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22nd February 2021
Making school safety a priority with smart technology

With pupils set to go back to school on 8th March, there are a number of safety measures schools need to implement, such as smart technology, to ensure the health and wellness of staff, students and school communities. Matthew Margetts, Director of Sales and Marketing at Smarter Technologies explains more.

15th February 2021
The seven smart watchlist items for farmers in 2021

With the United Nations (UN) projecting that the world’s population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050, global agricultural production will need to rise to the challenge to produce enough food to meet the growing demand. In this article, Matthew Margetts, Director of Sales and Marketing at Smarter Technologies takes a look at seven ways that smart technology is helping farmers profit from greater productivity.

11th February 2021
Smart buildings: shaping how we live and work in 2021

More than half of organisations plan to increase their investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and smart building technology in 2021. This is according to Johnson Controls’ annual Energy Efficiency Indicator survey. Interestingly enough, these business plans are comparable with investment trends that came after the 2010 recession; now likely a result of preparation for the post-pandemic world. Matthew Margetts, Dir...

Alternative Energy
2nd February 2021
Facilitating change: the smart benefits of going green

The UN Paris Agreement in 2015 aimed to limit the average rise in global temperatures to 2°C above pre-industrial levels, trying to keep the increase below 1.5°C. Since then, the issue of climate change has come to the fore for nations and, by extension, their enterprises. Matthew Margetts, Director of Sales and Marketing at Smarter Technologies explains more about the smart benefits of going green.

1st February 2021
How ports and marinas are capitalising on IoT solutions

On-board, berthed, and on the marina, smart technologies are driving widespread digitalisation - a process which has the potential to guide shipping processes into the future. Digitisation in the maritime industry assists with complex logistics, asset and supply chain management. Smart technologies are taking this a step further, with so-called smart shipping set to address challenges and offer far-reaching benefits for a range of maritime p...

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