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31st January 2022
DOCOMO to roll out IPv6 single-stack support

NTT DOCOMO announced today that it will begin rolling out IPv6 single-stack support for selected DOCOMO devices from February 1, thereby taking the lead in deploying IPv6 ahead of other telecom carriers in Japan, which are expected to continue operating with IPv4 addresses for the time being.

17th January 2022
Collab to study connectivity services from HAPS

Launched with a memorandum of understanding (MOU), the study will attempt to identify the early deployment requirements of a HAPS-based network. The collaboration will investigate the use of the Airbus Zephyr, the leading solar-powered, stratospheric unmanned aerial system (UAS), and the wireless communication networks of NTT, DOCOMO and SKY Perfect JSAT in order to test HAPS connectivity, identify practical applications, develop required technol...

17th January 2022
Low-cost mobile communication in hard-to-reach indoor locations

NTT DOCOMO has announced that it has developed an antenna system capable of creating a high-frequency mobile communication cell when a small (1 cm3) piece of plastic is placed on top of a dielectric waveguide.

2nd December 2021
DOCOMO and NEC successfully test 5G standalone

NTT Docomo and NEC Corporation (NEC) have succeeded in interoperability testing for 5G standalone (SA) using a 5G base station baseband unit (5G CU/DU) conforming to O-RAN open interface specifications and radio units (RUs) of different vendors.

27th October 2021
DOCOMO'S 5G Open RAN ecosystem welcomes Hewlett Packard Japan

DOCOMO has announced that Hewlett Packard Japan has joined the company's 5G Open RAN ecosystem, which now counts 13 partner companies, to help expand Open RAN worldwide.

Artificial Intelligence
16th April 2021
EDGEMATRIX edge-AI platform for video surveillance

Tokyo Century Corporation and NTT DOCOMO have announced that they have reached a basic understanding on a collaboration to globally expand the EDGEMATRIX edge-AI platform for video surveillance and monitoring provided by EDGEMATRIX.

11th February 2021
Verifying stable 5G communication aboard fast test train

NTT DOCOMO and East Japan Railway Company (JR East) have jointly announced that they have verified the stable operation of important 5G communication capabilities, including handover between base stations and the transmission of high-definition video data, in trials conducted aboard JR East's ALFA-X Shinkansen test train running at 360km/h.

3rd February 2021
NTT DOCOMO to establish a 5G consortium

The initial members of the 5G Global Enterprise solution Consortium (5GEC) will be ACTIVIO, AGC, Advanced Wireless Network, EXEO ASIA, FUJITSU, Loxley Public Company, Mobile Innovation, NEC Corporation, NEC Networks & System Integration, NTT Communications, NTT DATA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, NTT DOCOMO, and NTT.

14th December 2020
Commercialisation of 5G sub-6GHz carrier aggregation

Qualcomm Technologies has announced they have together enabled the world's first commercialisation of 5G sub-6GHz carrier aggregation (sub6-CA) in Japan, effective immediately, to bring multi-gigabit mobile experiences to DOCOMO customers.

1st October 2020
Carrier aggregation using 5G frequency bands

NTT DOCOMO, Fujitsu and NEC Corporation have announced that they have achieved carrier aggregation using 5G frequency bands in a multi-vendor radio access network (RAN). Interoperability with different vendors' 5G base station equipment was achieved in compliance with specifications established by the Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) Alliance, an international group working to create more open and intelligent next-generation radio access ne...

16th September 2020
DOCOMO launches inbound 5G roaming with AT&T

NTT DOCOMO, has announced that it has launched an inbound 5G roaming service to allow foreign operators and their customers visiting Japan to roam on DOCOMO's 5G network, effectively immediately, initially for customers of AT&T Mobility, DOCOMO's partner mobile operator in the United States.

27th January 2020
Whitepaper promoting 6G communication system

NTT DOCOMO has released a whitepaper on the topic of 6G, the sixth-generation mobile communications system that the company aims to launch on a commercial basis by 2030. It incorporates DOCOMO's views in the field of 5G evolution and 6G communications technology, areas that the company has been researching since 2018.

10th September 2019
5G trials started at manufacturing sites

NTT DOCOMO has announced that it has agreed with OMRON Corporation and Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy to collaborate in trials of 5G mobile communication technology inside factories, with the aim of significantly enhancing future manufacturing productivity.

Test & Measurement
1st April 2019
DOCOMO to test remote-monitoring solution for elderly care

NTT DOCOMO will jointly conduct a proof-of-concept trial of a remote-monitoring solution for eldercare in collaboration with Tellus You Care, the developer of a compact, non-wearable smart device that wirelessly detects and communicates human activities in indoor locations, in or after April. DOCOMO acquired a stake in the company through its wholly owned subsidiary, NTT DOCOMO Ventures, on 27th November, 2018.

27th March 2019
Driverless concept vehicle tested via 5G

It has been announced by Sony Corporation and NTT DOCOMO, that they will jointly trial Sony's conceptual driverless vehicle, the New Concept Cart SC-1, which leverages 5G mobile technologies for various remotely controlled functions. The test will be conducted using the trial network in DOCOMO 5G Open Lab GUAM.

18th February 2019
Study ranks world's top mobile operator for 5G

It has been announced that NTT DOCOMO has been ranked the world's leading mobile operator in terms of applications for candidate standard-essential patents (SEPs) for the new fifth-generation (5G) mobile communication standard, and also number one in terms of 5G technical proposals (contributions).

31st August 2018
IoT-based video capture leveraging edge computing

  It has been announced that NTT DOCOMO (DOCOMO) has commenced a proof-of-concept (PoC) aimed at realising a new video IoT solution that will enable the interpretation and analysis of video data sourced from surveillance cameras using edge computing.

5th July 2018
360° 8K VR live video streaming and viewing system

It has been announced by NTT DOCOMO that they have developed an 8K Virtual Reality (VR) live video streaming and viewing system for showing live events in 360° 8K VR video.

3rd July 2018
IoT multi-vendor eSIM solution launched

It has been announced by China Mobile and NTT DOCOMO (DOCOMO), that on 2nd July they launched an eSIM solution to enable cross-vendor SIM profile switching from DOCOMO to China Mobile.

11th May 2018
5G wireless data transmission in ultra-high-mobility environment

  NTT DOCOMO, INC. has announced that together with NEC Corporation and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) it has achieved what is believed to be the world's first successful 28GHz wireless data transmission between a 5G base station and a 5G mobile station in 5G field trials using a car moving at 305km/h.

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