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8th April 2022
Data storage and processing for the ‘tactical edge’ in military operations

Intelligence is an essential aspect of military operations, and it’s driving innovation in data collection and processing at what is known as the ‘tactical edge’. Here, Martin Frederiksen, Managing Director of Recab UK explains what goes into designing rugged systems that are fit for modern battlefields.

Alternative Energy
16th March 2022
The harsh reality of energy sector computing

Martin Frederiksen, Managing Director of Recab UK, explores the harsh environment of power generation and distribution and how innovative embedded design can bring reliable computing performance in the sector’s most demanding applications.

Aerospace & Defence
22nd September 2021
Mobile eyes and ears on modern battlefields

The advancement of military technology in the past 20 years has reshaped the battlefield. From unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for aerial surveillance and air strikes to unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) for remote reconnaissance, modern warfare is seemingly shifting from primarily ‘boots on the ground’ operations to battlefields being dominated remotely. Here, Martin Frederiksen, Managing Director of land defence embedded system specia...

Alternative Energy
27th August 2021
Connecting wind farms for remote monitoring

Either offshore or inland, wind farms endure all kinds of harsh environments. Inland, wind farms are exposed to the elements, while offshore turbines operate in highly corrosive conditions where in-person maintenance and repair are hard to conduct. Therefore, as Martin Frederiksen, Managing Director at Recab UK points out, condition monitoring for wind farms is essential and relies upon rugged embedded computing, points out.

17th August 2021
Bringing high compute performance to demanding environments

Recab UK is set to support embedded computing projects in the rail, automotive, aerospace, and marine transport markets with a new ultra-rugged computer on module (COM) from congatec. The recently released conga-TC570r is a COM Express Type 6 module based on an 11th Generation Intel Core processor, with an extended temperature range and soldered memory to ensure consistent performance in transport environments prone to high shock and vi...

27th July 2021
Tackling the challenges of greenhouse robotics

For millennia, humans have endeavoured to artificially control growing environments to boost crop and plant growth. Today, the most common form of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is the greenhouse. However, efficiency and waste remain two of the largest challenges for greenhouses, leading to the development of robots to improve operations. However, this is not without its own challenges — challenges that require the latest computin...

15th July 2021
How industrial routers help overcome the 3G shut off

In 2017, AT&T turned off its 2G network, causing around 70% of San Francisco’s buses and trains to disappear from the NextMuni system map, which passengers use to track vehicle locations and check arrival times. Following this, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) faced weeks of pressure from the public to upgrade its legacy monitoring devices. Here, Andy Conway, Sales Manager at Recab UK, has explained why ind...

8th July 2021
Ensuring robust networks in demanding applications

Whether used for on-board entertainment on trains or video feed transmission from military drones, connectivity is becoming an important factor in non-commercial applications. As more embedded systems adopt networked architectures, Ethernet switches play an increasingly crucial role. Here, Mark Jeffrey, Technical Director of Recab UK, explains how to select Ethernet switches for demanding operating environments.

17th May 2021
PCBs for extreme applications

“Extraordinary circumstances often bring along with them extraordinary strength,” wrote the political philosopher William Godwin. The ethos extends to printed circuit boards (PCBs) for extreme applications, be they military, rail or aerospace. Many manufacturers are quick to claim that their boards are rugged. Here, Mark Jeffrey, Technical Director at Recab UK, explains what rugged boards are really made of.

14th May 2021
High precision timing for next generation connectivity

As 5G is deployed across more areas of the UK and network infrastructure becomes increasingly important for more services and industries, highly accurate timing and synchronisation plays a critical role in network performance.

20th April 2021
Predictions in technology are almost always wrong

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the cusp of becoming an irreplaceable tool in a wide range of fields, such as working from home, avionics, telecommunications and defence. The latest frontier in this development is ruggedisation and miniaturisation. Here, Andy Conway, Sales Manager at Embedded Computing Specialist Recab UK, reflects on the unpredictability of the inventions that led to the breakthroughs behind AI.

30th March 2021
New VPX GPGPU leads in AI performance

To help UK-based aerospace, defence and space companies to stay ahead of market demand for advanced AI, embedded computing specialist Recab UK is now offering the updated C530 general-purpose graphics processing unit (GPGPU) from Aitech. The latest version of the C530 is a powerful AI-enabled 3U VPX GPGPU, offering high compute performance in a compact and rugged footprint.

11th March 2021
The Internet of Trains

Gordon E. Moore, one of the Co-founders of chipmaker Intel, predicted famously that the computing capacity of a microchip would double every two years, in what is now known as Moore’s Law. Despite having faster computers and phones, train passengers have in the past not been able to benefit from a stable internet access on their journey. Here, Martin Frederiksen, Managing Director of Recab UK, explores the technological changes that wi...

8th March 2021
AI has potential for high end computing in the field

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the cusp of becoming an irreplaceable tool in a wide range of fields, such as working from home, avionics, telecommunications and defence. The latest frontier in this development is ruggedisation and miniaturisation. Here, Andy Conway, Sales Manager at embedded computing specialist Recab UK, has reflected on the unpredictability of the inventions that led to the breakthroughs behind AI.

Aerospace & Defence
18th February 2021
Deterministic Ethernet in military front lines

In military and defence applications, speed is crucial. Whether that is the response time of deployed soldiers or the speed at which information is communicated from the field to outposts or command centres. This is where deterministic Ethernet comes into play.

10th February 2021
New RFID module supports move to contactless

At a time when contactless technology is of increased importance, embedded systems specialist Recab UK is now offering the new ThingMagic M3e Secure Module from JADAK. The M3e is a high frequency (HF) and low frequency (LF) RFID module with a totally integrated Secure Access Module (SAM), designed specifically for authenticating personnel across a wide spectrum of security environments.

4th February 2021
Floyd GPGPU edge AI computing platform reaches UK

Recab UK has announced that it is now supporting engineers to develop more sophisticated embedded computing projects with the availability of Diamond Systems’ Floyd GPGPU products. The new product range, which includes the NVIDIA Jetson compatible Floyd carrier boards and the Jetbox-Floyd complete embedded computing platform, feature extended operating temperatures and are suited to complex computing or imaging applications in harsh sectors...

Alternative Energy
13th January 2021
Accurate synchronisation for offshore wind

In October 2020, the UK Government announced plans to invest £160 million to upgrade wind turbine factories and ports. These plans could allow the nation’s offshore wind farms to generate enough electricity to power every home by 2030. Here, Martin Frederiksen, Managing Director of Recab UK, explores the technological advancements required to make plans like this a reality.

8th December 2020
Back to basics on computer-on-modules

Computer-on-Modules (COMs) are widely recognised for their versatility. A COM offers end users a breadth of application capabilities, reduced product development time and can be tailored specifically to meet performance and functional requirements in line with the overall power budget that is available. 

20th October 2020
New Ethernet switch module supports high speed comms

Recab UK is offering a new ultra-compact Ethernet switch module from Diamond Systems to the UK market. The new product, the EPSM-10GX4 managed gigabit Ethernet switch module, allows hardware, electronics and system engineers to quickly develop high data rate Ethernet switchboards and systems in industrial, transport and telecommunications applications.

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