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2nd January 2018
Turning energy-storing fats into energy-burning fats

It combines a new way to deliver drugs, via a micro-needle patch, with drugs that are known to turn energy-storing white fat into energy-burning brown fat. This approach developed by scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) reduced weight gain in mice on a high fat diet and their fat mass by more than 30% over four weeks.

13th November 2017
Polymer nanoagents can track tiny areas of diseased tissues

Polymer nanoagents that can 'light up' tiny areas of diseased tissues that conventional methods fail to detect, have been created by a research team led by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The nanoagents, known as 'semiconductor polymer nanoparticles' (SPNs), can store light energy from sources such as sunlight, near-infrared light or even light from mobile phones, and then emit long-lasting 'afterglow light'.

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9th February 2017
3D printing better ultrasound images

An ultrasound device developed by a research team from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore utilises a superior 3D printed resin lens to produce sharper and higher fidelity ultrasound images. Conventional ultrasound devices create ultrasound waves by heating up a glass lens with sound waves, which creates high frequency vibrations from the resulting expansion of the lens.

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22nd November 2016
Thin foam keeps vehicles and buildings cooler and quieter

Nanyang Technological University has developed a material that will make vehicles and buildings cooler and quieter compared to current insulation materials in the market. Known as aerogel composites, this new foam insulates against heat 2.6 times better than conventional insulation foam. When compared to traditional materials used in soundproofing, it can block out 80% of outside noise, 30% more than the usual ones.

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17th August 2016
Bendable concrete is stronger and more durable

Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) scientists from the NTU-JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Centre (I³C) have invented a type of concrete called ConFlexPave that is bendable yet stronger and longer lasting than regular concrete which is heavy, brittle and breaks under tension. This innovation allows the creation of slim precast pavement slabs for quick installation, thus halving the time needed for road works and p...

22nd July 2016
Prototype robot helps improve sports recovery

Trials of a prototype robot for sports therapy have just begun in Singapore, to create a high quality and repeatable treatment routine to improve sports recovery, reducing reliance on trained therapists. The robot named Emma, short for Expert Manipulative Massage Automation, has already treated 50 patients in trials including professional athletes for conditions ranging from tennis elbows, stiff neck and shoulders, to lower back pain.

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26th May 2016
Adhesive instantly hardens with electric current

Researchers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore believe the adhesive may be a game-changer in manufacturing fields as diverse as biological implants and automobiles. The new adhesive is a liquid gel that "cures" to form a polymer bond when a voltage of less than two volts is passed through it. Curing is the amount of time it takes for a glue to reach full strength after it dries. The glue stops curing as soon as the current is turned...

31st March 2016
A way to improve effectiveness of antibiotics

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, have discovered that antibiotics can continue to be effective if bacteria's cell-to-cell communication and ability to latch on to each other are disrupted. This research breakthrough is a major step forward in tackling the growing concern of antibiotic resistance, opening up new treatment options for doctors to help patients fight against chronic and persistent bacterial infections.

30th March 2016
Next step with cyborg beetles: controlling their gait

A small team of researchers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore has taken the idea of controlling live insects using electronics a step further—by controlling its gait. In their paper published in Journal of the Royal Society Interface, the team describes how they created their 'cyborg' beetles, why they did so, and where they see the technology going in the future. Over the past several years, scientists have found that they c...

4th January 2016
The wonders of Nadine

The new receptionist at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University is friendly, greets you back and even remembers your name and previous conversations when you meet her again. The only unusual thing about her? She's a robot. Nadine looks, and acts, just like a human receptionist would and unlike many conventional robots exhibits personality, moods and emotions.

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