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20th July 2020
Discover ROLEC’s routes to custom electronic enclosures

Industrial electronic enclosures manufacturer ROLEC is making it easier to specify custom electronic enclosures by offering two different options. ROLEC is known for customising its standard fixed-size enclosures to create housings that are ‘PCB-ready’. ROLEC offers this customising service for diecast aluminium, stainless steel, GRP and plastic enclosures.

2nd March 2020
IP-rated enclosures with display windows

Industrial electronic enclosures manufacturer ROLEC has announced that it now offers a wider range of standard and customisable IP-rated enclosures with windows for standard display modules and panels. ROLEC’s diecast aluminium, GRP and plastic enclosures are well suited for command electronics, IoT/IIoT, Industry 4.0, smart factory technology, process automation and machine control.

13th January 2020
Cost effective pivot mount for controlling HMI enclosures

ROLEC has announced that it has added a smart new machine/wall pivot mount to its profiPANEL range of command/HMI enclosures. The new pivot mount offers a cost-effective alternative to mounting these enclosures on suspension arms. It is suitable for loads up to 20kg.

9th August 2019
HMI/machine controller enclosures now in standard sizes

ROLEC’s new profiPANEL HMI/control enclosures are now available in four standard sizes, with a four-step easy specification process. IP 65 rated profiPANEL Standard’s minimalist multi-variable design makes it ideal for a wide range of modern machine control applications. It can be mounted from the top or bottom on ROLEC’s profiPLUS 50 suspension arm system.

4th July 2019
IP 54 modular suspension arm systems for industrial applications

ROLEC now offers three IP 54 modular suspension arm systems for a wide range of industrial electronics applications. The profiPLUS, taraPLUS and QUADRO support arms provide versatile solutions for HMI, display, process automation, machine control, IoT/IIoT and Industry 4.0/smart factory applications.

8th April 2019
Tough steel enclosures for challenging environments

A tough new range of stainless steel electronic enclosures has been launched by ROLEC for challenging industrial environments. The new inoBOX is designed for demanding applications including marine and offshore, petrochemicals, dairy and food manufacturing. It is rated IP 66 and NEMA 4X for ingress protection and IK08 EN 62262 for impact resistance.

26th February 2019
New enclosures designed for machine control equipment

ROLEC has launched its new profiPANEL command enclosures. These tough and highly versatile enclosures offer an economic solution for housing machine control equipment. IP 65 rated profiPANEL is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. It can be mounted from the top or bottom on ROLEC’s profiPLUS 50 suspension arm system or to a wall or machine housing using the optional 180° pivot bracket.

28th January 2019
Round plastic enclosures for IoT electronics

It has been announced that ROLEC has launched technoDISC, a round plastic enclosure for industrial electronics. It is based on the firm’s successful aluDISC diecast aluminium housings. The technoDISC cases are UV-stable and sealed to IP 66 (IP 67 optional), making them suited for Industry 4.0 and IoT applications both indoors and outside.

22nd October 2018
ROLEC Launches New HMI/Display Panel Enclosures

ROLEC has launched a new range of industrial HMI/panel enclosures (IP 65) for off-the-shelf and custom-sized displays and touchscreens.

28th March 2018
Aluminium cases designed for mobile control applications

ROLEC’s handCASE metal enclosures for handheld industrial electronics are now available in four variants. High performance handCASE is designed for mobile control applications in challenging environments. These diecast aluminium cases are light and comfortable to hold for long periods but tough enough to withstand extreme working conditions.

30th January 2018
Electronic enclosures designed for a range of industrial applications

  ROLEC’s technoBOX ABS electronic enclosures are now available in ten sizes, many of which are compatible with other standard products. Tough modern technoBOX is a cost effective range of enclosures suitable for a wide range of industrial electronic and electrical applications.

7th November 2017
Aluminium enclosures now available in eight different sizes

  Manufacturer of high performance enclosures, ROLEC has announced that its aluPLUS diecast aluminium electronic enclosures are now available in eight industry-standard sizes. These smart, modern enclosures are suitable for a wide range of electronics applications in challenging indoor and outdoor industrial environments.

22nd August 2017
Vertical holding bracket can be fitted to walls or machines

A new vertical holding bracket has been added to ROLEC's range of accessories available for its mobilCASE aluminium electronic enclosures. The new holder can be fitted to walls or machines and it is moulded from black polyamide as standard. ROLEC mobilCASE was designed primarily for handheld electronics (IP65) – instruments and controllers – but it can also be used for desktop and wall mounted applications (IP54).

6th July 2017
technoPLUS cases rated IP 69K for jet wash protection

ROLEC technoPLUS pole mounted enclosures are now available with optional IP 69K protection – safeguarding electronics from high pressure and high temperature jet washing. They are designed for challenging indoor and outdoor locations. Each case features a dedicated bracket for horizontal or vertical mounting on poles and masts. ROLEC technoPLUS enclosures are rated to IP 66 as standard (IP 67 and IP 69K optional) and moulded from ...

5th April 2017
Display enclosures are IP65 rated

  ROLEC’s modern multiPANEL designer command and display enclosures are IP65 rated and are designed for fitting to suspension arms and can be specified for a range of applications involving displays, touchscreens and flush integration of PCs.

25th September 2015
Controller enclosures offer customisation options

  ROLEC is offering customisation options for its aluDISPLAY range of aluminium controller enclosures. Customisation now includes CNC milling and drilling of cutouts; EMC shielding, bespoke colours plus printing and engraving of legends and logos.

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