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26th February 2024
NVIDIA launch RTX 500 and 1000 Ada laptop GPUs

NVIDIA have launched the RTX 500 and 1000 Ada generation laptop GPUs to Drive AI-enhanced workflows from anywhere.

26th February 2024
Industry leaders in AI and wireless form AI-RAN Alliance

The AI-RAN Alliance has been launched at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, heralding a significant step forward in the fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) with cellular technologies to enhance radio access network (RAN) and mobile network capabilities.

26th February 2024
ServiceNow and NVIDIA introduce Telco-specific GenAI solutions

ServiceNow and NVIDIA announced that they are broadening their relationship with the introduction of telco‑specific generative AI solutions to elevate service experiences.

13th February 2024
NVIDIA announce RTX 2000 Ada Generation GPU

The RTX 2000 delivers a cost-effective package for designers, developers, engineers, and embedded and edge applications.

10th January 2024
EV makers choose NVIDIA DRIVE for automated driving

NVIDIA recently declared that Li Auto, known for its extended-range electric vehicles (EVs), has opted for the NVIDIA DRIVE Thor centralised car computer for its forthcoming fleet.

Events News
9th January 2024
NVIDIA drives AI forward with automotive innovation on display at CES

An array of advanced technologies from NVIDIA’s automotive partners is being showcased at the CES trade show in Las Vegas.

Artificial Intelligence
9th January 2024
NVIDIA brings generative AI to millions

NVIDIA has unveiled its new GeForce RTX SUPER desktop GPUs that are set to enhance generative AI performance.

News & Analysis
9th January 2024
NVIDIA and developers pioneer lifelike digital characters for games

NVIDIA has recently announced the launch of production microservices for its NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE), which enables developers in the gaming, tools, and middleware sectors to incorporate generative AI models into the digital avatars in their games and applications.

20th November 2023
Lotus announces the Emeya built on NVIDIA DRIVE

Lotus has announced the all new Emeya, which is built in parentship with NVIDIA DRIVE.

Artificial Intelligence
14th November 2023
NVIDIA unveils its newest high-end chip for AI

NVIDIA has announced the launch of the NVIDIA HGX H200, enhancing its AI computing platform.

2nd November 2023
UK supercomputer powered by NVIDIA Grace Hopper can reach 21 exaflops

Britain’s most powerful supercomputer will use NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchips to ground its global ambitions in machine learning.

18th October 2023
New EV cargo van unveiled at Hon Hai Tech Day 2023

Hon Hai has unveiled its practical EV cargo van as part of a line-up of technologies showcasing the contract design and manufacturing service (CDMS).

Artificial Intelligence
23rd August 2023
VMware and NVIDIA unlock generative AI for enterprises

VMware Inc. and NVIDIA announced the expansion of their strategic partnership to ready the hundreds of thousands of enterprises that run on VMware’s Cloud infrastructure for the era of generative AI.

Artificial Intelligence
23rd August 2023
NVIDIA AI-ready servers to supercharge generative AI for enterprises

NVIDIA announced the world’s leading system manufacturers will deliver AI-ready servers that support VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA, announced separately, to help companies customise and deploy generative AI applications using their proprietary business data.

Artificial Intelligence
9th August 2023
Connect millions of developers to generative AI supercomputing

NVIDIA and Hugging Face announced a partnership that will put generative AI supercomputing at the fingertips of millions of developers building large language models (LLMs) and other advanced AI applications.

Artificial Intelligence
9th August 2023
NVIDIA AI workbench speeds adoption of custom generative AI

NVIDIA announced NVIDIA AI Workbench, a unified, easy-to-use toolkit that allows developers to quickly create, test and customise pretrained generative AI models on a PC or workstation – then scale them to virtually any data centre, public Cloud or NVIDIA DGX Cloud.

News & Analysis
9th August 2023
NVIDIA Omniverse opens portals to vast worlds of OpenUSD

NVIDIA announced a broad range of frameworks, resources, and services for developers and companies to accelerate the adoption of Universal Scene Description, known as OpenUSD.

News & Analysis
9th August 2023
NVIDIA releases major Omniverse upgrade

NVIDIA announced a major release of its NVIDIA Omniverse platform, offering new foundation applications and services for developers and industrial enterprises to optimise and enhance their 3D pipelines with the OpenUSD framework and generative AI.

9th August 2023
Next-generation GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip platform

NVIDIA announced the next-generation NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper platform – based on a new Grace Hopper Superchip with the world’s first HBM3e processor – built for the era of accelerated computing and generative AI.

Artificial Intelligence
9th August 2023
Powerful systems for generative AI and LLM development, content creation, data science

NVIDIA and global manufacturers announced powerful new NVIDIA RTX workstations designed for development and content creation in the age of generative AI and digitalisation.

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