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Component Management
14th July 2016
Auto adhesive monitoring system for contact cleaning

Contact cleaning as an in-line defect elimination process is now the method of choice in many high value production processes including PCB, SMT and FPD. As industry moves from defect detection to defect elimination, contact cleaning has grown in importance as a process. 

Component Management
27th October 2015
Contact cleaning on display at productronica

Teknek, a leader in contact cleaning technology for the electronics sector, will be showing its market-leading solutions for both PCB and SMT production at Productronica. Teknek remain the only contact cleaning company that manufactures its own rollers and adhesives exclusively for use in clean machines.

Component Management
27th November 2014
Roller cleaner uses elastomer to remove contamination

A method of removing contamination from process rollers, which has been developed though research work into the upscaling of plastic electronics production, has been introduced by Teknek. The research found that the process rollers used in a production line can be a major source of particulate contamination which can lead to defects such as scratches and dents on the film.

Component Management
22nd July 2014
Gentler cleaning solution for webs is developed

Using their elastomers and adhesives, Teknek have developed a cleaning solution for webs. The company hope to replace contact cleaning, which can cause micro-scratching, with the SCH, a gentler solution. This incorporates the Nanocleen high performance cleaning core in a small footprint and can handle webs of 1000-2200mm in width.

Events News
23rd September 2013
Teknek's board cleaner draws focus at Productronica

 The latest addition to Teknek’s family of SMT Clean Machines – the BC 460 – will take centre stage at this year’s Productronica. According to the SMTA some 74% of all defects in the SMT manufacturing process are related to solder paste printing problems. Blocked stencils can be caused by a number of things including laser-marking ablation dust, solder resist chips, routing dust, hair and clothing fibres from operator...

Component Management
2nd April 2013
Teknek's board cleaner increases yields by 3-6%

Some 74 per cent of all defects in the PCB manufacturing process are related to solder paste problems according to the SMTA. Blocked stencils can be caused by a number of things including laser marking ablation dust, smaller apertures in the stencil and even hair and clothing fibres from operators. So what is the solution? Teknek believes the answer is to ensure the bare boards are thoroughly cleaned before printing using the latest contact clean...

Component Management
23rd August 2012
Biodegradable Contact Cleaning Adhesive Roll from Teknek

Following on from the successful introduction of EcoFilm adhesive rolls, Teknek has today announced the introduction of another market leading innovation with its new Biodegradable “EcoPaper” adhesive roll. The Teknek contact cleaning process uses sheeted adhesive rolls, which once consumed, have to be disposed of.

6th August 2012
Teknek adds Twitter Feed to new Website

Teknek has announced that it has added a Twitter feed to its website to keep customers up to speed with the adventures of the Teknek team as they travel the world combating contamination. The Twitter feed can be found on the company’s main website which was recently re-designed to make it easier for customers to understand the science behind contact cleaning.

22nd November 2011
Latest Contact Cleanng Technology Makes An Impact At Productronica

Teknek that its recent attendance at Productronica has paid dividends. “For the SMT sector the cleaning of boards prior to the solder paste printing stage is now seen as a priority,” said Ruaridh Nicolson, Teknek’s Sales and Marketing Manager. “The adoption of laser marking, 3D solder paste inspection and relentless miniaturisation means board cleaning is no longer a nice to have feature but an essential aspect of any SMT line. Having su...

24th October 2011
Teknek Makes Contact Cleaning A Priority At Productronica, Hall A2, Stand 429, Munich, 15-18 November 2011

Teknek will be showing its market-leading solutions for both PCB and SMT production at Productronica. Making its debut at the show will be Teknek’s new patent pending* EcoFilm product. EcoFilm product is the first Oxydegradable clean machine adhesive roll to be available on the market. It retains all the benefits of the Teknek Nanocleen+ adhesive roll (silicone free, static dissipation, extra wide format, slant cut) plus the added advantage of...

28th September 2011
Teknek Announces Step Change In Contact Cleaning Technology

Teknek has announced another market leading innovation with its new patent pending, EcoFilm Product. The Teknek contact cleaning process uses sheeted adhesive rolls, which once consumed, have to be disposed of. After extensive research and testing Teknek is now ready to release its new EcoFilm adhesive rolls.

Events News
15th September 2011
Teknek To Present At Aimcal Web Coating Conference

Teknek presentation will focus on the appropriate application of contact cleaning within the production of coated products. In particular the talk will look at the impact of contamination in emerging technologies such as OPV (Organic Photovoltaic) and plastic electronics where the requirement for high barrier coatings means that even miniscule defects are detrimental to product lifespan.

30th August 2011
Teknek Continues Asian Expansion With Opening of Kobe Office

Teknek, the global leader in contact cleaning and yield improvement technology, continues its Asian expansion with the official opening of its office in Kobe, West Japan. Leading Teknek’s growth in Japan is country manager Akiyoshi Doda who is expanding the team. The latest recruit is Mr Tomoya Hiraka who has been appointed as the new area sales manager for the West of Japan. He has substantial experience in the wide web converting and extru...

Component Management
15th August 2011
Teknek Experiences High Demand For Thin Film Cleaning Technology

Teknek has reported unprecedented demand for its Ultracleen cleaning roller since its launch in May. Ultracleen is designed to effectively remove debris and contamination from thin film. Highly engineered thin film is increasingly used in flat panel displays (FPD), touch panels, automotive applications and thin film solar panels. In all these sectors there is a zero tolerance policy to defects and the presence of foreign particles in the producti...

15th July 2011
TEKNET ABS Handheld Enclosures Range Extended

Due to customer demand, TEKO have extended the popular ‘TEKNET’ range of ABS enclosures with twelve new models which have more internal space for the electronics. Both the standard rectangular and pulpit models are available in the new sizes.

Component Management
10th May 2011
Teknek Introduces High Performance Solution For Cleaning Thin Film

The problem of cleaning thin films has been solved by Teknek, the global leader in contact cleaning technology, with the introduction of the Ultracleen range of cleaning roller.

14th February 2011
Major Expansion For Teknek In Asia

Teknek, the global leader in contact cleaning and yield improvement technology, has announced major expansion and reorganisation of its operations throughout Asia. The move has been driven by unprecedented demand for Teknek’s market-leading yield improvement equipment in the region.

23rd August 2010
Teknek appoints new sales and marketing manager

Ruaridh Nicolson has been appointed sales and marketing manager at Teknek, the global leader in yield improvement technology ( ).

5th January 2010
New European Sales Manager for Teknek

Douglas Gray has been promoted to the position of European Sales Manager at Teknek, the global leader in yield improvement technology.

12th November 2009
Teknek enhances Latin America Customer Support

Teknek, a leader in yield improvement technology, has appointed Mariel Montes as its Latin American Customer Service Advisor. Mariel who originates from Mexico City will provide customer support as well as organise the creation of marketing materials and websites in Spanish.

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