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26th May 2021
Standex Electronics acquires American Relays

Standex Electronics, a global electronics component manufacturer, has announced that it has acquired American Relays, a US-based company that makes reed switch-based relays.

26th June 2013
Standex-Meder Electronics Announces GR400 Series Miniature Reed Switches

Standex-Meder Electronics announces the GR400 Series miniature reed switch. This 10mm reed switch, created with a patented, highly automated production process, provides a low-cost solution for a wide range of applications, including counting, end limit detection, low power devices, movement or position detection, and presence, proximity, rotation, or speed sensing.

22nd May 2013
Standex-Meder Announces KT Series of High Isolation Reed Relays For Surface or Through-Hole Mounting

Standex-Meder Electronics announces its KT Series of high isolation reed relays. The KT Series is ideal for use in green applications, such as photovoltaic technology or hybrid vehicles. It is particularly helpful in measuring isolation resistance across several components in a solar energy system prior to grid connection, preventing injury or further current leakages.

29th January 2013
Standex-Meder Announces RM05-8A-S Reed Relay Module For PCB Mounting

Standex-Meder Electronics announces the RM05-8A-S 8-pole PCB mount reed relay module. Equipped with a new generation of drivers, the RM05-8A-S PCB mount reed relay module offers a 24% smaller footprint than the RM05-8A. It has a minimum breakdown voltage of 210 VDC. Power switching up to 10 watts is available, and comes with coil voltage of 5 VDC.

29th January 2013
Standex-Meder Introduces MK27 Magnetically Activated Reed Sensors

Standex-Meder Electronics has announced the introduction of its new MK27 magnetically activated reed sensor, equipped with a robust aluminium housing that protects the magnet and sensor from extreme environmental conditions as well as against vandalism or sabotage.

19th November 2012
Standex-Meder Unveils 3-Dimensional Magnetic Mapping of Reed Sensors

Standex-Meder Electronics announces its 3-dimensional magnetic mapping capabilities for reed sensors. This process allows designers to more accurately place sensors and magnetic components within a system, thus eliminating any issues that may result in faulty operation.

26th October 2012
Standex-Meder Announces Reed Relay As An RF Switch Product Training Module

Standex-Meder Electronics announces the release of a new product training module, “Reed Relay as an RF Switch,” produced in cooperation with its distributor Digi-Key. Digi-Key Corporation provides product training modules in order to introduce the latest products and technologies to interested design engineers.

16th July 2012
Meder Electronic Group Acquired by Standex

Standex has today revealed that it has acquired Meder in an all-cash transaction. Terms for the acquisition were not disclosed. Meder reported sales of €46 million for calendar 2011 and an EBITDA margin in excess of 13%. The Company expects Meder to be accretive to earnings in the range of $0.08 to $0.12 per diluted share in fiscal 2013 and $0.26 to $0.31 in fiscal 2014.

9th July 2009
3.7 mm Magnetic Reed Switch from Standex

Standex Electronics has introduced a magnetic reed switch – measuring 3.7 mm in length. The GR150 fits into the tightest of spaces, & is available in the sensitivity range of 3-20 Ampere Turns.

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