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Cyber Security
4th January 2024
Hackers predict the biggest cyber security worries in 2024

Every year around December experts at NordVPN try to predict the cyber security risks awaiting us in the next year.

Cyber Security
3rd January 2024
Hackers teaming up with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a game changer in many areas of our daily lives, including cybersecurity.

Cyber Security
12th December 2023
NordVPN now helps users protect themselves from vulnerable apps

NordVPN has added a new feature to its Threat Protection cybersecurity solution to protect users from cyberthreats raised by vulnerable software.

Cyber Security
29th August 2023
NordVPN launches NordLabs to boost innovation

NordVPN has launched NordLabs – a platform for experimental projects and innovations for the future.

2nd September 2021
1 in 6 do nothing to protect home routers

Recently, a group of hackers created a new tactic for involving home routers in phishing attacks. This is incredibly worrying to cyber security experts, as 64% of users have WiFi routers in their household, and 1 in 6 do nothing to protect them.

11th June 2021
Access management failures put organisations at risk

A proper user access management strategy can be the difference between protected data and exposed data. In the current climate, flexible remote work has become the norm — with that, the risk surrounding data integrity is rapidly increasing.  

10th May 2021
One in five data breaches caused by misconfigured clouds

To accommodate remote work and improve efficiency, 85% of IT organisations are considering or already using the public cloud. However, with some of their most crucial data still located within the corporate perimeter, NetOps must come up with new ways to achieve seamless integration. While the transition to the cloud itself is tricky, protecting the assets inside it is a different problem.

20th April 2021
Is your smartphone spying on you?

Your phone is listening and helping marketers to target you. What can you do about it? Last year, there was a fiver percent increase in the installation of monitoring apps, a study by NordVPN shows. Yet some users suspect that their smartphones are spying on them even if they have no monitoring apps installed.

18th March 2021
How ‘bring your own device’ policy complicates security

In 2020, each person had 6.58 network-connected devices on average, and the connectivity grows exponentially. Deloitte’s security experts estimate that the cost of a successful endpoint attack is over $5 million in lost productivity and remediation.

1st February 2021
5 cyber security training methods to try in 2021

As much as 88% of data breaches are caused by human error, but only 43% of workers admit having made mistakes that compromised cyber security. In the past year a third of the breaches incorporated social engineering techniques and the cost of a breach caused by a human error averaged to $3.33m. Juta Gurinaviciute, Chief Technology Officer at NordVPN explains.

7th January 2021
Five cyber security training methods to try in 2021

As much as 88% of data breaches are caused by human error, but only 43% of workers admit having made mistakes that compromised cyber security. In the past year a third of the breaches incorporated social engineering techniques and the cost of a breach caused by a human error averaged to $3.33 million. 

30th December 2020
How will cyber criminals utilise growing online sales?

PwC’s 2020 US Holiday Outlook indicates that 61% of those surveyed will do most of their shopping online, as 55% mentioned the pandemic being the biggest concern preparing for Christmas this year. Accenture provides similar estimations with 75% respondents claiming  they would at least partially shop for Christmas online. E-commerce vendors aim to grow their profits due to increased traffic in online stores, but this puts them in ...

30th November 2020
Three e-commerce cyber security threats to defend against

E-commerce holiday sales are expected to generate between $182 billion and $196 billion this season — a year-over-year increase of 25% to 35%, according to Deloitte's annual forecast. According to the Global Information Security Survey by Ernst and Young, customer information is the most valuable type of data for most attackers.

15th October 2020
Healthcare facing increased risk of ransomware attacks

The computer systems at Universal Health Services, which runs approximately 400 hospitals and care centres across the United States and the United Kingdom, recently experienced a massive ransomware attack, making it one of the largest medical cyber attacks in US history.

27th August 2020
Lack of cyber security preparedness killing growth

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the UK economy. In recent decades, British SMEs have accounted for 99.9% of the business population, totalling 5.8 million. A recent survey by the Wall Street Journal found that small companies are the least prepared for cyber attacks and have the least cyber security.

1st April 2020
Employees are weak link in business cybersecurity

Estimates show that 90% of corporate data cybersecurity breaches in the cloud happen due to hacker attacks that target employees, shows a report from Kaspersky Lab. With many of them forced to work remotely during the quarantine, companies are now more vulnerable than ever.

27th August 2019
Back to school: How to talk to kids about online safety

Children are getting back to school, and that means more time spent on the internet. But that also brings an increase in online threats. That’s why parents should talk to their kids more about internet safety — but not every parent knows how. “The internet is a great place where kids can learn many things, but their curiosity can lead to dangers, too. That’s why parents should educate their children more about interne...

Cyber Security
19th August 2019
Hidden dangers of public WiFi and how to avoid them

In the era when cybercrime is flourishing, public WiFi has become a golden opportunity for various types of criminals. A recent survey shows that 79% of public WiFi users take significant risks when choosing their WiFi connection. They select a hotspot for its WiFi strength, go for a name that sounds appropriate, or simply pick any free option.

Cyber Security
8th August 2019
Hackers can get inside your child’s classroom

Internet-connected classrooms have transformed the learning process in schools all over the UK. However, it’s also given rise to new dangerous online threats. Much like other public WiFi networks, school WiFi might be vulnerable to hackers. 

Cyber Security
20th December 2018
Cyber criminals target iPhone users with phishing scams

A new cell phone scam targeted at iPhone users tries to steal their Apple login details by sending a fake Spotify/iTunes email. The phishing email claims to be from Apple and Spotify. If a user clicks on the link, the email says the user had bought a year of Spotify Premium for $150.99 and links to a page to ‘review your subscription’. A fake Apple landing page – which looks like a real one - then asks for log-in details.

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