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22nd January 2024
New organ-on-chip to accelerate research and personalised medicine

It is only a few centimetres in size and can be held between two fingers, but in the micro-channels carved inside it, it’s hidden a three-dimensional and highly faithful model of a biliary tract cancer called cholangiocarcinoma, complete with its tumour microenvironment.

Aerospace & Defence
24th October 2023
Nabucco, revolutionary wings for sustainable aviation

Aircraft capable of changing their shape during different flight conditions, addressing two of the most important challenges for the future of sustainable aviation: weight reduction and increased efficiency.

18th September 2023
A mathematical model of the heart to revolutionise cardiac research

A mathematical and computational model of the human heart has been developed at Politecnico di Milano and designed for studying coronary artery disease.

21st June 2023
Another victory for the PoliMOVE car from Politecnico di Milano

On 18 June, for the fourth time in a row, the PoliMOVE team from Politecnico di Milano won the latest edition of the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC), the autonomous car race which this time was held at home, at Autodromo di Monza in the context of MiMo, Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show.

15th June 2023
Politecnico di Milano starts testing autonomous cars on public roads

A milestone in the research and testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads. The project '1000 Miglia Autonomous Drive', (1000-MAD) stars the self-driving car fitted out by the Politecnico di Milano, presented on 11 June 2023 in the 1000 Miglia Village in Brescia, which will be tested along the route of the historic car race.

3rd April 2023
Autism: children achieve greater autonomy with virtual and augmented reality

For World Autism Awareness Day on 2 April , the results of the project 5A (Autonomie per l’Autismo Attraverso realtà virtuale, realtà Aumentata e Agenti conversazionali; Autonomy for Autism through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Conversational Agents) launched by the Politecnico with Fondazione Sacra Famiglia and IRCCS E. Medea - Associazione La Nostra Famiglia, with the support of Fondazione TIM, were presented at the...

10th January 2023
Politecnico di Milano sets new Speed World Record for a racetrack

The team PoliMOVE from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) won on the January 8 the second annual Autonomous Challenge at CES reaching max speeds of 180 mph (290Km/h), a new autonomous speed world record for a racetrack.

29th April 2022
World record for the self-driving car

192.2 mph/309.3 kph. Never before has a car driven by artificial intelligence alone been this fast.

Artificial Intelligence
8th April 2022
Quantum artificial intelligence a step closer towards reality

Artificial intelligence is used in various applications, such as speech interpretation, image recognition and medical diagnostics. It has also been shown that quantum technology can be employed to achieve a computing power greater than that of the major supercomputers.

8th March 2022
3D printed neural tissues: Politecnico di Milano

To use 3D-printed tissues to explore the causes of neural diseases: this is the aim of the project funded by Fondazione Cariplo as part of the call for projects “Biomedical research conducted by young researchers 2021”. It converges the efforts of researchers from Politecnico di Milano and Humanitas University.

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