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25th March 2013
INRIA and KALRAY strengthen their scientific collaboration on the MPPA MANYCORE processor and parallel computing

KALRAY SA and Inria strengthen their scientific collaboration on KALRAY's MPPA MANYCORE processor architecture with the launch of 9 new projects. These will be spread across different Inria research centres and cover a panoply of scientific fields, ranging from purely IT-related subjects (compilation, parallelisation…) to the implementation of advanced algorithms in genomic or cryptographic applications.

21st January 2013
Kalray announces the first public demonstration and commercial availability of its MPPA 256-core processor at the HiPEAC Conference in Berlin

Kalray today announced the availability of the first batch of functional and running 28 nanometer MPPA 256 processor targeting high performance, low power embedded applications as well as high performance computing. Following its bold strategy based on leading edge architectural choices and patent protected technologies, Kalray pursues its trajectory to success by demonstrating at the HiPEAC conference in Berlin (Jan 21 to 23rd), a series of app...

10th October 2012
KALRAY Announces 1st samples of MPPA 256 processor in 28nm

KALRAY today announced the availability of first samples of the 28 nanometer MPPA 256 processor targeting embedded applications among them Imaging and signal processing. First products to be ramped in volume will be processors for signal processing in an imaging application. Product qualification is scheduled for completion in Nov 2012.

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