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18th April 2024
IDS NXT malibu available with the 8MP Sony Starvis 2 sensor IMX678

IDS expands its product line for intelligent image processing and launches a new IDS NXT malibu camera.

16th March 2023
Free update makes third deep learning method available for IDS NXT

An update for the AI system IDS NXT has made cameras that can now also detect anomalies.

4th February 2022
Optical spine and posture analysis with uEye industrial cameras

Back pain is one of the main causes of sick leave in Germany – often caused by lack of exercise, one-sided stress at work and being overweight. This is accompanied by strained muscles and ligaments and even wear and tear on the spine and intervertebral discs.

31st December 2021
Image processing to detect deviations in wood brushes

In order to ensure its own claim to the excellent quality of the hand brush woods, Lessmann has been relying on classic image processing for many years. But now "The German Brush Company" has implemented an image processing system from the Bavarian system house Simon IBV GmbH that uses robust IDS industrial cameras and SIMAVIS H image processing software to detect even barely perceptible tolerance deviations particularly reliably.

5th November 2021
All-in-one embedded vision platform with new tools and functions

Further development of IDS NXT ocean: focus on user-friendliness and AI transparency

28th October 2021
IDS GmbH cameras in industry's smallest standard format

The XCP camera family of the uEye+ product series from IDS Imaging Development Systems not only combines industrial quality and a favourable system price, but also fills a gap in the market as the smallest camera with housing and C-mount, they claim.

28th July 2021
Ensenso 3D camera portfolio expanded in low price segment

Introducing Ensenso S, camera manufacturer IDS Imaging Development Systems has shown that the use of industrial-grade 3D technology does not have to be expensive. The 3D camera is particularly suitable for 3D applications that require budget-friendly, easy-to-integrate and industrial-grade camera technology.

Events News
15th July 2021
Fizyr, MVTec and urobots at the 3-in-1 focus event

On July 20th, the IDS Vision Channel will discuss what is technically possible and practical. For the online focus event ‘Intelligent Pick & Place’, IDS has brought the companies Fizyr, MVTec and urobots on board. Participants will learn first-hand how companies are successfully using AI-based image processing and will be able to discuss individual questions afterwards. Registration and participation are free of charge here.&...

27th October 2020
IDS is now offers 20 new C-mount lenses

IDS is now offering more than 20 new C-mount lenses. Thanks to lens resolutions of five, eight and ten megapixels as well as different focal lengths and optical classes, they can be used in numerous application scenarios. In addition, they are characterised by a very good price-performance ratio.

2nd September 2020
Automate image-based inspection with AI

Zero-defect production is the goal. But how can it be guaranteed that only flawless products leave the production line? In order to make quality inspection as efficient, simple, reliable and cost-effective as possible, the German company sentin has developed solutions that use deep learning and industrial cameras for image-based inspection from IDS to enable fast and robust error detection.

23rd July 2020
uEye LE AF industrial cameras with autofocus

IDS has extended its selection of automatically focusable board-level cameras. Thanks to its practical autofocus function, uEye LE AF industrial cameras deliver focused images even with frequently changing object distances.

20th May 2020
Rolling shutter sensor IMX183 for board-level cameras

The smallest details must be detected precisely in many applications requiring surface inspection or measurement. Light-sensitive and extremely high-resolution sensors such as the IMX183 from Sony are the good choice.

18th November 2016
Robust camera can withstand almost anything

Industrial camera manufacturer, IDS Imaging Development Systems has released the robust GigE uEye FA camera series. The camera housing, lens barrels and connectors fulfill the prerequisites for protection code IP65/67, and protect the whole camera system from dirt, dust, water splashes or cleaning agents as well as accidental shifting of the optics.

9th August 2016
Industrial camera models are the first with USB 3.1 type-C connector

A camera series with future-oriented USB 3.1 Type-C connector: the newly-developed USB 3 uEye LE series, is the first of its kind introduced by IDS Imaging Development Systems. These small, cost-effective project cameras will be available as housed or single-board version with different lens holders. 

7th March 2016
3MP lenses suit high-resolution USB 3.0 industrial cameras

Industrial camera manufacturer IDS Imaging Development Systems now offers lenses that are suitable for its USB 3.0 cameras with a resolution up to 3 MP and a sensor format up to 2/3". The Fujifilm HF-XA series maintains high resolution across the entire image even with change of aperture and working distance. It consists of five models with fixed focal length: 8, 12, 16, 25 and 35mm.

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