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18th June 2013
Power-One Announces New Open-Frame Products

Power-One today announced the expansion of ABC and MBC families of open-frame products, adding ten new models to the portfolio. The ABC family of industrial open-frame power supplies is now available from 40W to 400W and offers high convection ratings and industry-leading power density.

19th March 2013
Power-One Enters Into Strategic Alliance With Panasonic

Power-One and Panasonic Corporation announced today that they have entered into a strategic alliance to develop, produce and market energy storage systems for the residential and non-residential markets worldwide combining Power-One inverters with Panasonic lithium-ion batteries and systems.

3rd January 2013
Power-One's High Efficiency Power Supply With Integrated Battery Back-Up Circuit Targeted for Next Generation

Power-One has released 450W and 700W High Efficiency Power Supply/Battery Back-up units for use in next generation, high efficiency servers and data centers. The Power-One power supplies, SPAFCBK-02G (450W) and SPAFCBK-03G (700W), have been designed based on the Open Compute Project specifications.

3rd January 2013
Power-One Announces the Next Generation LPM616 Product Line

Power-One today announced the release of the next generation LPM616 family of products. The LPM616 Series is a modular 1600 Watt AC-DC power supply that provides a market-leading power density of 18 Watts per cubic inch and has an extra low 1U profile.

27th May 2010
Power-One LPM615 compact modular power supply offers industry leading power density

Power-One announced the availability of its LPM615 1500W front-end AC-DC power supply family. This product is modular, accepting up to six output modules in order to provide customers with their exact voltage and current requirements with no minimum order quantities or set-up charges. The LPM615 features the lowest profile available – just 1.6in or 40mm in height. This is 35% lower than many other products.

17th August 2009
Power-One and Powervation Announce Patent Licence

Power-One and Powervation, Ltd., a provider of Auto-Control digital power IC solutions, today announced that they have entered into a non-exclusive Field of Use licence for Powervation under Power-One’s digital power technology patents. The license does not extend to stand-alone power supplies using Powervation products.

13th July 2009
Power-One - 20A Digital POL Converters Deliver up to 93% Efficiency

Power-One has announced two new high-efficiency digital point-of-load (POL) converters, the ZY2120 and ZY8120, in its ZY2000 “No-Bus” and ZY8000 bus-programmable series, respectively. These Z-One digital POL converters with latest-generation topologies provide 20 amps and up to 93% efficiency for server and communications applications, augmenting the high-current-density models introduced previously in these series.

28th October 2008
electronica 2008 - Power-One - “Green” Power Solutions

Power-One has announced that it will be displaying its diversified array of energy-saving “green” power solutions, including renewable energy inverters, at Electronica in Munich, Germany from November 11th to 14th.

23rd October 2008
Sixteenth Brick Delivers 3.3V @ 25A and Exceptional Elevated-Temperature Performance

Power-One, Inc. introduces the SSQE48T25033 DC-DC Converter. This DOSA-compliant sixteenth brick provides 3.3 VDC @ 25 amps with 100% of full-rated power available at 55°C, and 22 amps @ 70°C, using only 200LFM airflow. Tight regulation (+/-3% combined line, load, and temperature), and efficiencies up to 93% make this an ideal DPA or IBA power source for communications, data server/storage, and workstation applications.

5th September 2008
Aurora String Combiners Parallel up to 20 PV Strings

Power-One, Inc. today announced the introduction of Aurora® String Combiners. These commercial-grade renewable energy products support paralleling and integrated current measurement for up to 20 photovoltaic strings.

3rd June 2008
Sixteenth Bricks Deliver Tightly-Regulated Outputs and Efficiencies Exceeding 90%

Power-One has introduced the SSQE48T family. These sixteenth-brick DC-DC converters provide outputs from 1.2 to 5VDC, rated up to 25 amps. Efficiencies exceeding 90%, and tight regulation (+/-3% combined line, load, and temperature), make these products ideal distributed-power sources for communications, data server/storage, and workstation applications.

14th December 2007
700W DC/DC Brick Delivers 126W/Cubic Inch

Power-One has introduced the FBA48T25280 DC-DC converter, providing a 25A, user-adjustable 16.8 – 32.2V output. This full brick combines high efficiencies (exceeding 92%) with advanced thermal management techniques to deliver 126W/cubic inch power densities and reduced current deratings in elevated ambient temperature RF amplifier applications.

12th December 2007
Power-One and Magnetek form alliance on alternative energy inverters

Power-One and Magnetek today jointly announced an agreement to promote and distribute commercial and residential solar as well as small wind alternative energy inverters. This alliance will allow both companies to drive new growth opportunities and provide superior service and application support to alternative energy customers. By combining Power-One’s state-of-the-art product development and manufacturing capabilities with Magnetek’...

5th December 2007
5 to 40A Digital POLs from Power-One Deliver up to 94% Efficiency

Power-One has introduced six new high-efficiency digital POL converters in its ZY2000 “no-bus” and ZY8000 bus-programmable series. These Z-One Digital POLs provide from 5 to 40A for server and communications applications, augmenting the high-current-density 60A models that were introduced earlier this year.

28th November 2007
Power-One joins Climate Saving Computing Initiative

Power-One has announced that it has joined the Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI) as an Associate Member. The goal of the CSCI is to bring together industry, consumers, and conservation organizations to significantly increase the energy efficiency of computers and servers. CSCI Board of Director members include: Dell, Electronic Data Systems, Google, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Pacific Gas & Electric, and the World Wild...

19th November 2007
Power-One Wins Against Artesyn in Digital Power Patent Lawsuit

Power-One has announced that the jury in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division, has upheld the validity of the Power-One Z-One digital power management and control patents asserted against Artesyn Technologies, which, along with Astec America, is now part of the Emerson Electric Co.’s Network Power business unit.

9th November 2007
Eighth Bricks from Power-One deliver best-in-class elevated temperature performance

Power-One introduces SQE48T Series eighth-bricks providing single outputs of 1.2V @ 50A, 1.5V @ 40A, 1.8V @ 40A, and 2.5V @ 40A. Best-in-class efficiencies and thermal-management techniques deliver elevated-temperature performance that exceeds most currently-available similar-amperage quarter bricks. These through-hole-mounted DC-DC converters provide industry-standard DOSA footprints and are available with both six-substance and lead-solder-exem...

2nd November 2007
65W AC/DC Power Supplies from Power-One

Power-One has introduced three 65W, single-output, AC/DC power supplies delivering 15, 24, and 48VDC; the SBLP65-1015G, SBLP65-1024G, and SBLP65-1048G. A quasi-resonant zero-voltage switching topology delivers efficiencies of 80 – 85% at full-power operation and at load conditions as low as 10%; providing significant energy savings in networking, commercial, and industrial applications.

8th October 2007
DC Power Systems from Power-One available in shelf, rack, and cabinet configurations

Power-One has announced the introduction of the Guardian Series of DC power systems. These 48V solutions are available in shelf, rack, and cabinet configurations. Power densities exceeding 27 watts per cubic inch, or 25kW per one rack unit, maximize the system space dedicated to revenue-generating equipment, and/or batteries, in fixed and mobile network applications.

25th September 2007
100kW Commercial Photovoltaic Inverters Feature Small Footprints

Power-One has announced the introduction of the 100kW PVI-100 Series, the first products in the Aurora PVI-Central Family of commercial photovoltaic inverters. The PVI-Central Family employs subracks in a scalable modular architecture that facilitates application-optimized solutions from 50kW to 300kW. These grid-tie systems are designed for large solar applications such as apartment buildings and industrial facilities.

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