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Aerospace & Defence
4th July 2024
New EU project to develop advanced space satellite navigation

A new project, launched by the EU under the Photonics Partnership and supported by Photonics21, is poised to transform space exploration and autonomous systems with new sensors that use tiny pulses of laser light to improve satellite navigation and earth observation.

16th May 2024
Light technologies buck trend despite global economic turmoil

Newly published research shows the photonics industries in Europe, the US, and Asia outpaced global GDP from 2019 to the post-pandemic period of 2022, growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 6.8% despite geopolitical risks significantly affecting international trade.

10th May 2024
Future of photonics under spotlight at annual meeting

Industry leaders, researchers, and policymakers will gather to discuss the future of light technologies, focusing on technological sovereignty and the necessity for resilient supply chains in Europe, at this year's Photonics Partnership Annual Meeting.

25th April 2024
New ‘lamp post’ gas detector to prevent millions of air pollution deaths

A new gas-sensing network that can analyse multiple gases in real-time in urban areas is under development, aimed at reducing deaths from ambient air pollution.

18th January 2022
Process converts CO2 and hydrogen into clean energy

A European consortium is developing a new process that uses sunlight and LEDs to turn carbon dioxide and green hydrogen into clean energy products like methane gas and methanol liquid fuel.

News & Analysis
24th November 2021
New microscope uses photonics to gain insights into ‘superbugs’

Scientists are building a new super-resolution microscope that uses laser light to study the inner workings and behaviours of superbugs to gain new insights into how they cause disease.

26th August 2021
Using photonics to detect bowel cancer

Early intervention could prevent many of the 160,000 deaths from colon cancer in Europe each year. Colonoscopies, the gold standard for spotting bowel cancer early, can still miss up to 20% of precancerous cells. But now, thanks to a pan-European health consortium, a new concept that uses photonics to help doctors spot bowel cancer could soon prevent up to half of these deaths and save €9bn in reduced healthcare costs.

7th June 2021
European photonics industry growing at more than double global GDP rate

New research recently published shows European photonics is growing at more than double the rate of global GDP - outperforming EU GDP and EU industrial production by three and five times, respectively. Present in many high-end, next-generation products, photonics technologies have proved to be long-term drivers of growth through their indispensable role in future markets.

27th April 2021
Brain damage in babies spotted early with new photonics scanner

An estimated 500,000 babies born around the world each year develop unnecessary brain damage that could be treated if caught in time - but monitoring these infants' delicate brains is extremely difficult. However, spotting these underlying causes at a critical, early stage, a new photonics device currently in development aims to reduce unnecessary disabilities by improving the instant, real time monitoring of newborn babies with harmless light pa...

19th January 2021
Laser system to create grease-repellent metal surfaces

The end of scrubbing ovens and home appliances with chemicals or heat could soon be in sight, thanks to a new high power laser system being developed to put ‘self-cleaning’, grease-repellent and antibacterial properties into sheet metal. Teaming up with appliance giant Bosch, the European photonics consortium behind the system could soon see their technology create fluid-repellent surfaces fitted inside the next generation of dishwash...

9th December 2020
Invest in photonics now to fight future pandemics

Strong investment in photonics will help us fight infectious diseases that kill an unimaginable number of people and prepare us against future pandemics, says Dr Jürgen Popp of the Leibniz Center for Photonics in Infection Research (LPI) that is currently under construction in Jena.

1st July 2020
Instant bladder cancer scan could save thousands of lives

Thousands of lives lost to bladder cancers each year could be saved thanks to a new bladder cancer scan that uses photonics to illuminate parts of the tissue that are currently impossible to visualise. A European photonics research team is developing a new endoscope to scan for the early signs of bladder cancer.

22nd June 2020
Dedicated medical pilot production line

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the need to quickly develop diagnostic equipment in the face of a novel threat. Thanks to a dedicated medical pilot production line that gives easy access to prototyping, new medical tools that use photonics to detect major diseases will be quicker, cheaper and easier to develop.

7th April 2020
Saliva test to instantly detect coronavirus with lasers

European photonics scientists are developing an ultrasensitive laser sensor that detects coronavirus at the earliest point of infection from a saliva or nasal swab in minutes.

11th March 2020
Screening breakthrough to end unnecessary biopsies

Harnessing photonics, European scientists have created a new mammographic imaging system that determines benign or malignant breast lesions - spelling an end for unnecessary biopsies and anguish for millions of women.

31st July 2019
EU Biophotonic workshop to improve patient healthcare

  A biophotonic workshop hosted by the European Commission is set to examine the latest developments in clinical diagnostics. Billed as a performance assessment and standardisation activity, the gathering will act as a biophotonic focus group to improve healthcare, by sharing good practice about making medical devices more reliable and eventually reducing health costs.

29th May 2019
Powerful laser to boost car manufacturing

With the ability to cut and shape ultra-high-strength boron steel up to one thousand times faster than existing technology, a new precision pulse laser looks set to boost the car industry with a ten percent reduction in waste products, a five percent reduction in chassis costs, and a two-third decrease in manufacturing time.

30th April 2019
Thirty minute blood test to reduce sepsis deaths

A new detector using photonics to identify E. coli bacteria from a tiny drop of blood, and produce a while-you-wait diagnosis in less than thirty minutes is making a bold bid to reduce the mortality rate from sepsis by more than 70%. 

1st November 2018
Digital tiles turn bedroom walls into cinema screens

  A team of European scientists have developed a set of digital, ceramic tiles that can change colour, pattern, or play videos with a connected smartphone or tablet, turning a bedroom wall or ceiling into a giant cinema screen.

23rd October 2018
Patrolling robots to destroy petrol plant explosions

Autonomous robots fitted with tiny chemical sensors that listen to the ‘sounds’ coming off gases will instantly detect gas leaks in petrochemical plants and pipelines to dramatically improve disaster responses. The risk of a petrol plant explosion or a potential disaster on an oil refinery could be dramatically reduced thanks to a new generation of tiny chemical sensors that use light and sound to ‘listen to’ gas leak...

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