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Artificial Intelligence
18th September 2018
Accelerating the development of autonomous vehicles

  Global computer technology company, NVIDIA has announced rFpro as a software partner at the GPU Technology Conference Japan 2018. rFpro will provide the virtual environment used to develop autonomous vehicles (AV) in NVIDIA DRIVE Sim and NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation.

Artificial Intelligence
4th April 2018
Platform enables training of autonomous vehicles in simulation

  UK-based driving simulation company, rFpro, has launched the first commercially available platform to train and develop autonomous vehicles in simulation. Using a digital environment to accurately represent the real world, the technology enables vehicle manufacturers to test their systems in every scenario imaginable.

Test & Measurement
12th September 2016
Sensor testing software accelerates ADAS testing

New sensor testing software called SENSOR_IG, from specialist simulator software company rFpro, can generate realistic data feeds, in real-time, for sensor models of cameras, radar, LiDAR and ultrasound sensors. It enables the entire ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) toolchain to be tested on a driving simulator with a human driver in control, significantly reducing development times and cost.

Test & Measurement
26th August 2016
Cutting the cost of real-world emissions testing

Vehicle dynamics simulation software could cut the cost for vehicle manufacturers of meeting the new RDE (Real Driving Emissions) tests. The software, developed by rFpro for DIL (Driver In the Loop) simulators, creates such a high level of realism (immersion) that drivers behave in a representative way, giving manufacturers confidence in a car’s emissions performance long before prototype testing can begin.

20th January 2016
Hyundai early user of new simulation software for vehicle dynamics

For the first time, commercial vehicle makers can simulate vehicle dynamics with sufficient realism to develop control systems, handling and safety systems with a human driver in a virtual environment, thanks to software from rFpro. Previously, simulators were too slow to respond to driver input due to a combination of hardware and software limitations, which restricted their use to human factors studies or ergonomics development.

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