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7th March 2023
Perle IRG routers and IDS switches used to create VR environments

Researchers at the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) are developing a virtual breeding garden to test the use of automation and virtual reality (VR) as part of the research project PORTAL (28DK111B20) founded by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

27th January 2023
Perle announces new IDS industrial unmanaged switches

Robust switches and prioritisation of data traffic to ensure a stable network and increased system availability.

10th January 2023
Perle IRG7440 5G router is certified as Orange assessed

Perle Systems, a global manufacturer of secure device networking hardware, is pleased to announce the IRG7440 5G Router has been certified as Orange Assessed within the IoT Journey Partnership Programme.

Aerospace & Defence
11th October 2022
Project Nixus update: electronics testing phase

Project Nixus, sponsored by Perle Systems, has completed the tests to verify the IOLAN Device Server and IDS Industrial PoE Switch can be integrated into the ground infrastructure of their liquid-fueled sounding rocket.

13th April 2022
Perle switches for traffic light control systems

Cities around the world recognise the advantages of traffic management systems that are designed to optimise traffic flow and minimise congestion. By installing a system of cameras, sensors, radios, and other equipment, telemetry data can be collected roadside and sent to a central control system that synchronises traffic lights in real-time.

23rd March 2022
Perle launches enterprise-class edge 5G routers

Perle Systems has announced the IRG7440 5G Router & Gateway that is certified for international operation.

26th January 2022
PoE for Security Cameras at Substations

Outdoor security cameras are designed to operate in sun, heat, rain, sleet, and snow. The rest of the system, such as the switch, router, and power source, needs to be protected against the elements.

22nd October 2021
Perle IRG LTE Routers enable Greenville Electric to fulfil Service Level Agreements

Companies that provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to maintain equipment at customer locations need the ability to proactively monitor equipment parameters, receive maintenance alerts, and perform initial diagnostics. This is the only way to guarantee customer satisfaction and reduce the need to unnecessarily dispatch expensive maintenance trucks. 

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