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9th June 2020
Mobile app from SKF simplifies bearing mounting

SKF has developed a new mobile app that simplifies the task of bearing mounting and replacing. SKF Bearing Assist app, developed together with customers, provides detailed mounting instructions for a comprehensive range of SKF bearings.

30th March 2020
Wireless sensors enable automated machine monitoring

SKF has released a compact and cost-effective vibration and temperature sensor for monitoring the condition of rotating parts on heavy industrial machinery to enable automated machine monitoring. 

Events News
16th May 2019
Advanced bearing technology for electric vehicles

At the upcoming 32nd International Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS 32) on 19th to 22nd May 2019, SKF is set to reveal its latest developments for improving the efficiency of electric powertrains. Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) are poised to increase dramatically. According to a recent report from IHS Market, these vehicles will account for more than 30% of new cars sold in key markets by 2040, up from just one percent in 2016.

2nd January 2019
Maintenance costs reduced through railway condition monitoring

The drive in the rail sector is towards extending maintenance intervals. This is an area where digitalisation is making a major difference. With this in mind, SKF has launched an entirely rail-focused version of its highly successful Multilog IMx platform, combining rolling stock and track condition monitoring in a single, easily customised solution.

25th October 2017
SKF supplies Jeep Compass with wheel hub bearings

  Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has selected manufacturer, SKF to supply front and rear wheel hub bearings for new Jeep Compass SUV. The new compact sport utility vehicle is equipped with SKF’s third-gen, premium quality, front and rearwheel Hub-Bearing Units (HBU3).

29th August 2017
SKF supplies bearings to Morocco’s national railway operator

  Moroccan rail operator, ONCF, has placed an order with SKF for the delivery of 15,000 railway wheelset bearings over a period of three years for both passenger and freight rolling stock. SKF was chosen because it was the only supplier who could meet the client’s strict technical specifications while being in a position to deliver ready-certified railway bearings on a lead time of three months.

26th June 2017
Wireless condition monitoring in the rail industry

Replacing traditional maintenance regimes with condition monitoring will help rail operators to reduce the time they spend servicing their rolling stock. The rail industry’s prevailing maintenance regime is to service trains on a time or mileage basis. Though it has been used successfully for many years, it does not take account of whether parts actually need replacing. Nor is it effective at preventing breakdowns.

23rd June 2017
Enabling easier access to engineering expertise

Virtual Reality (VR) technologies have taken global consumer markets by storm over the last few years. However, their industrial use has been limited, mainly because they only enable the user access to a digital model, without taking actual surroundings into account. However, with the advent of augmented, or mixed reality devices, the game is changing, especially for industrial end users.

20th June 2017
Wireless monitoring boosts train maintenance efficiency

  To help rail operators spend their maintenance budgets more effectively, SKF has a developed a wireless condition monitoring system to enable Condition Based Maintenance practices (CBM).

19th June 2017
Increasing efficiency for Deutsche Bahn’s new trains

Bearing design and integration technology from SKF has helped Siemens and Bombardier to create a new generation of passenger trains for Germany’s national rail operator Deutsche Bahn.

Around the Industry
15th June 2017
Paving the path to a digital future

  Bernie van Leeuwen, Director Product Management Digitalisation at SKF explains why digitalisation of established technologies such as condition monitoring and smart sensors could have a revolutionary effect on manufacturing.

Events News
8th June 2017
Accelerated innovation at the Paris Air Show

The Paris Air Show, which takes place later this month, will see SKF Aerospace demonstrate its engineering capabilities for major fixed wing, helicopter, engine and gearbox programmes. The aerospace industry is requiring innovation and technological advancements to support products and services, and push the boundaries of performance.  

Events News
12th May 2017
Industrial Internet of Things pilot project launched

Honeywell Process Solutions and SKF has launched a joint pilot project aimed at developing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. The pilot project, at a copper mine in Latin America, aims to create a digital standard for improved machine efficiency, reliability and competitiveness for industrial customers.

23rd October 2015
High performance polyurethane seals suited for wind turbines

Wind power has entered the mainstream. By the end of 2014 global wind generation capacity had reached 369.6GW according to Global Wind Energy Council. The share of wind energy in electricity production is expected to increase in the coming years as wind has become increasingly competitive. Demand for wind will also shift to developing countries where there is an increasing demand in electricity. To keep delivering on its potential, however, ...

Test & Measurement
14th August 2015
Tablet & smartphone range is safe in hazardous areas

SKF has launched a suite of tablets and smartphones for use in hazardous areas, in industries such as oil & gas, refining, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Mobile workers will now be able to take this kind of technology, which is often pre-loaded with a host of SKF condition monitoring and productivity apps, into previously inaccessible areas.

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