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27th February 2024
PICMG releases InterEdge standard for modular process control

PICMG, the consortium for open hardware specifications, has announced the release of InterEdge, a modular architecture for process control systems (PCS).

13th February 2024
PICMG ModBlox7 specification standardises Box PCs

PICMG, a specialist consortium for the development of open embedded computing specifications, has ratified the ModBlox7 base specification.

11th October 2023
PICMG COM-HPC 1.2 ‘Mini’ brings PCIe 5.0, USB4 & 10 GbE to far Edge

PICMG has announced the release of the COM-HPC 1.2 ‘Mini’ specification. Measuring just 95 x 70mm, COM-HPC Mini is nearly half the size of the next-smallest COM-HPC form factor and provides a cost-effective, lower power module for autonomous mobile robots, drones, mobile 5G test and measurement equipment, and other far Edge applications.

8th December 2022
PICMG COM-HPC Mini working group reaches key milestone

PICMG announces that the COM-HPC committee has finalized the pinout and dimension definitions for the COM-HPC Mini form factor in record time.

10th November 2022
PICMG COM Express updated to support latest interfaces

PICMG, a consortium for the development of open embedded computing specifications, announced that the COM Express 3.1 specification has been ratified to support high-speed serial interfaces such as PCIe Gen 4 and USB4.

29th June 2022
The evolution never ends: PICMG's MicroTCA specifications

PICMG announces that the MicroTCA Working Group is working on the next generation of the MTCA architecture specifications initially launched in 2006.

27th January 2022
Design guide suits COM-HPC specification

PICMG, a consortium for developing open embedded computing specifications, announces that the COM-HPC Carrier Board Design Guide is released and freely available on the PICMG website.

19th August 2021
PICMG announce the release of the COM-HPC PMI specification

PICMG announces the release of the COM-HPC Platform Management Interface (PMI) specification. It provides a framework of remote and out-of-band platform management features for COM-HPC Computer-on-Module based edge computing designs and is freely available on the PICMG website. COM-HPC is an open Computer-On-Module (COM) form factor standard for High-Performance Computing (HPC) that combines high-end I/O bandwidth with edge computing perform...

25th February 2021
Official ratification of COM-HPC specification

PICMG has announced that COM-HPC has been approved and ratified, and is now available for public download and distribution.

19th January 2021
PICMG announces officers for 2021 to 2022 term

PICMG, a not-for-profit 501(C) consortium of companies and organisations that collaboratively develop open specifications, held its bi-annual election for officers. The group elected four officers to lead the organisation through 2022.

14th October 2020
Microcontroller-agnostic module form factor for smart sensors

PICMG has announced the ratification of the MicroSAM specification. MicroSAM is a new microcontroller-agnostic, ultra-small form-factor module for the enablement of smart sensors. MicroSAM is the first PICMG specification in a series of IIoT-related open standards to reach ratification. It is an open hardware specification that addresses the fast-growing sensor market.

31st January 2018
IIoT whitepaper will be available at embedded world

A not-for-profit 501(c) consortium of companies and organisations that collaboratively develop open specifications, PICMGR, will have a booth at embedded world to display seven embedded computer architecture types with product examples from 23 companies.

Aerospace & Defence
24th April 2017
Rugged CompactPCI Serial: the low cost and easy to use OpenVPX?

Is CompactPCI Serial ready for Mil/Aero applications?

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