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13th February 2024
Upgrade your products with our Barometric Pressure Sensor

Upgrade your products with our waterproof barometric pressure sensors and take them to the next level! Our ZPA4756 pressure sensor offers remarkable features such as; accurate data monitoring: Low-pressure noise and a small snout diameter ensure precise measurements. Low power consumption: Enjoy energy efficiency and extended battery life. Compact design: small size of 3.0 x 3.0 x 2.1mm, seamless integration is guaranteed.

Events News
26th January 2024
Murata spotlights radar, RF solutions at MWC 2024

Murata will be showcasing its next generation technologies for connectivity and the mobile communications industry at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (February 26-29).

24th November 2023
New Isolated DC-DC converter to Meet the Latest Demands of Wireless Infrastructure Equipment

New Murata Power Solutions Product Designed to Meet the Latest Demands of Wireless Infrastructure Equipment We're thrilled to introduce the isolated DC-DC converter: MPQ600 by Murata Power Solutions – a game-changing power module for telecom and networking. The MPQ600 is designed for: RFPA and 5G Base Stations, Wireless Repeaters,  Industrial Applications, Networking and More. Upgrade your equipment today!

26th October 2023
Murata’s smallest and thinnest LLC series 1µF MLCC

Murata has expanded its scope in the manufacture of multi-layer ceramic capacitors for automotive applications with the release of their LLC series.

4th October 2023
Review of passive components from Murata

Japanese brand Murata is one of the leading global suppliers of electronic elements. In its portfolio, you can find basic components, such as thermistors or MLCCs, and specialist compact filter systems.

28th September 2023
Expanding EV Market: Are you keeping pace with this ever-evolving market?

As we move towards a more sustainable future, the need for a reliable and efficient EV infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. With more and more electric vehicles on the roads, we must have the necessary infrastructure in place to support this growing demand. Murata, a global leader in EV infrastructure optimization, offers a wide range of reliable, high-performance products designed to support the expanding EV market. Whether you are...

Events News
19th July 2023
Murata’s European Microwave Week exhibition stand

For the first time, Murata will exhibit their products at European Microwave Week (EuMW) 2023 in Berlin.

12th July 2023
Muratas demonstrate latest solutions at AutoSens Brussels

Murata will showcase the latest vehicle sensor and cleaning innovations at AutoSens Brussels 2023.

16th June 2023
The V2X market will double every year for the next ten years!

Murata latest eBOOK shares insights into how we envision the impact and future of V2X (Vehicle to Everything). Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® and 5G innovations are supporting these imminent technological advancements.   This eBook will help engineers understand the possibilities of the V2X evolution.   Explore this technology's safety and environmental impact and look at the future of V2X. 

18th May 2023
Murata’s latest 10μF MLCCs

With Murata’s latest multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) introduction, the company is addressing the growing need for components that have elevated capacitance levels combined with miniaturised form factors and enhanced temperature performance.

16th March 2023
Latest combo wireless module from Murata

Exploring new opportunities in wireless communication, Murata introduces its latest engineering innovations at embedded world 2023, Nuremberg.

10th March 2023
Achieving a prosperous society with a fusion of the real and the virtual

Everything around us is constantly changing, our daily way of life, businesses, and society itself. Just 10 to 20 years into the future seems so far off that we can't even begin to imagine what will happen. 

8th March 2023
Murata's advanced RFID technology to support ongoing integrity of worldwide tyre supply chain

Murata is successfully contributing to the digitalisation of supply chains of numerous products and assets. At the upcoming Tyre Technology Expo at Booth 9036, Hannover, 21st - 23rd March, the company will be demonstrating how it’s now bringing this technology to the automobile sector – in terms of better traceability and more effective inventory management, as well as facilitating aftermarket maintenance (such as re-treading) and rec...

21st February 2023
Murata’s MWC stand focuses on advances set to drive widespread cellular IoT adoption

The build-up to MWC is underway, with much of the international mobile communications community preparing to gather in Barcelona from 27th February - 2nd March. Murata will be highlighting the advanced wireless and next-generation subscriber identity module (SIM) solutions that it offers for supporting cellular IoT deployments, plus its pioneering V2X communications capabilities.

16th February 2023
Murata introduces high-accuracy soil monitoring system

Murata, in collaboration with longstanding systems integration partner Sentinum, has made a major announcement that will further progress the widespread automation of crop production.

30th January 2023
Murata showcases RAIN RFID tag and button cells for smart healthcare applications at Pharmapack Europe 2023

Murata will showcase a small RAIN RFID tag as well as its HIGH-Drain silver-oxide and mini alkaline batteries for smart healthcare applications at Pharmapack Europe (Stand B8) on 1st – 2nd February 2023.

22nd December 2022
Murata is developing a new transparent and bendable conductive film

Murata Manufacturing (Murata) is now developing a new material. This new material combines transparency, flexibility, conductivity, and safety.

8th December 2022
Chip ferrite beads meet the need for greater noise suppression

Murata has broadened its portfolio of chip ferrite beads with the introduction of the BLM15PX_SH1 and BLM15PX_BH1 series.

22nd November 2022
Murata set to accelerate widespread adoption of cooperative safety

Murata has been cooperating with Autotalks to introduce technology that will facilitate progression towards cooperative safety and higher levels of automated mobility.

8th November 2022
Murata's new noise suppression technology

New Murata chip ferrite beads unique in solving wide band noise - including high-frequency range (1GHz) issues within high-current automotive systems

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