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24th March 2021
Enhanced safety-certified surface mount MLCC product line

Knowles Precision Devices has introduced a new expanded range of safety-certified surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) for electronic device applications. The new capacitors offer customers a combination of capability and safety certification, and meet the demands of AEC-Q200 standards, modems and AC/DC power supplies where a lightning strike or other voltage transients represent a threat to electronic equipment.

8th March 2021
V-series single layer capacitor product line extended

Knowles Precision Devices has announced the release of a new 100nF capacitor within its V-Series of single layer capacitors. The 100nF is a high frequency, wire bondable single layer capacitor, making it ideally suited for GaN and GaAs amplifier applications where small size and microwave performance are critical.

23rd July 2020
SV series capacitor assemblies for power supply filtering

Knowles Precision Devices, a division of Knowles Corporation, recently expanded its capacitor assembly offering with the release of its new SV series of capacitor assemblies for power supply filtering applications. The SV series is a vertically stacked ceramic capacitor, abd Knowles claim it offers superior performance compared with aluminium or tantalum electrolytic capacitors, while also helping to reduce the overall circuit board footprint.

11th July 2018
Has the 1806 three terminal ‘C’ filter become obsolescent?

In regards to component obsolescence, Steve Hopwood, Senior Application Engineer at Knowles Precision Devices (KPD), stated: “The rate of component obsolescence has increased over the last 15 years. OCMs are discontinuing more part numbers per year for a variety of reasons, including manufacturing changes, changes in die dimensions and other technology changes.”

10th January 2018
Blocking capacitors designed for MMIC circuits RF bypassing

  With a large in-house portfolio of dielectric materials, custom engineered solutions are now available for customer (specification) needs. Circuit designers and engineers tend to turn to a pair of the company's cataloged products, Bar Cap and Gap Cap for decoupling, RF bypassing and DC blocking applications.

20th November 2017
Customer requests prompt non-safety-critical MLCCs

Developed at the specific request of industrial electronics customers, Knowles brand Syfer can now offer MLCC’s, for non-safety critical applications, up to 500Vac, 50/60Hz continuous. Syfer pioneered 250Vac rated MLCC’s for non-safety critical applications to complement its range of industry standard DC rated TUV / UL qualified class X & Y surge and safety MLCCs.

5th September 2017
Brochure outlines ranges of Johanson MFG trimmers

Now available from Knowles brand Johanson Manufacturing is a capability guide outlining their range of Trimmer Capacitors and Microwave Tuning Elements. This new shortform guide provides an overview of the wide variety of variable capacitors available from Johanson MFG for RF and Microwave applications. Of particular interest are the Giga-Trim capacitors, miniature capacitors designed for high resolution tuning of RF power circuits.

Events News
15th August 2017
This year's EuMW will bring together a range of products from Knowles

  The 20th European Microwave Week (EuMW 2017) will provide an unrivalled opportunity for visitors to see products, components and materials - from Knowles Capacitors and their brands DLI, Novacap, Syfer, Voltronics and Johanson MFG.

20th July 2017
A valuable extension to high temperature MLCCs

One year on from the initial launch of a new range of high temperature MLC chip capacitors, Knowles capacitor brands Novacap and Syfer Technology have jointly announced a significant extension to the product offering. As with the initial launch, this announcement coincided with another IMAPS event – the HiTEN 2017 symposium in Cambridge UK. The Knowles Capacitors HiT range of MLCCs has an operating temperature range of -55 to +200º...

27th June 2017
Pulse discharge MLC capacitors for energy storage applications

Dedicated pulse discharge Multilayer Ceramic chip capacitors for munitions, ordinance, and oil field exploration and perforation are available from Knowles Capacitors brand, Novacap. These capacitors offer the reliability afforded by ceramic multilayer fabrication using advanced ceramic and electrode formulations, with thin, dense and precise dielectric layers to satisfy difficult requirements with what the company claims to be unsurpassed qualit...

15th May 2017
EU programme develops new ceramic dielectrics

A project under the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme has been completed by the Knowles Capacitors R&D unit based in Norwich, England, together with the UK’s National Physical Laboratory and Euro Support Advanced Materials of the Netherlands. The programme was to develop a lead-free ceramic dielectric, with high energy density and reduced losses, for high temperature applications.

Aerospace & Defence
13th April 2017
Knowles to exhibit range of Space Heritage products at Space Tech Expo

  To coincide with Space Tech Expo, taking place in Pasadena, California, on May 23rd to 25th, Knowles Capacitors has produced a shortform capability guide outlining their range of Space Heritage products. 

24th March 2017
Safety certified MLCCs mean advancements in ceramic tech

MLCC’s have been used in automotive applications for years, but the big change being seen is the voltage rating and size of components now being used. This revolution in MLCC technology, used in control electronics, is being driven by modern on-board charging systems - PHEV & EV where mains ac is involved. Knowles brand Syfer has responded to demands by increasing its range of 250V ac X1/Y2 Safety Certified capacitors to 10nF.

Events News
1st March 2017
APEC 2017 brings in latest products from Knowles

APEC 2017 will see Knowles Capacitors exhibiting a range of new and updated products from its Syfer, Novacap and DLI brands. Visitors to booth 739 will have the chance to see range extensions in AEC-Q200 qualified products, new thin film technology and high reliability capacitors. Syfer branded AEC-Q200 approved ranges offer a voltage rating of up to 3kV, meeting the requirements of modern automotive applications including EV and HEV.

25th January 2017
Lead-free X8R dielectric material is environmentally friendly

  Knowles Capacitors has announced that their ongoing material development process has qualified an X8R dielectric material to be Lead (Pb) free. 

Events News
13th October 2016
High precision electronic components on show at electronica

Passive electronic components have always followed the advancements made by actives – and Knowles brands have always developed products to suit. The two current hot topics are electric vehicles and the coming evolution to 5G – both firmly in the sights of Knowles with products to see at electronica 2016.

12th September 2016
EuMW 2016: 5G specific component options on parade

Knowles Capacitors will showcase a selection of new products across its brands – DLI, Novacap and Syfer - at European Microwave Week in London (October 4-6).  Stand number 178 will feature a new range of high temperature Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors in 0402, 0603 and 0805 sizes with ultra-Low ESR and High Q characteristics available from the Syfer and Novacap brands.

1st September 2016
Flash new facilities see Knowles step up

Making the short step to new hi-tech facilities at the Hethel Engineering Centre, Norwich is Knowles (UK) - formally known as Syfer Technology. The move reflects Knowles’ commitment to R&D for its portfolio of ceramic based electronic components manufactured in Far East and North American facilities.

6th May 2016
Chip capacitors have a temperature range of -55 to +200ºC

Knowles capacitor brands Novacap and Syfer Technology jointly announce the launch of a range of high temperature MLC chip capacitors. Booth 20 at HiTEC 2016, May 10 and 11th at the Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North, New Mexico, will be the venue for the launch of the HiT range.

Aerospace & Defence
20th April 2016
Enhancing turnkey or custom designs

Offering reduced size and weight using high permittivity, temperature stable materials, the new series of Directional Couplers from Knowles brand, DLI, are manufactured using DLI’s precision Thin Film technology and offer an option for microwave systems in commercial, military and space applications.

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