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17th November 2020
Insight Mobile supports workers in warehousing

ProGlove has announced that it is stepping up its software commitment. In addition to its barcode scanner app Insight Mobile for Android, the glove scanner manufacturer now also provides an SDK for iOS. One focus of the upgraded Android app is the extended proximity functionality for implementing social distance guidelines in an industrial context.

27th May 2020
ProGlove named a Cool Vendor by Gartner in May 2020

ProGlove has been named a Cool Vendor by Gartner. According to the report, technology and service providers selling into the manufacturing market often identify gaps in their portfolio that they cannot fill due to lack of skills and resources. These Cool Vendors may be of interest for providers to create more complete solutions for their customers.

21st May 2020
Social distancing sensors for the factory floor

ProGlove is responding to customers’ needs in manufacturing, distribution and logistics with their new social distancing sensors, a smart solution to help workers maintain proper social distance. Leveraging its MARK family of wearable barcode scanners and ProGlove Connect app for Android, ProGlove has announced a product upgrade that activates proximity sensing for frontline workers. With production lines resuming operations, safety and eff...

12th May 2020
Future proofing supply chains in the face of uncertainty

The consequences of the coronavirus pandemic have had serious implications on individuals and industries across the world for which no one was prepared for. Particularly in the case of supply chains, the crisis has clearly demonstrated that they are the backbone of our daily lives and any breakdown in the chain can have disastrous consequences for product fulfilment.

1st May 2020
Will International Workers’ Day become a robot holiday?

International Workers’ Day goes back to the year 1886. In the USA, a strike that lasted several days began on 1st May with the aim of enforcing the eight-hour day, which is still in force in most companies today. But work is changing. Digitalisation is often equated with robotics and artificial intelligence, and many employees are increasingly concerned that in the future they will no longer play a role in production processes.

30th January 2020
Unlocking traceability and efficiency within the supply chain

With increasing regulation across all industries, from data privacy legislation to technical specifications and product certification requirements, consistent traceability within often large and complex supply chains has never been more important for businesses to achieve. This is not only for compliance reasons, but also to ensure accurate forecasting so companies can deliver on promises made to customers.

14th January 2020
Meeting the demand for wearable scanners in industrial environments

ProGlove, in collaboration with Samsung Electronics America has announced a combined product solution to address the growing need for wearable scanners in industries ranging from retail, transportation, logistics, and manufacturing. The combined solution consists of ProGlove’s MARK product family of wearable barcode scanners and Samsung’s latest ruggedised smartphone for business - the Galaxy XCover Pro - providing enterprise users wi...

13th December 2019
Improving workplace health and safety with wearable technology

There have been many arguments made about how the use of robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) could replace the role of workers across numerous industries. However, the reality is that full automation is not a pragmatic approach and will not be a realistic goal for years to come, despite impressive advancements in technology.

12th September 2019
Human-centred design meets German engineering

ProGlove has announced a $40 million investment from global growth equity firm Summit Partners. The company plans to leverage this funding to expand its international footprint and support its mission to connect the human workforce with the industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

6th August 2019
Wearable technology unlocking worker potential

The rise of the machine is fuelling essential discussions about the future role of workers – not least within logistics. With full automation not an option in the foreseeable future how are companies to meet challenging productivity goals? 

31st July 2019
Bringing data to the user and unlocking worker potential

The rise of the machine is fuelling essential discussions about the future role of workers - not least within logistics. With full automation not an option in the foreseeable future how are companies to meet challenging productivity goals? With improving the workforce experience now a priority, Andreas Koenig, CEO, ProGlove considers the role of wearable technologies, such as barcode scanners, in transforming the working environment and...

7th June 2019
Enabling a smarter UK workforce

Provider of industrial wearables, ProGlove, has announced a new partnership with Conker, a British producer of business rugged tablets. The partnership enables ProGlove to expand its reach into the UK via Conker; who will offer ProGlove’s MARK 2 intelligent, wearable barcode scanner to clients alongside Conker’s range of tablets, touch screens and mobile devices.

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