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Test & Measurement
25th October 2017
Static code analysis tools with improved configuration options

Code quality management solution provider, PRQA, has released new versions of the QA·C and QA·C++ automated static code analysis tools. According to the company, QA·C 9.3.1 and QA·C++ 4.1 provide even better analysis and an improved GUI. Paul Blundell, CEO of PRQA, said: “Automated static code analysis, by removing coding defects before compilation, cuts down on test and debug time, bringing projec...

19th January 2016
Software development platform ensures application security

PRQA has announced the introduction of their new certified environment platform - allowing security coding standards and advisories to be applied at the point of code creation, in addition to well established functional and compliance checks. In light of recent high profile exploitations regarding application vulnerabilities, this latest release allows analysis of both legacy code streams and new agile developments.

6th March 2015
Code management interface makes inspection & compliance more effective

PRQA Programming Research has announced further enhancements and additions to its Framework environment and its QA·Verify code management web interface. These latest releases strengthen PRQA’s complete code management solution, making inspection and compliance more effective, improving integration and giving greater visibility to stakeholders within the decision-making process.

Conception électroniques (CAO)
10th October 2013
Les Produits De PRQA Font Peau Neuve Avec De Nouvelles Interfaces Et Fonctionnalités

PRQA annonce une refonte majeure de ses produits pensée pour l’utilisateur, offrant plus de cohérence entre les différents produits et facilitant leur utilisation grâce à des interfaces graphiques améliorées ainsi qu’à des fonctionnalités avancées.

Conception électroniques (CAO)
10th October 2013
Mise À Jour Majeure De La Norme De Codage High Integrity C++ (HIC++)

PRQA annonce la publication de la version 4.0 de la norme de codage High Integrity C++ (HIC++), qui établit des règles de codage et bonnes pratiques visant à aider les équipes de développement à produire un code C++ d’excellente qualité.

4th October 2013
Major update to high integrity C++ coding standard

PRQA announces the publication of Version 4.0 of the High Integrity C++ Coding Standard, which provides coding rules and best practices to help development teams to produce high quality C++ code. HIC++ was first published exactly ten years ago (3rd October 2003), and pooled the best practice guidelines available at the time, along with language advice from PRQA’s own C++ experts.

3rd October 2013
PRQA revamps product portfolio with new UI and functionality

PRQA announces that its products have received a major overhaul designed with the customer in mind, offering a greater consistency across products and ease of use through improved user interfaces alongside higher functionality. Central to the update is a new component-based, plugin architecture that encapsulates and decouples all the source code parsers from the generic framework.

22nd July 2013
50% reduction in code rework with QA•C achieved by KPIT Cummins

PRQA Programming Research unveil that KPIT Cummins has reported a 50% reduction in code rework through fully integrating QA∙C into the development process and using it ‘early and often’ throughout the coding phase. Developers are inevitably required to rework code after quality issues are identified during testing at the end of the development phase. This retrospective work can be challenging and time-consuming.

17th July 2013
QA•C++ upgraded by PRQA

PRQA | Programming Research unveil the upgrade QA•C++. Version 3.1, a new release of this leading static analysis tool for C++ environments that incorporates native 64-bit support for Windows, Linux and Solaris along with support for ISO C++ 2011. QA•C++ 3.1 offers full support of native 64-bit hardware environments to satisfy the growing demand from Windows, and in particular the UNIX-like community where 32-bit libraries are no longer being...

9th July 2013
QA∙C and QA∙C++ Certified by SGS-TÜV SAAR to Highest Safety Levels

PRQA Programming Research announces that QA∙C 8.0 and QA∙C++ 3.0, with MISRA Compliance Modules have been certified by SGS-TÜV SAAR as “usable in the development of safety related software” for the key safety critical standards, IEC 61508, ISO 26262, EN 50128, IEC 60880and IEC 63204.

