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12th April 2024
100Gbps with 6G sub-terahertz device achieved

NTT DOCOMO, NTT Corporation, NEC Corporation, and Fujitsu jointly announced the development of a top-level (1) wireless device capable of ultra-high-speed 100Gbps transmissions in the 100GHz and 300GHz sub-terahertz bands.

Events News
17th January 2024
DOCOMO to exhibit at MWC Barcelona 2024

NTT DOCOMO has announced that it will exhibit at MWC Barcelona 2024 in Barcelona, Spain from 26th to 29th February.

22nd December 2023
World's first: Tech uses human-augmentation platform for sharing taste perceptions

NTT DOCOMO, Miyashita Laboratory of the School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences, Meiji University,1 and H2L announced that they have developed a technology that enables taste information to be shared between people via a human-augmentation platform2 developed by DOCOMO. 

News & Analysis
11th April 2023
DOCOMO grants standard essential patent license to Samsung

NTT DOCOMO has announced that it has reached an agreement to grant a patent license covering DOCOMO's standard essential patents(1) including 5G to Samsung Electronics. As part of the agreement, Samsung is to pay licensing fees to DOCOMO.

28th February 2023
DOCOMO and NTT expand 6G collaborations with world-leading vendors

NTT DOCOMO and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) have announced that they will expand their 6G experimental trials(1) with five leading vendors, including with newly added Ericsson and Keysight Technologies as well as existing collaborators Fujitsu, NEC and Nokia.

24th February 2023
NTT DOCOMO and SK Telecom release white papers on 6G requirements

NTT DOCOMO and SK Telecom announced their joint release of two white papers on energy-efficient 5G mobile networks and related technologies, as well as requirements for future 6G networks.

22nd February 2023
DOCOMO and NEC complete designing carrier-grade, hybrid cloud, redundant 5G SA core leveraging AWS

NTT DOCOMO and NEC have announced their completion of a high-level carrier-grade redundancy design for a 5G core network (5GC) hybrid-cloud environment leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DOCOMO's on-premises network functions virtualisation (NFV) infrastructure.

30th January 2023
DOCOMO trials transmissive metasurface on windows to improve connectivity

NTT DOCOMO has announced that it has succeeded in what it believes to be the world's first trial of redirecting millimetre-band 28 GHz radio waves coming from inside a building to the foot of the building outdoors by bending the radio waves with a film-shaped transmissive metasurface attached to a window surface. The trial was conducted from October to November 2022 at their R&D Centre in Yokosuka, Japan, aiming at the realisation of advanced...

30th January 2023
5G multisector antenna achieves world’s first demonstration using 28GHz

Low energy consumption and space-saving size will contribute to the realisation of high-quality 5G connectivity indoors.

30th January 2023
Signal-permeable windows for easy penetration by radio waves

NTT DOCOMO, has announced that in collaboration with YKK AP it has launched a demonstration test to verify the radio-wave penetration characteristics of signal-permeable windows made with a light, porous material called aerogel, aiming to improve indoor reception of external radio waves while maintaining the insulation benefits of windows.

26th January 2023
World first in sharing haptic information between people

NTT DOCOMO, the Embodied Media Project led by Professor Kouta Minamizawa at Keio University Graduate School of Media Design and the Haptics Lab led by Professor Yoshihiro Tanaka at Nagoya Institute of Technology, announced they have developed a technology, called FEEL TECHTM, that enables haptic information to be shared between people via a human-augmentation platform that DOCOMO unveiled in January 2022.

24th November 2022
NTT DOCOMO and SK Telecom to collaborate

NTT DOCOMO announced that it has agreed with SK Telecom (SKT) to collaborate on the competitive enhancement of their respective smart-life businesses and communications-infrastructure technologies worldwide.

31st January 2022
DOCOMO to roll out IPv6 single-stack support

NTT DOCOMO announced today that it will begin rolling out IPv6 single-stack support for selected DOCOMO devices from February 1, thereby taking the lead in deploying IPv6 ahead of other telecom carriers in Japan, which are expected to continue operating with IPv4 addresses for the time being.

17th January 2022
Collab to study connectivity services from HAPS

Launched with a memorandum of understanding (MOU), the study will attempt to identify the early deployment requirements of a HAPS-based network. The collaboration will investigate the use of the Airbus Zephyr, the leading solar-powered, stratospheric unmanned aerial system (UAS), and the wireless communication networks of NTT, DOCOMO and SKY Perfect JSAT in order to test HAPS connectivity, identify practical applications, develop required technol...

17th January 2022
Low-cost mobile communication in hard-to-reach indoor locations

NTT DOCOMO has announced that it has developed an antenna system capable of creating a high-frequency mobile communication cell when a small (1 cm3) piece of plastic is placed on top of a dielectric waveguide.

2nd December 2021
DOCOMO and NEC successfully test 5G standalone

NTT Docomo and NEC Corporation (NEC) have succeeded in interoperability testing for 5G standalone (SA) using a 5G base station baseband unit (5G CU/DU) conforming to O-RAN open interface specifications and radio units (RUs) of different vendors.

27th October 2021
DOCOMO'S 5G Open RAN ecosystem welcomes Hewlett Packard Japan

DOCOMO has announced that Hewlett Packard Japan has joined the company's 5G Open RAN ecosystem, which now counts 13 partner companies, to help expand Open RAN worldwide.

Artificial Intelligence
16th April 2021
EDGEMATRIX edge-AI platform for video surveillance

Tokyo Century Corporation and NTT DOCOMO have announced that they have reached a basic understanding on a collaboration to globally expand the EDGEMATRIX edge-AI platform for video surveillance and monitoring provided by EDGEMATRIX.

11th February 2021
Verifying stable 5G communication aboard fast test train

NTT DOCOMO and East Japan Railway Company (JR East) have jointly announced that they have verified the stable operation of important 5G communication capabilities, including handover between base stations and the transmission of high-definition video data, in trials conducted aboard JR East's ALFA-X Shinkansen test train running at 360km/h.

3rd February 2021
NTT DOCOMO to establish a 5G consortium

The initial members of the 5G Global Enterprise solution Consortium (5GEC) will be ACTIVIO, AGC, Advanced Wireless Network, EXEO ASIA, FUJITSU, Loxley Public Company, Mobile Innovation, NEC Corporation, NEC Networks & System Integration, NTT Communications, NTT DATA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, NTT DOCOMO, and NTT.

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