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16th January 2023
Remote Patient Monitoring users to reach 115 million by 2027

A study from Juniper Research found that the total number of patients using RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) solutions will reach 115.5 million globally by 2027, equating to 1.4% of the total population. This is an increase from only 75 million in 2023.

23rd November 2020
Agtech market value to soar to over $22bn

A new study from Juniper Research has found that the total value of the Agtech market (Agricultural Technology) will reach $22.5 billion by 2025; rising from $9 billion in 2020. This represents an average annual growth rate of 150% over the next five years.

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18th February 2020
Forecasts 5G IoT revenue to reach $8bn by 2025

A new study from Juniper Research found that total operator-billed revenue from 5G IoT connections will reach $8bn by 2024; rising from $525m in 2020. This is a growth of over 1,400% over the next five years. The report identified the automotive and smart cities sectors as key growth drivers for 5G adoption over the next five years.

13th July 2016
Automotive HUD market set to quadruple by 2021

  New findings from Juniper Research reveal that the automotive HUD (Head-Up Display) market will exceed 16m installed units by the end of 2021, with the market anticipated to expand fourfold during the forecast period 2016-2021.

27th January 2016
Commercial drone sales set to rise more than 80% this year

A new study from Juniper Research has found that annual revenues from commercial drones sales are expected to reach $481m this year, up by 84% on last year’s figure of $261m. Drones: Consumer & Commercial Applications, Regulations & Opportunities 2015-2020 found that a low price point had significantly reduced the barrier to entry in many sectors, with high performance models now available for less than $3,000.

19th November 2015
Consumer drone sales to reach almost 4m this year

A recent study from Juniper Research has found that reduced component cost, increased competition and a greater number of use cases will together push the number of consumer drones shipped globally to more than 20m per annum, up from less than 4m this year.

5th October 2015
In-vehicle wireless device charging to reach 50m vehicles by 2020

A recent study from Juniper Research has found that wireless charging is poised to change the way consumers interact with their cars, with an estimated 50m vehicles offering built-in wireless device charging by 2020, compared with only 4m this year. The latest research, Wireless Charging: Opportunities, Applications & Standards 2015-2020, found that the technology will enable a range of new in-vehicle services, such as on-board audio streamin...

28th May 2015
197,000PB of mobile data by 2019, predicts report

Juniper Research has forecast that mobile data traffic generated by smartphones, featurephones and tablets will approach almost 197,000PB by 2019, equivalent to over 10bn Blu-ray movies. However, the research found that only 41% of the data generated by these devices will be carried over cellular networks, the majority of mobile data traffic being offloaded to WiFi networks.

8th May 2015
Online gaming to fuel $150bn digital content market by 2019

A recent report from Juniper Research has found that the value of the global digital content market will reach $154bil annually by 2019, an increase of nearly 60% on 2014. The latest research, Digital Content Business Models: OTT & Operator Strategies 2015-2019, observed that mobile and online games would account for the largest share of content sales (38% of cumulative revenues), with game formats continuing to transition from physical to di...

1st May 2015
Smartphone shipments estimated to reach 350.9m in Q1 2015

Leading mobile analyst firm Juniper Research estimates that the number of smartphone shipments reached 350.9m in Q1 2015, a y-o-y growth of over 20%. 

29th April 2015
App revenues will experience a tenfold increase

According to research findings from Juniper Research, Augmented Reality (AR) technology used in the enterprise will drive annual app revenues of $2.4bn in 2019, up from $247m in 2014.This translates to a tenfold increase over the forecast period.

13th April 2015
Carrier billing will deliver $14bn in revenue by 2019

According to a report published by Juniper Research, content paid for via carrier billing will provide operators with more than $14bn in revenues over the next five years. The report, titled Digital Content Business Models: OTT & Operator Strategies 2015-2019, argues that growth will be fuelled by a dramatic rise in carrier billed payments made on devices such as tablets, consoles and smart TVs.

11th March 2015
1 in 3 boarding passes to be issued via mobile

Research from Juniper Research finds that over 1.5bn boarding passes will be delivered via mobile by 2019, compared to approximately 745m boarding passes estimated to be delivered this year. This means that mobile boarding passes will represent one in three boarding passes issued by airlines at the end of 2019.

21st January 2015
Finger, ear & voice authentication to become more mainstream

  According to a recent report by Juniper Research, more than 770m biometric authentication applications will be downloaded each year by 2019. This is up from just 6m this year and will dramatically reduce dependence on alphanumeric passwords in the mobile phone market.

4th November 2014
Smart glasses won't generate specs appeal just yet

A report by Juniper Research has found that the smart glasses space has experienced low levels of shipments and adoption, caused by a combination of lengthy time-to-market and lack of a key consumer use case. The report, 'Smart Glasses: Consumer, Enterprise and Healthcare Strategies and Forecasts 2014-2019', estimated that shipments were unlikely to exceed 10m per annum until 2018.

27th August 2014
Tablet games market will reach $13.3bn in 2019

According to a report from Juniper Research, 2019 worldwide revenues from tablet games will reach $13.3bn, up from $3.6bn in 2014. 'Mobile & Handheld Games: Discover, Monetise, Advertise 2014–2019' indicates that growth will be fuelled by improved storage capacity, better graphical capabilities, increasing mobile broadband penetration and consumers’ preference for convenience and ubiquity.

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2nd July 2014
In-vehicle apps will be mainstream by 2018

According to a report published by Juniper Research, the use of in-vehicle apps is expected to reach 269m by 2018, a fivefold increase on last year's figure. The report, 'Connected Cars: Consumer & Commerical Telematics and Infotainment 2014-2018', suggests that this growth will be due to in-vehicle apps becoming more mainstream.

24th June 2014
Annual digital payments to reach $4.7 trillion (USD) by 2019

A new report from Juniper Research has found that the annual transaction value of online, mobile and contactless payments will reach $4.7 trillion (USD) by 2019, up from just over $2.5 trillion (USD) this year. The report - Digital Payment Strategies: Online, Mobile & Contactless 2014-2019 - observed that the largest net increase in spend would occur through remote physical goods purchases.

7th September 2012
Smart Healthcare & Fitness Wireless Unit Sales to Reach 54m by 2017

A new class of smart devices that wirelessly link to smartphones and tablets will begin to gain traction over the next few years, with health and fitness leading the way. Increasingly intelligent accessories that focus on training, weight management and healthcare monitoring of chronic disease will dominate the market.

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