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14th May 2024
ROLEC's new plastic enclosures

ROLEC, a manufacturer of industrial electronic enclosures, is presenting two premium lines of IP-rated plastic housings – technoPLUS and technoDISC.

8th February 2024
ROLEC now offers two premium ranges of diecast aluminium housings

Industrial electronic enclosures manufacturer ROLEC now offers two premium ranges of diecast aluminium housings – aluDOOR and aluCASE.  

27th October 2023
ROLEC’s conFORM diecast enclosures

ROLEC has announced its conFORM electronic enclosures with built-in EMC shielding are now available in 14 sizes.

22nd August 2023
ROLEC aluDOOR enclosures’ special mention in German Innovation Awards

ROLEC’s aluDOOR industrial electronic enclosures have gained a special mention in the German Innovation Awards. Judges praised the “high added value for users.”

15th June 2023
ROLEC’s ‘round’ plastic enclosures for industrial electronics now in four sizes

ROLEC’s ‘round’ technoDISC plastic enclosures for IIoT and Industry 4.0 electronics are now available in four sizes.

17th May 2023
ROLEC’s taraSMART modular suspension arm system addons

ROLEC has added more components to its taraSMART (IP 54) range of modular suspension arms to expand application potential.

6th February 2023
ROLEC’s advanced HMI enclosures for machine control equipment

ROLEC’s advanced HMI enclosures now include multiPANEL, profiPANEL and profiPANEL STANDARD – giving industrial electronics designers more choice. Elegant multiPANEL is suited to small-volume applications requiring advanced functionality and cutting-edge aesthetics. Versatile profiPANEL is for higher-volume applications, notably machine building.

5th December 2022
ROLEC’s polyDOOR hinged-lid GRP enclosures in eight sizes

ROLEC’s polyDOOR hinged-lid enclosures for industrial electronics are now available in eight sizes – either with or without a transparent window for displays.

17th October 2022
ROLEC’s IP 66 technoBOX ABS enclosures now in 10 sizes

ROLEC’s IP 66 technoBOX enclosures feature a recessed lid for a membrane keypad or front plate. Tried and trusted IP 66 rated technoBOX offers designers and OEMs a robust and cost-effective housing for a wide range of electronics and electrical applications.

15th June 2022
Advanced HMI enclosures and suspension arms

New options and accessories are now available for ROLEC’s range of advanced HMI/panel enclosures and modular suspension arms for industrial electronics.

5th April 2022
Hinged-lid housings for harsh and industrial applications

Specialist enclosures manufacturer ROLEC has launched advanced new aluDOOR – the next generation of hinged-lid housings for harsh outdoor and indoor industrial applications.

13th December 2021
Robust handCASE For machine control, factory automation

Increasing use of smart factory automation and robotics is boosting demand for ROLEC’s diecast handCASE handheld industrial electronic enclosures.

21st October 2021
IP67 enclosures for IIoT and smart factory technology

ROLEC’s extended aluCASE and technoPLUS electronic IP 67 enclosures are popular in the fields of IIoT technology and Smart Factory automation.

14th October 2021
IP67 enclosures for smart factories by ROLEC

ROLEC’s aluCASE and technoPLUS electronic enclosures are popular in the fields of IIoT technology and smart factory automation. These advanced enclosures are ideal for a wide range of IIoT and other industrial electronics applications in challenging indoor and outdoor environments. Both are rated IP66 and IP67 as standard.

4th October 2021
Panel PC coupling for profiPLUS suspension arms from ROLEC

Advanced profiPLUS 50 is suitable for a wide range of industrial control and display applications including machine building, process automation, machine control and robotics.  

19th July 2021
Base unit For ROLEC’s profiPLUS 50 suspension arms

Industrial enclosures specialist ROLEC has added a tough new static/mobile base to its profiPLUS 50 range of suspension arms for HMI/panel enclosures and displays. The new base unit offers a smart and robust floor-standing solution for light-to-medium loads. It is suited for a wide range of applications including Smart Factory, process automation, robotics and machine controllers.

17th May 2021
Advanced new taraSMART suspension arms

ROLEC’s new taraSMART (IP 54) modular suspension arms offer advanced technical features at a lower price point. They are similar to ROLEC’s proven profiPLUS arms but are simpler and more cost-effective.

16th April 2021
aluCASE diecast enclosures with colour-coding

Colour-coded trims are now available as options on ROLEC’s aluCASE premium diecast aluminium enclosures for industrial electronics. These tough, elegant and versatile housings can be installed anywhere – on walls, machines, bulkheads and desktops.

15th January 2021
Colour-coded starCASE enclosures from ROLEC

Colour-coded trims are now available as an option on ROLEC’s starCASE premium plastic enclosures for industrial electronics. Elegant but tough IP 66 rated starCASE can be installed anywhere – on walls, machines and bulkheads. Applications include monitoring systems, HVAC controllers, safety equipment, factory automation, security systems and test and measurement.

19th October 2020
New configurator mobilCASE extruded handheld enclosures

ROLEC has launched a new online configurator that makes it easy for customers to specify customised mobilCASE handheld enclosures and generate CAD and PDF files of their specific housing. Tough mobilCASE is a smart, modern range of extruded aluminium enclosures for handheld electronic instruments and machine/robot controllers. It can also be mounted horizontally or vertically for display or control panels.

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