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13th February 2018
You're hired! Are you ready for an apprentice?

Small businesses shouldn't be put off from employing an apprentice because of certain negative comments about the Government's apprenticeship levy. In this article, Laura Neish, HR manager of power tool company Starrett, explains how to get the most out of hiring an apprentice. In October 2017, The Financial Times reported that the number of people starting apprenticeships in the UK had dropped 61% year-on-year since the introduction of the ...

Component Management
3rd October 2017
The nano world: A new frontier

Nanotechnology might seem cutting edge, but humans have actually been experimenting with nanomaterials for hundreds of years – albeit accidentally. In fact, stained glass windows came about as the result of a heating and cooling process that adjusted the size of nanocrystals in the glass. Medieval nanotechnologists may not have been aware of the scale they were working at, but this art form is widely considered as one of the first examples ...

13th July 2017
Ensuring that medical trainers are not out on a limb

Providing anatomically accurate and procedurally correct models used in training the next generation of medical practitioners, Limbs and Things has recently turned to band saw specialist Starrett for support. We all know that it takes a lot of dedication to choose a career in medicine. To become a GP takes around five years of further training on top of a medical degree, and to become a hospital consultant it can take between seven and nine ...

Test & Measurement
26th June 2017
Future force precision measurement in large applications

  All contractors will be familiar with the combination square: a ruled blade with interchangeable heads to measure angles in workshops, construction sites and metalworking. Invented in 1883 by L. S Starrett, the combination square quickly became an integral measurement device in all contractors’ toolkits.

20th September 2016
Ejecting the core problem for hole saw operators

After plenty of product testing at its Scottish Borders manufacturing facility, Starrett has launched its new Core Ejector tool. The two-part instrument addresses a common problem for contractors by removing the cut away disc of material that would usually remain inside the hole saw after it has completed the cut.

6th July 2016
Metrology for the modern market

If you ever stay at the Grand Hyatt hotel in San Francisco, don’t be alarmed to receive a note from the staff advising you that the 35-story skyscraper may creak and sway in the wind. Even Dubai’s mountainous Burj Khalifa, weighing half a million tonnes, can flex back and forth by two metres at its 2,717-foot peak. Everything in our world is flexible and even the largest of structures are susceptible to force.

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