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15th March 2023
Teledyne peer-to-peer streaming between PXIe digitisers and GPUs

Teledyne SP Devices at Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) Japan, demonstrated the industry’s first implementation of peer-to-peer streaming between commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) digitisers and graphics processing units (GPUs) in PXIe Systems.

Test & Measurement
21st February 2022
12-bit digitizer offers two- or four channel operation

Teledyne SP Devices has introduced the ADQ36 – a fourth-generation 12-bit digitizer with a software-configurable two- or four-channel mode of operation that offers 5 or 2.5 GSPS sampling rates respectively.

Test & Measurement
9th February 2021
Digitiser with 7GB sustained data transfer rate

Teledyne SP Device has announced the release of ADQ32 – a fourth-generation modular data acquisition board optimised for high-throughput applications. The combination of on-board open field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and high-speed data streaming makes it well suited even for the most computationally demanding applications. The dual-channel 12-bit digitiser supports synchronous sampling at 2.5 gigasamples per second (GS/s) on each ...

5th October 2020
Modular data acquisition board with configurable channel count

Teledyne SP Devices has announced the release of ADQ8-4X – a modular data acquisition board with configurable channel count and sampling rate. The product complements the previously released ADQ8-8C by offering a higher sampling rate and software-selectable two- or four-channel mode of operation.

Test & Measurement
25th October 2019
Wideband digitiser data transfer rates meet 5G applications

A dual-channel 12-bit wideband digitiser with 6.5 GHz analogue input bandwidth and 5 giga-sample per second (GSPS) sampling rate per channel has been introduced by Teledyne SP Devices. The wide instantaneous bandwidth and dynamic performance combined with customisable real-time digital signal processing (DSP) and high data transfer rates makes it an ideal platform for satellite communication systems, radar, 5G, and more.

Test & Measurement
17th June 2019
10-bit digitiser boasts 1GS/s sampling rate

A flexible data acquisition board with high channel density and an open FPGA architecture which makes it ideal for large-scale physics installations and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product integration has been released by Teledyne SP Devices.

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