Automotice Microsite
27th February 2013
PRQA annonce la prise en charge de MISRA C:2012

PRQA annonce que ses outils prennent en charge MISRA C:2012 (MISRA C3) avec un module de conformité mis à jour pour QA•C version 8.1, en anticipation de la nouvelle version de la norme de codage qui sera publiée le 18 mars. La nouvelle norme contient de nombreuses améliorations par rapport aux versions précédentes et étend la prise en charge de la version C99 du langage C (ISO/CEI 9899:1999).

26th February 2013
QA•Verify embraces Continuous Code Inspection, team-sharing collaboration and workflow integration for high-quality coding practices

PRQA/Programming Research announces a significant upgrade to QA•Verify, its sophisticated software quality management solution. QA•Verify already leverages the broad industry adoption of QA•C and QA•C++, providing team-sharing collaboration, sophisticated coding standards compliance, metrics and reporting facilities across multiple software projects.

2nd August 2012
QA•C Version 8.1 features increased MISRA enforcement and enhanced dataflow capability

PRQA has today unveiled an upgrade to QA•C. Version 8.1 is a new release of this leading static analysis tool for C environments that incorporates improvements to its sophisticated deep-flow dataflow analysis technology and increased enforcement of the MISRA coding standards. QA•C Version 8.1 is available now.

28th February 2012
PRQA upgrades QA•C++ with defect and security vulnerability detection and ISO C++ 2011 support

PRQA | Programming Research announces a major upgrade to QA•C++. Version 3.0 is a substantial new release of this leading static analysis tool for C++ environments that incorporates a sophisticated deep-flow dataflow analysis technology along with support for the major features in ISO C++ 2011.

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5th January 2012
QA•Verify de PRQA offre des possibilités inégalées en matière de gestion de la qualité des logiciels

PRQA Programming Research, l'un des leaders mondiaux en solutions d'analyse statique, annonce le lancement mondial du produit QA•Verify.

21st December 2011
QA•Verify from PRQA offers unmatched functionality in the management of software quality

PRQA | Programming Research announces the full product launch and world-wide rollout of QA•Verify. QA•Verify (previously termed Management Information System) leverages the success of QA•C and QA•C++, extending the functionality of these static analysis tools and also extending their audience beyond the traditional core of developers and quality professionals to encompass other key stakeholders, such as development leads, architects, proj...

15th November 2011
PRQA QA•C certified by TÜV SÜD for ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 compliance

PRQA Programming Research, a global leader of static analysis tools, and TÜV SÜD Automotive, a global leader in technical certification services, jointly announce that PRQA’s QA•C source code analyzer is now certified for safety-related software development according to IEC 61508 and ISO/FDIS 26262 standards. PRQA offers a complete compliance package for development teams that includes QA•C, MISRA C compliance modules and a Safety Manual.

27th June 2011
PRQA QA•C and QA•C++ tools prepared for launch of ratified version of ISO 26262 - MISRA founding member demonstrates ongoing commitment to automotive industry through certification of tools for ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 compliance.

PRQA Programming Research, a global leader of static analysis tools and TÜV SÜD Automotive, a global leader in technical certification services, announce that QA•C and QA•C++ source code analyzer tools are undergoing certification by TÜV SÜD as “fit for purpose” for use in the development of safety related systems according to IEC 61508 Edition 2.0 and the ratified version of ISO 26262.

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9th March 2011
PRQA présente une nouvelle approche en matière de détection des failles de sécurité et défauts en C et C++

PRQA | Programming Research annonce le lancement d’une nouvelle approche pour identifier les problèmes de codage critiques grâce au lancement d’une technologie de pointe permettant d’analyser les flux de données en profondeur, identifiant les problèmes de codage critiques liés au flux de commande, à l’état des variables et à l’utilisation de bibliothèques. Le nouveau module sera intégré aux nouvelles versions des suites d’o...

Test & Measurement
1st March 2011
PRQA introduces a new approach to defect and security vulnerability detection for C and C++

PRQA Programming Research announces a new approach to identifying critical coding issues with the introduction of a sophisticated technology to perform deep-flow dataflow analysis, identifying critical coding issues relating to control-flow, variable state and library usage. The new module is included in upcoming releases of the company’s QA•C and QA•C++ toolsets.

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