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21st May 2021
Daimler opts for Software AG IT management solution

The German auto maker is driving its digital transformation with the help of Software AG. The company recently signed a new three-year global usage agreement for Software AG’s Alfabet IT portfolio management solution.

9th April 2021
The Queen’s Gambit of IoT

Today is IoT Day, when those of us in the IoT community are encouraged to get together and learn from each other by talking. Now I don’t know about you, but I have some older kids, and distracting them with an invitation to sit down at the table to talk, normally doesn’t work out so well for the conversation. However, doing something together that they like and being in the moment of ‘doing’, can often open the d...

12th February 2021
Collaboration to advance automation processes

Software AG has entered into a collaboration agreement with Automation Anywhere, which will make scalable automation achievable for more businesses. Software AG’s ARIS platform will bookend Automation Anywhere RPA with process mining and process management. This will improve the discovery of automation opportunities and then management of automated processes. 

8th February 2021
TrendMiner 2021.R1 gives data science to experts

Software AG’s TrendMiner has announced the release of TrendMiner 2021.R1. This latest release brings a completely new functionality of notebook integration, which helps users access both data dashboards and code-based data analysis. 

29th January 2021
Digital transformation investment will continue in 2021

Software AG has announced the results from its ‘Situation Report’ global survey of IT Leaders and their digital transformation investment strategies. The global COVID-19 pandemic served as a dramatic backdrop for a year of innovation and digitalisation in businesses around the globe. 97% of IT directors surveyed said that their company went through digital transformation efforts in 2020, the same number expect that investment to ...

12th November 2020
Maccabi Healthcare Services launches new patient services with Software AG

Software AG has helped Maccabi Healthcare Services, one of the largest healthcare providers in Israel, deliver new services to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Maccabi has led the way in making appointments virtual, implementing ‘Home Hospitalisation’ and co-ordinating testing efforts – made possible by an integrated IT infrastructure that’s powered by webMethods from Software AG.

24th August 2020
Duo partner to accelerate IoT implementations in UAE

In line with UAEs vision to fast track digital transformation, Software AG and du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), signed a partnership to provide a subscription-based licensing model for IoT services to its business customers.

12th August 2020
ARIS Process Mining SaaS launched by Software AG

Software has launched ARIS Process Mining SaaS, a new cloud platform for its popular process mining tool. This will help businesses understand and fix process bottlenecks and inefficiencies in order to make their organisation work more efficiently.

28th July 2020
Duo partner to boost mobile app development for IoT

Software AG and Cotham Technologies have partnered to make native mobile app development for the Internet of Things (IoT) quicker and more cost effective for any business. Customers of this partnership will cut mobile app development time by up to 90% and costs by up to 70%, thanks to a unique no-code platform approach. The speed and agility that businesses can gain in launching new services will help them win on the battleground o...

22nd July 2020
Social distancing solution helps employees return to work

Software AG has launched a Smart Social Distancing solution to help companies around the world ensure their employees return safely to work. Organisations can use the solution to help employees keep to the recommended safe distance, record incidents where that distance is breached, and show authorities auditable proof of compliance.

7th July 2020
TrendMiner 2020.R2 enhances industrial analytics

Software AG’s TrendMiner has announced the release of TrendMiner 2020.R2. This latest release sets new standards in usability of self-service industrial analytics for operational experts. 2020.R2 makes it easier than ever to make data-driven decisions for production process performance optimisation.

2nd June 2020
Software AG and Tech Mahindra partner to deliver IoT

Software AG has announced a partnership with Tech Mahindra. Working together, Software AG and Tech Mahindra will provide Internet of Things (IoT), analytics and integration technologies, services and support.

18th May 2020 IPaaS brought to Azure

Software AG and Microsoft have announced that the Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) is now available for Microsoft Azure. This will allow enterprises to quickly and easily connect their critical applications, services and data in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

4th May 2020
TrendMiner 2020.R1 extends capabilities to performance

Software AG’s TrendMiner has announced the release of TrendMiner 2020.R1. This latest release extends the capabilities to create soft sensors by introducing 'nested calculations'.

23rd April 2020
Software AG announces webMethods AppMesh

Software AG has unveiled webMethods AppMesh, a configurable control plane for microservices, APIs and service mesh. Built as an extension of Software AG’s webMethods API Management Platform, it adds application context to service mesh, which provides better agility, management and governance of microservices as business apps.

11th March 2020
Partnership to simplify and deploy IoT initiatives

Software AG has announced Swift Labs, a Canadian-based wireless and IoT product design partner, has joined its PowerUp Partner Programme. 

17th February 2020
IoT: Preparing our future workforce

Data scientists have often been compared to the heart and soul of the running of IoT projects. As the gatekeeper to every organisations capability to make more informed decisions with their data, these individuals are considered vital for successful projects. By Anthony Sayers, IoT Evangelist at Software AG

19th December 2019
Keeping up with disruptors through hybrid integration

In the last ten years, technology has completely changed the modern enterprise. What’s more, it’s led to the rise of a new type of company pushing the boundaries of what’s possible - think Netflix and Uber. These companies have based their offerings around rising consumer expectations, tailoring their services to provide seamless experiences. By Sue Cameron, Head of Integration at Software AG

28th October 2019
Power-up with in-app integrations

The world has gone app-happy; in terms of mobile apps alone, in Q1 2019 there were over 4.0 million of them on the market. When you add in business-only apps, the numbers skyrocket further. They live in the cloud (the average number of cloud services being used for work is between 30 and 40), and they promise to increase our productivity and agility and are accessible from anywhere, on any device, anytime! By Mirza Salihagic, Seni...

9th October 2019
Become a member of open Industry 4.0 alliance linking OT and IT

The topics of platform economy and digitalisation began making an impact on industry some years ago as part of the overall concept of Industry 4.0. But successful scaling and implementation of new business models have been hampered thus far by the heterogeneity of industrial components and systems.

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