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1st February 2023
Offshore Electronics signs PCB design & assembly agreement with Fireco

Offshore Electronics will provide design for manufacture support and PCB assembly services to Fireco, a supplier and manufacturer of fire door compliance devices and solutions.

7th November 2022
Offshore Electronics expands PCB assembly capabilities

Offshore Electronics has added the Yamaha Z:LEX YSM20R modular pick and place machine (PNP) to the production floor at its manufacturing facility in Guernsey.

12th August 2022
Series 8 – Episode 10 – The importance of testing and validation

Paige West talks with Sam Loveridge, Quality Director Designate and Jeff De La Mare, Production Director at Offshore Electronics about the importance of testing and validation for electronics manufacturing.

10th January 2022
Offshore electronics drives sustainable production

Guernsey-based CEM Offshore Electronics has committed to sustainable PCB sourcing and manufacturing through its exclusive supplier agreement with NCAB Group.

24th September 2021
Season 5 – Episode #3: How to respond to chipageddon

The last 18 months has laid bare the shortages currently affecting the global electronics industry. Leading to what some are calling ‘chipageddon’.

30th August 2021
How do we deal with ‘chipageddon’?

Paul van der Tang, Purchasing Director at Offshore Electronics, has worked closely with customers throughout the last 18 months, a time which has laid bare the shortages currently affecting the global electronics industry. In this article, van der Tang analyses today’s market and offers five key points to manage the effects of what some are calling ‘chipageddon’.

10th August 2021
Offshore Electronics signs PCB partnership with NCAB

Offshore Electronics has signed a sole source partnership with PCB supplier NCAB Group to secure its supply in the face of unprecedented industry pressure. The agreement consolidates Offshore Electronics’ PCB procurement for its electronic contract manufacturing facility in Guernsey. The business originally had four suppliers but will now work with NCAB exclusively.

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10th July 2020
CEM beats COVID-19 with remote ISO9001 audit

Contract electronics manufacturer, Offshore Electronics, has taken part in what is believed to be one of the first-ever ISO9001 Recertification Audits to be carried out remotely, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

18th May 2020
Opportunities beckon for agile manufacturing

Electronics manufacturers that have the ability to adapt to complex and challenging market conditions are most likely to benefit from a rising demand for electronic components such as sensors. Dave Cleal, Technical Director of Offshore Electronics explains the benefits of agile manufacturing.

9th January 2020
Partnership creating an agile business model

Baldwin Boxall has built an agile business model, which enables it to compete globally with major brands in an extremely competitive marketplace. 

14th August 2019
How to address the challenge of long lead times

For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), securing appropriate levels of inventory for long lead time components and sub-assemblies is a costly, time-consuming and perennial challenge. Increasingly OEMs are outsourcing, but choosing the right supply partner can make all the difference to companies looking to boost their competitiveness in a rapidly changing market. Paul van der Tang, Purchasing Director of Offshore Electronics explains.

12th December 2017
Whitepaper helps manufacturers with make-or-buy decisions

Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM), Offshore Electronics, has published a new whitepaper entitled Standing at the Crossroads: Make or Buy? It offers guidance to small and medium sized businesses that are struggling to meet demand with their current electronics production capacity, to help them decide whether to expand manufacturing capabilities in-house or outsource production to a specialised CEM.

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11th July 2017
Reaping the benefits of contract manufacturing

  Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM), Offshore Electronics, has published a new whitepaper offering guidance for small and medium sized businesses on how contract manufacturing can help save money and set new quality benchmarks, titled 'Reaping the benefits of Contract Manufacturing'.

23rd May 2017
Improving the design of motorised force testers

When Mecmesin started to experience supply and quality issues with the printed circuit boards (PCBs) used for the control panels on its motorised force testers in September 2015 it turned to Offshore Electronics for a more reliable alternative. What the leading testing instruments firm got was a lot more than it expected and it credits its partnership with Offshore with helping it to revolutionise the way in which it manufactures one of its best-...

13th January 2017
Offshore Electronics helps Pet Tech meet demand for microchip scanner

  When a change in legislation meant that it became a legal requirement for all dogs in England, Scotland and Wales to be microchipped and their details registered on one of the authorised databases from April 6 last year (2016), Pet Technology Store was suddenly “inundated” with orders for its Halo microchip scanner.

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