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14th September 2022
MicroEJ and Rtone join forces to speed-up IoT device development in global chip shortages

MicroEJ, provider of standard software containers for embedded and IoT devices, has announced the integration of its standard Virtual Execution Environment, MICROEJ VEE, into the Rtone technology portfolio.

Component Management
26th April 2022
MicroEJ breaks electronic dependencies to tackle chip shortage risks

MicroEJ is designed for low-cost and low-power chips used in IoT edge devices from small Cloud-connected sensors to smartwatches to smart appliances.

1st May 2020
MicroEJ VEE supports Microchip SAM MCU product line

MicroEJ has announced the availability of its standard virtualisation technology for Microchip Technology’s 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) product line. MICROEJ VEE, MicroEJ’s flagship Virtual Execution Environment, has embraced the Total System Solutions vision shared by both companies, enabling a profitable, market ready solution for MCUs and software integration.

19th October 2016
Accelerating embedded and IoT development

  MicroEJ and Micrium Software, part of the Silicon Labs portfolio, announced the integration of the MicroEJ OS application platform and µC/OS real-time operating system (RTOS), designed to offer the best mixed C and Java language programming environment to software developers for embedded microcontrollers and microprocessors.

10th October 2016
MicroEJ and Witekio collaborate on demonstrator

MicroEJ and Witekio announced their collaboration on a demonstrator leveraging a connection to a SIGFOX LPWAN of a geolocation application running on MicroEJ OS and an ARM Cortex-M evaluation board from STMicroelectronics. This project is an example of a first successful collaboration and an illustration of the global partnership between the two companies.

28th July 2016
OS targets IoT devices running on ARM Cortex-M & Cortex-A MPUs

MicroEJ has announced the MicroEJ OS operating system which powers embedded, wearable and IoT devices that run on ARM Cortex-M and Cortex-A MPU cores. The system brings cross ARM architecture portability as it enables binary software portability across ARM-based devices. Based on a multi-application secure engine that provides a virtualisation layer, it enables applications written in the Java language to run as is (no reprogramming or recompilin...

Events News
15th March 2016
MicroEJ powers Bong’s latest smartwatch

At the Wearable Technology Show in London, UK, MicroEJ announced that Bong, a Chinese OEM, chose MicroEJ solutions for developing the software of its latest X2 smartwatch. MicroEJ’s comprehensive IoT product suite enables design teams to build embedded software, design smart applications and deploy them anywhere, to any device.

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9th March 2016
MicroEJ to contribute initial code to open source project

At EclipseCon in Reston, Virginia, MicroEJ presented the Eclipse Edje open source project. Edje defined a set of software APIs required to deliver IoT services that meet the performance and memory constraints of MCU-based devices. Edje also provided ready-to-use software packages for targeted hardware that developers can get from third parties for quick and easy development of IoT device software and applications.

Events News
9th February 2016
MicroEJ to introduce operating system for IoT at Embedded World

At EclipseCon Europe, MicroEJ introduced MicroEJ Studio, its solution for application developers; at CES, it introduced the MicroEJ Application Store, its solution for delivering applications to IoT devices. At Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, MicroEJ will unveil the latest version of its MicroEJ OS.

27th January 2016
LACROIX Electronics & MicroEJ announce partnership

LACROIX Electronics and MicroEJ have announced a partnership agreement to accelerate the development and production of IoT devices and embedded electronic products for the European market. This partnership enables LACROIX Electronics to offer its services and its electronic assembly production resources for the design and production of 'turn-key' electronic assemblies using MicroEJ software technologies for customers which want to subcontract all...

Events News
6th January 2016
MicroEJ introduces its application store for IoT at CES

The latest product from MicroEJ, the MicroEJ Application Store, will be introduced at the CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. MicroEJ Application Store allows device manufacturers and OEMs to create an ecosystem around their products to serve their customers (device users), application developers and service providers.

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