecurity decision makers within organisations with mature threat intelligence programs (70%) say the infrastructure has blocked threats to the business that would have otherwise cost on average, an estimated £6m in the last year.

Cyber Security
13th September 2018
Act efficiently to identify malicious actors targeting networks

Provider of the industry's extensible, intelligence-driven security platform, ThreatConnect, has announced its integration with Dragos WorldView intelligence, which delivers critical insight about threat activity groups specifically targeting industry control networks (ICS) worldwide.

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