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Component Management
21st April 2020
Agreement for use of Openair-Plasma in PCB-FPC

Earlier this year Massimo Fiorani, Managing Director of WISE, and Christian Buske, Managing Director of Plasmatreat, signed an international cooperation agreement for the use of Openair-Plasma in PCB-FPC and chemical milling market; Plasmatreat's technology was applied on the new Wonderwise 220 machine from Wise.

Component Management
16th April 2020
Openair-plasma pre-treatment for electronics applications

The requirements for electronic assemblies are becoming more and more demanding. This is not only due to an increase in packaging density and progressive miniaturisation, but also to an increase in areas of application, openair-plasma pre-treatment could be the solution.

10th February 2020
Solving electrical connector problems

A study by Research and Markets, reported in Business Wire, has estimated that the global market for electrical connectors will reach $80.4bn by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.9%. Automobiles, avionics, watercraft, medical devices, and thousands of other applications depend on electrical connectors to carry power and communication between critical components. 

8th November 2019
Demand for plasma applications prior to conformal coating process

Due to increasing miniaturisation and packing density on assemblies Plasmatreat has recorded a higher demand for Openair-Plasma in combination with conformal coatings in electronic manufacturing. Plasma application as pre-treatment to conformal coating of assemblies and components ensures that the process window for conformal coating is widened, guaranteeing long-lasting connections and functionality.

Events News
7th November 2019
Lead frame cleaning process prominent at productronica

For the manufacture of semiconductors, the cleaning of metal surfaces before wire bonding or injection moulding of the semiconductor housing is still an important and necessary step. Contaminated and oxidised metal surfaces can cause low wire bond strength and lead to failures due to interruption of the electrical contacts.

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