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10th April 2017
Stable platform introduced for neuroscience experiments

An ultra-stable platform, the V-Deck has been announced by Prior Scientific, developed for neuroscience and electrophysiology that offers you the ability to quickly and precisely adjust sample height. The new V-Deck sets a new benchmark for operational stability. Versatility to optimally image from thin sections right through to whole animal samples is ensured through the available of a wide range of height adjustable, lockable platform...

2nd March 2017
Robotic microscope microplate used for solubility testing

A drug discovery and development organisation has been using Prior Scientific’s PLW20 Well Plate Loader, to determine the aqueous solubility of various chemicals over a concentration gradient of buffers. The PLW20 Well Plate Loader is an advanced robotic system for automatic well plate handling. Adaptable to most modern inverted microscopes, the simple, rugged and compact PLW20 together with a Prior ProScan stage combines to provide a ...

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22nd February 2017
Prior Scientific exhibits at two microscopy shows

At the forthcoming Focus on Microscopy and Microscience and Microscopy Congress shows which will be held in Bordeaux, France and Manchester, UK respectively, Prior Scientific will be exhibiting its latest motorised stages, focus motors, sample loading systems and other equipment for precision microscopy.

31st January 2017
Alternative microscope proves superior

  Offering a powerful, cost effective alternative to a traditional short arc Mercury vapour lamps and bulbs used in fluorescence microscopy, is the Lumen 200 Fluorescence Illumination System from Prior Scientific.

13th December 2016
More movement in neuroscience microscopy

  A method to precisely move microscopes while allowing the sample to remain stationary, has been provided in the new ZDP50K Translation Stage from Prior Scientific, and is compatible with all modern research microscopes. 

1st December 2016
Large or irregular samples not a problem with microscopic imaging

For viewing and imaging of samples, the ProZ motorised focus stand from Prior Scientific is a suitable solution, especially for samples that maybe too large, or irregularly shaped, to be fitted onto a standard microscope frame or stand, but still require high quality imaging.   

21st November 2016
Microscope enables 3D imaging of biomedical samples

The precision stages and focusing systems from Prior Scientific have been adopted by Mesolens as part of its microscope system that delivers faster, deeper, wider and more sensitive imaging than current methods. The Mesolens microscope makes it possible, to image relatively large biomedically important specimens such as embryos, brain areas or tumours with full 3D recording of many thousands of cells.

1st November 2016
Microscope stage designed for productive microplate imaging

  A new motorised microscope stage, the H139, designed to enable life scientists to precisely position, move and image up to two microplates or nine microscope slides, has been announced from Prior Scientific.

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20th October 2016
Motorised stage aids semiconductor inspection

The H116 motorised stepper stage from Prior Scientific is suitable for use with larger microscopes and can easily accommodate 8 inch (200mm) wafers and a variety of large specimens, making it perfect for performing scanning of a wide range of semiconductor wafers, photo masks, flat panel displays, and printed circuit boards.

5th October 2016
Fixed electrophysiology platforms set benchmark

Setting the benchmark for quality height adjustable platforms designed specifically for upright microscopes used in electrophysiology and neuroscience applications, is the Z-Deck range from Prior Scientific, which is including Nikon FN1, Olympus BX51WI or BX61WI, Zeiss Axio Examiner and Leica DM6 microscopes.

Test & Measurement
23rd March 2016
Semiconductor wafers under the microscope

The LF210 Laser Autofocus System from Prior Scientific is designed to improve microscopic examination of a wide range of reflective samples including semiconductor wafers and hard disc drive platens. By directing a laser beam at the surface being analysed, the LF210 is able to maintain optimum focus on the sample at high magnifications, even as the microscope stage or sample is moved.

11th January 2016
Spectrophotometer analyses variety of light sources

The LumaSpec LS800S from Prior Scientific is a compact visible light spectrophotometer which provides quantitative spectral power data enabling users to characterise and monitor the illumination source of their microscope system. Operating from 350nm to 800nm with 1.5nm resolution, the LumaSpec LS800S uses an illumination target slide mounted on your microscope to provide accurate and precise information about the illumination in the sample plane...

17th August 2015
LEDs are suited for upright & inverted microscopes

Expanding their wide range of illumination products for microscopy, Prior Scientific has announced the LDB100F and LDB101F Brightfield LEDs. The Brightfield LED replaces the standard light source and provides all the advantages of LED illumination in a flexible package that can be fitted to most modern upright and inverted microscope systems.

3rd July 2015
Illumination tool lasts at least 25,000 hours

Designed for the most advanced fluorescent techniques, Prior Scientific's Lumen 1600-LED fluorescence illumination system has intuitive controls making it easy to use. The LEDs in the Lumen 1600 last at least 25,000 hours and deliver evenly distributed, high intensity light for optimal excitation of fluorophores.

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