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21st January 2019
Solution for consumer electronics manufacturers

Provider of innovative image processing technologies, intoPIX, introduced the novel JPEG XS standard with a preliminary demonstration of the TICO-XS FPGA and ASIC IP-cores, as well as CPU and GPU SDKs during CES 2019. Promising applications for TICO-XS include self-driving cars, VR/AR gear, displays, smartphones, or any other device that is required to transmit, manage or store video data.

15th January 2019
Simplifying image signal processing for sensors

Provider of innovative image and video processing technologies, intoPIX, presented the new TICO-RAW technology at CES, which aims to drastically simplify the way we deal with image sensor video data. Thanks to the technology’s innovative low-complexity processing and coding, the full power of the image sensor is preserved while significantly reducing the transmission bandwidth, power-consumption and storage needs.

20th January 2016
AES IP-Cores support higher bitrate up to 10/100Gbps

intoPIX has announced the extension ofits AES encryption IP core family to support higher bitrates applications from 10 to 100Gbps and additional features. Thanks to its high performance andscalable architecture, customers can now build optimal solutions for bothcompressed and uncompressed secured video transmission links.

Events News
2nd November 2015
FPGA reference design enables live production over IP

Macnica Americas and intoPIX will be demonstrating a recent FPGA solution designed to carry UHD4K over IP in studio infrastructure, using TICO lightweight compression over RTP at the SMPTE 2015 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Hollywood, California, at the Macnica Booth, Solano Canyon room, booth SC7.

Events News
2nd November 2015
UHDTV hybrid SDI/IP interoperability showcased at SMPTE

intoPIX will be demonstrating interoperability of its TICO lightweight compression to transport ultra-high definition video over a next-gen UHDTV hybrid SDI/IP infrastructure featuring advanced technology from Semtech, Xilinx, TVLogic and Bes at the SMPTE 2015 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Hollywood, California, on the intopix Booth, Dolby room, booth 207.

14th September 2015
Video compression technology extends performance on FPGAs & CPUs

intoPIX has announced that its TICO lightweight video compression technology has extended its performance on FPGA and CPU platforms. TICO FPGA-powered products can be deployed on current and legacy generation of FPGAs used in Broadcast infrastructures to support UHD/4K. The extended FPGA performances also support UHD/4K at 120fps or even HD at up to 480fps in a single FPGA core. TICO CPU-powered decoder is also commercially available to equipment...

27th March 2014
SMPTE2022 JPEG2000 video over IP FPGA reference design

At the NAB tradeshow next month in Las Vegas, intoPIX and Macnica Americas will jointly demonstrate a complete SMPTE2022 FPGA reference design that combines both intoPIX JPEG2000 compression and MPEG2-TS cores with Macnica’s SMPTE2022 IP-core to carry 3G-SDI with JPEG2000 compression over ST2022 1-2 on an Altera Stratix V FPGA.

22nd November 2012
High-Density 3G-SDI / 3D / DVB-ASI IP Transmission Card Solutions

intoPIX and Media Global Links today announced that the Media Links MD8000 multi-port cards (Models MD8000-UVTX and MD8000-UVRX) have achieved top level performance and port density by integrating the intoPIX JPEG 2000 FPGA technology.

30th August 2012
intoPIX new ULTRA-HD JPEG 2000 Codecs offer Higher Frame Rates and Resolutions

intoPIX is pleased to announce the launch of a new generation of UHDTV codecs to answer the growing interest of the audiovisual industry for 4K and 8K resolutions. The new ULTRAHDTV JPEG2000 codecs, called IPX-JPUHD, have been developed on the new generation of 28nm FPGA from Altera and Xilinx.

28th August 2012
JPEG2000 encoding technology integrated in the new CineMaster-Pro DCP creator

intoPIX and LEONIS Cinema have today revealed their strategic collaboration in the CineMaster-Pro DCP creator produced by LEONIS Cinema. LEONIS Cinema will be showcasing its newest CineMaster-Pro during BIRTV 2012 – Booth 2A216, held in Beijing, August 22nd through 24th. The intoPIX team is also available for information and meetings during the show upon request.

18th November 2011
intoPIX licenses its 4K JPEG2000 IP-cores to NTT Advanced Technology Corporation

intoPIX has announced that NTT Advanced Technology Corporation (Japan) has adopted intoPIX JPEG 2000 4K FPGA IP-cores for developing an advanced codec system for high quality Ultra HD streaming applications. intoPIX technology enables NTT Advanced Technology to design a 4K based JPEG2000 codec board capable to encode or decode 4K resolution up to 60 images per second. The new board will address such demanding applications as high quality archivi...

17th November 2011
Astrodesign new 4K Codec system powered by intoPIX JPEG 2000 technology

intoPIX has announced that Astrodesign (Japan) has licensed and integrated intoPIX JPEG 2000 IP-cores into their new 4K Codec, called “HC7504”. The intoPIX technology enables Astrodesign to support higher-definition video and increased recording by the combination of the 4K JPEG 2000 based codec system with the uncompressed 2K SSD recorder “HR-7502A”.

14th November 2011
intoPIX JPEG 2000 technology adopted by NHK Engineering Services for developing a compact 4K high-resolution outdoor acquisition system

intoPIX has cooperated with NHK Engineering Services, Inc. in the development of a JPEG 2000 encoding technology for 4K high-resolution image acquisition. intoPIX JPEG 2000 FPGA based IP-cores enable 4K image compression (4 times the resolution of HDTV) into a single JPEG 2000 code stream in real-time and without any tiling.

13th October 2011
Zero Latency for intoPIX FPGA-based JPEG2000 Encoder & Decoder IP-Cores

On 12th-13th October at the CCW Expo in New York, intoPIX will demonstrate its new FGPA-based JPEG2000 ultra-low latency codec. Reaching an end-to-end latency lower than 10 milliseconds, the new FPGA IP-Cores address real-time communication and fast response interactive video applications where zero latency is crucial.

5th September 2011
intoPIX PRISTINE boards now enable 4K 3D stereoscopic real-time JPEG 2000 encoding and decoding.

intoPTX has announced that it has extended its PRISTINE board capabilities to include 4K 3D stereoscopic formats. The 4K 3D Stereoscopic feature allows encoding or decoding through the use of two synchronized PRISTINE-4 boards in one system.

10th October 2010
intoPIX delivers its high performance 4K JPEG 2000 decoder to Sony Corporation

intoPIX, the leading JPEG 2000 solutions provider, today announced that Sony Corporation has licensed and integrated the intoPIX 4K JPEG2000 decoder into the 4K SXRD digital cinema system. With its smart single chip FPGA implementation, impressive performance and quality, the 4K decoder offers a unique solution, making it the technology of choice for the digital cinema industry.

8th February 2010
intoPIX New Ultra High Definition 4K Streaming System selected by the University of Essex and the PSNC

intoPIX, the leader in JPEG 2000 solutions, announced today that the University of Essex and the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center have selected the new JPEG 2000 4K Streaming system called SYX-JP4K and developed by intoPIX.

23rd September 2009
intoPIX showcases its JPEG 2000 Board at IBC 2009

intoPIX, expert in JPEG 2000 solutions, has showcased at IBC 2009 in Amsterdam the new OEM PRISTINE JPEG 2000 board. PRISTINE is a PCIe x8 board designed to handle uncompressed input and output of audiovisual material as well as for compression & decompression of JPEG 2000 faster than real-time.

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