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12th April 2024
TactoTek granted 250th patent for structural smart surfaces

TactoTek, the global specialist in Injection Moulded Structural Electronics (IMSE) technology, announces that it has received its 250th patent grant spanning 48 patent families.

News & Analysis
5th March 2024
TactoTek and TNO at Holst Centre have entered a strategic relationship

TactoTek and TNO at Holst Centre have embarked on a strategic collaboration aimed at advancing the forefront of in-mould structural electronics (IMSE).

20th April 2023
TactoTek & TracXon enable sustainable 3D smart surfaces

TactoTek and TracXon have signed a license agreement. As a TactoTek licensee, TracXon Solutions will design and build IMSE functional films, integrating TactoTek’s design rules to enable the supply of functional films for the development of next-generation automotive platforms with smart surfaces.

15th February 2023
TactoTek announces IMSE LightChannels

TactoTek introduces IMSE LightChannels, a light platform that revolutionises lighting performance.

3rd August 2022
Profile Plastics use TactoTek tech to create IMSE supply ecosystem

Profile Plastics has become a TactoTek Design & Innovate licensee, with rights to design and produce in-mould structural electronics (IMSE) solutions that use TactoTek intellectual property and create a complete IMSE supply ecosystem in North America.

26th April 2022
TactoTek receives DVN Interior Innovation Award 2022

TactoTek, the Finnish company that develops Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE) technology, has been awarded the Innovation Award by DVN Interior for its groundbreaking technology.

Component Management
18th June 2020
TactoTek IMSE for high growth plastronics markets

Clayens NP and TactoTek have announced that they have signed an agreement for Clayens NP to market and sell solutions built using TactoTek’s Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE) technology for high growth plastronics markets.

28th April 2020
In-mould electronics HMI solution for OEM

TactoTek, the Finland-based company that develops, industrialises and licenses in-mould structural electronics (IMSE), and Alps Alpine, a designer and manufacturer of high-quality electronic products, have announced that they have collaborated to develop an in-mould electronics HMI solution for a German automotive OEM.

31st March 2020
Partnership for lighting innovation in vehicles

TactoTek and Lightworks have announced their collaboration on in-mould lighting innovations. Together the companies will accelerate the development and use of in-mold lighting for styling and function for vehicle interiors and exteriors.

20th February 2020
IMSE solution for automotive OEM requirements

TactoTek and Marquardt have announced that the companies are developing an IMSE solution (injection molded structural electronics) for a leading automotive OEM in their first collaboration project. The pre-development project is for a specific vehicle family and includes full automotive validation of the IMSE parts.

27th January 2020
Smart surface innovations support design differentiation

TactoTek and fischer automotive have announced that they have collaborated on a smart surface technology demonstrator to show examples of design innovation that fulfil market demands for integrating styling, electronic functions and manufacturability of smart surfaces at commercial scale. 

11th September 2019
Designing IMSE parts for automotive OEMs globally

TactoTek and LS Automotive Technologies (LSAT) announced that LSAT has licensed design and manufacturing rights for TactoTek injection molded structural electronics (IMSE) technology. The agreement includes rights to use TactoTek proprietary intellectual property and technology transfer that enables LSAT to design and manufacture IMSE parts in Korea and globally.

Events News
16th May 2019
In-mold electronics specialists converge for IMSE days 2.0

Injection molded structural electronics (IMSE) technology specialist, TactoTek, with support from Platinum sponsor MacDermid Performance Solutions, Silver sponsors, Altium and Niebling, and presenters from across the in-mold electronics ecosystem will convene the IMSE Days 2.0 conference on June 5th, 2019 in Oulu, Finland. 

16th April 2019
Partnership for injection molded structural electronics

An agreement has been signed by BÖ-LA and TactoTek, for BÖ-LA to market and sell injection molded structural electronics (IMSE) solutions. This partnership brings together the companies in order to advance the market for integrating electronic functionality within molded plastics. 

28th February 2019
Partnership to develop smart surfaces for automotive brands

  Geely Design, CEVT and TactoTek jointly announced that they have initiated projects to develop smart surfaces for multiple automotive brands owned by CEVT’s parent company, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. The current interiors project is the first of several anticipated by the framework agreement between the companies.

19th December 2018
Agreement to design IMSE solutions for automotive customers signed

  TactoTek has announced that Faurecia has signed a licensing agreement to design and manufacture IMSE solutions for its automotive customers.

14th August 2018
Expanding American market presence with business development

Developer of injection molded structural electronics solutions, TactoTek, has announced the opening of sales and business development operations in Mexico with representatives in Monterrey and San Luis Potosí, Mexico. These are hotbeds of electronics design and manufacturing for global market leaders in automotive, home appliances, medical equipment and other markets.

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