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10th August 2023
SHENMAO low-temperature lead-free solder wire PF735-LT201

SHENMAO has announced the availability of its PF735-LT201 low-temperature lead-free no-clean solder wire.

12th July 2023
Halogen-free SM-862 liquid flux as a replacement for SM-816

SHENMAO America is pleased to announce the availability of its halogen-free SM-862 Liquid Flux, designed to replace the widely used halogenated SM-816.

22nd May 2023
SHENMAO debuts visible no-clean BGA flux SMBF-08

SHENMAO has announced the release of its new SMBF-08 Visible No-Clean BGA Flux for SMT assembly and BGA ball mount processes.

18th April 2023
SHENMAO UV visible lead-free no-clean solder paste

SHENMAO is proud to announce the release of its new product, the UV Visible lead-free no-clean solder paste PF629-P214UV.

13th March 2023
Anti-HoP lead-free solder paste

SHENMAO America has released its new Anti-HoP lead-free solder paste PF606-P130N.

22nd February 2023
Low-temperature lead-free solder paste for high-speed printing

SHENMAO America, Inc. has released its PF735-PQ10-10L low melting point lead-free solder paste. The paste has been designed specifically for the SMT process and is applicable to the high-speed printing process to increase production capacity.

10th November 2022
SHENMAO debuts PF735-EP307 Joint Enhanced Solder Paste (JEP)

SHENMAO continues to innovate new solder pastes and is pleased to introduce its newest offering: PF735-EP307 Joint Enhanced Solder Paste (JEP). The low melting point epoxy-based solder material has been developed for extremely fine pitch or fine pad soldering, especially advanced display assembly.

Component Management
5th January 2021
New joint-enhanced solder paste series released

SHENMAO America has introduced its Joint-Enhanced Solder Paste (JEP) PF606-EP Series. JEP offers the advantages of both traditional solder paste and anisotropic conductive paste. The residue from the PF606-EP Series provides excellent bonding strength and joint protection, thus enhancing joint reliability. JEP is compatible with various surface finishes.

Component Management
19th July 2018
Water soluble solder paste launched

It has been announced by SHENMAO America that they are introducing the PF606-PW215 water soluble solder paste. The company offers a full line of water soluble fluxes and solder pastes for SMT and IC packaging applications.

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