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Alternative Energy
16th August 2021
Going beyond industrial sustainability awareness

In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly published its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), laying out the body’s blueprint for tackling global challenges through to 2030. Six years later, progress has been slower than anticipated from governments and businesses alike. Here, Ben Smye, Head of Growth at Matmatch, looks at how manufacturers and material suppliers can bolster their sustainability strategies.

20th July 2021
Reaching new customers online as a materials supplier

Materials search engine and database, Matmatch, has released a guide that helps materials suppliers use digital channels to connect with potential customers. As a platform that brings together design engineers, materials scientists, academics and suppliers across the materials industry, Matmatch shares its expertise in the new guide, ‘The Materials Suppliers’ Guide to Reaching Customers Online’. The guide is now availa...

15th December 2020
Self cleaning textiles could improve PPE

Nelumbo nucifera, also known as the Sacred Lotus, is an aquatic plant prized for its beautiful flowers and uses in fine east-Asian cuisine. It’s also the namesake of the ‘lotus effect’, where water simply rolls straight off its hydrophobic skin. A material like this could find many uses, but in medicine is where real changes can be made. Here, Ben Smye, Head of Growth at Matmatch, highlights how self cleaning textiles ...

27th October 2020
The imminent rise of antimicrobial materials

As the world is facing health and economic consequences brought on by a global pandemic, the emergence of new infectious agents has become a significant concern. Here, Christian Dianne Oro, Mechanical Engineer and Freelance Content Writer at Matmatch, explains what kind of antibacterial and antimicrobial materials to use to minimise the spread of any viruses.

Eco Innovation
23rd October 2020
Top five green materials for electronics

When going 'green' with electronic products, the goal is to minimise energy use and have less of an environmental impact than traditional electronics. This could mean less energy used while mining materials and manufacturing the device, or it could mean that lifetimeusage of the products made from these materials requires less energy. Here, Jordan Flagel, guest author at Matmatch, explains which green materials are t...

Materials and Fastening
10th September 2020
A greener planet with more sustainable materials

In modern history, the linear economy has been prevalent, with the input of raw materials for processing and use, followed by waste at the other end. As waste has piled up and as carbon emissions have instigated climate dangers, there is an increasing urgency to shift towards a circular economy. Here, Jordan Flagel, Guest Author at Matmatch, explains which materials to adopt in a circular economy.

19th August 2020
What materials can bring the Hyperloop into reality?

Imagine being able to take a trip from New York to Washington, or from Amsterdam to Düsseldorf in 30 minutes? With the hyperloop, transportation might become so fast that no distance would ever be a problem. Here, Samir Jaber, content writer at materials database Matmatch, has given more insights about this futuristic transportation from a materials science perspective.

17th August 2020
Emerging trends in automotive materials

The automotive industry is in the midst of a technological revolution characterised by the convergence of new digital technologies with traditional car manufacture. Most of the major industry players are investing in technologies to develop cars that are Autonomous, Connected, Electric and enable Shared mobility (ACES). Here, Kathie Atkinson, Guest Author at Matmatch, focuses on advances in automotive materials to address...

Aerospace & Defence
30th July 2020
Shielding the Solar Orbiter against extreme heat

Last February, the European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter started a two-year journey to provide the first detailed pictures of the sun’s poles and insights about the never-before-observed magnetic environment that regulates the sun’s 11-year solar cycle. But how can a satellite move around the sun without burning?

29th June 2020
The materials of Formula 1 racing

Formula 1 is quite unique. There are few other examples of sports where intense speed, high skill and engineering are intermixed so completely. So much so that the materials used on these cars are at the very limit of what’s possible in material science today. With new designs in the works to meet the new requirements of the 2022 series, Samir Jaber, Content Writer at materials database Matmatch, delves into the details of what materia...

15th April 2020
Could stretchable electronics mimic human skin?

The days of the hard computer chip may be numbered with the growth in stretchable electronics. Covered in transistors and other semi-conducting elements, these rigid devices likewise render the devices in which they are found - our televisions, laptops and smartphones - similarly inflexible.

Component Management
18th February 2019
Discover the materials shaping our future

The materials search engine, Matmatch, has published a free-to-download whitepaper that provides insight into the rapidly developing smart materials market. The whitepaper, which is available from the Matmatch website, gives design engineers and product designers a glimpse into some of the most prevalent smart material technologies that could play a role in their future projects.

17th April 2018
Will future iPhones be plated in gold?

Consumers got excited enough when the gold-coloured iPhone 5 was released in 2013. Things got even blingier for the Cupertino-based technology giant’s followers when rose gold devices hit the shelves in 2015. But does Apple have something even shinier in mind? Melissa Albeck, CEO of materials comparison website Matmatch, explores the potential future of the iPhone.

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