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13th October 2020
New autonomous driving test system arrives in UK

Embedded systems specialist Recab UK is now supplying the new BRICK2, a next generation recording and measurement platform system for autonomous driving (AD) from longstanding supplier b-plus. Recab is ready to support its UK-based customers with practical insights about the new system.

12th October 2020
The growing importance of Ethernet switches

Whether you refer to it as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or simply as industrial networking, there is no doubt that connected field systems are becoming increasingly valuable across industries. One of the main components underpinning this connectivity is the Ethernet switch. Once exclusively used in IT environments, these switches now find themselves commonly used in harsh rail, marine, industrial and military environments. Here, Marti...

30th September 2020
New computer-on-modules bring high performance computing to UK

Following the release of Intel’s new 11th Gen Intel Core and Intel Atom x6000E Series processors, Recab UK is offering new Computer-On-Modules (COMs) from congatec to the UK market. Recab UK will provide baseboard and system designs based on the new congatec modules in a range of form factors, including the new COM high performance computing (COM-HPC) standard.

16th September 2020
The hidden role of embedded computing in rail

A few years ago, a guilt-ridden Melbourne train commuter’s note warning other travellers not to sit in their spilled coffee puddle made the international news. Actually, 'the spilled coffee effect' is nothing new in the rail industry, referring to bumps and jolts that cause passenger discomfort. Here, Mark Jeffrey, Technical Director at Recab UK, explains how its embedded computing and PCBs help passengers ride comfortably and safely, ...

27th August 2020
COM Express 7 makes an impact on telecoms

As the embedded electronics world eagerly awaits the release of the new Computer on Module (COM) standard, COM for High Performance Computing (COM HPC), Martin Frederiksen, Managing Director of embedded computer systems provider, Recab UK, reflects on how its predecessor, the COM Express Type 7, will continue to impact on baseboard designs in telecoms for many years to come.

Alternative Energy
3rd August 2020
Embedding digitalisation into offshore wind

The offshore wind industry has become one of the UK’s success stories. In the past decade, the industry went from a capacity of 0.3 Gigawatts (GW) of power to 9.7 GW, and also generated almost ten percent of the UK’s total energy in 2019. However, this success brings similarly high expectations for the future, with a Government target of a 400 per cent increase in capacity by 2030. To achieve this, the sector must accelerate its ...

4th June 2020
Recab UK becomes primary INSYS icom distributor

Recab UK has become the primary distributor of INSYS icom equipment and support services for the UK market. This will allow Recab UK to support businesses in markets such as water treatment, utilities and sanitation with high quality products suited for automation and remote-controlled IT applications.

Test & Measurement
27th May 2020
Testing to meet the latest automotive Ethernet standards

Autopilot systems used to be for air, marine or spacecrafts — but today’s car drivers are increasingly relying on technologies to serve as ‘an extra pair of eyes and ears’ and help them stay safe on the road. Here, Martin Frederiksen, Managing Director at Recab UK, has explained why development tools for automotive Ethernet are ever more crucial to today’s driver safety systems.

27th May 2020
The impact of the new COM-HPC standard

It’s been three years since the latest Computer on Module (COM) specification, COM Express 3.0, was released for industry use. Now, the embedded computer industry is on the verge of a new standard: COM for high-performance computing (COM-HPC), which is due to be ratified this year.

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