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23rd April 2024
THine camera kit for NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX/Nano

THine Solutions has announced the new THEIA-CAM 13MP PDAF Camera, THSCJ101, for the NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX and Jetson Orin Nano platforms.

1st April 2024
THine announce 1st standalone camera

The completion of driver development and its upstream integration were carried out in partnership with Ideas on Board, one of the most reputable Linux consulting service companies for camera and display systems.

13th February 2024
THine releases camera cable kit for Raspberry Pi V3 camera and Pi 5

THine Solutions has announced a new Camera Cable Extension Kit, the THSER102, for Raspberry Pi (RPi) Camera Modules V2/HQ/V3.

18th July 2023
THine releases new serial transceiver products

THine has released its new serial transceiver products, THCS253 and THCS254, that enable systems with many peripheral sensors to simplify cabling for the sensor and control functions.

2nd June 2021
Complete 13MP PDAF UVC camera reference design kit

THine Solutions has introduced its new THEIA-CAM family of camera reference design kits. The first kit in the family is the THSCU101, a 13-megapixel phase-detection auto-focus (PDAF) USB video class (UVC) camera reference design kit.

16th March 2021
Plug and play cable extension kit for Raspberry Pi

THine Electronics has introduced a plug and play kit for Raspberry Pi systems to enable extending the distance up to 20 meters between a Raspberry Pi camera and a Raspberry Pi single board computer (SBC) with a low-cost LAN cable.

6th February 2020
Low voltage differential transceiver IC for aggregation

THine has announced the high-volume availability of their new GPIO / LVCMOS transceiver IC, THCS251. This new IC allows engineers to aggregate up to 37 lines of different data rates into just 4 lines that can be received and transmitted in the same IC.

3rd January 2019
Detachable HD camera system solution

Specialist in high-speed serial interfaces and image signal processing, Thine, California Eastern Laboratories (CEL), and Keyssa, have announced a HD Camera Proof of Concept solution for ruggedised detachable HD cameras. The detached HD camera enclosure can be water and/or oil proof to accommodate severe outdoor environment conditions. 

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