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27th May 2020
Dual angle sensor demo board for magnetic on-axis encoder

The new dual angle sensor demo board PVL3M has provided an XMR sensor (AMR angle sensor AA746C from Sensitec) in combination with the multiturn Hall sensor iC-PVL from iC-Haus for on-axis absolute angle measurement and revolution counting.

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22nd November 2019
Absolute encoders take centre stage at SPS 2019

At SPS 2019 (hall 4A, booth 136) in Nuremberg (November 26-28), iC-Haus presents its latest generation of integrated high-resolution optical-reflective absolute encoders. The iC-PZ Series is said to set new standards in flexibility and miniaturisation.

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30th October 2019
15-bit encoder chip debuts at SPS in Nuremberg

With the new iC-RZ Series encoder chips from iC-Haus, safety encoders can be made even simpler and more compact. This is made possible by the innovative single-chip design as an optical twin encoder with a redundant safety channel.

20th March 2019
Module is programmable with BiSS and SSI protocols

iC-Haus has expanded its product family in the field of integrated system solutions for sensor-sided BiSS and SSI communication, including absolute encoder applications. The field-sided RS422 transceiver for clock reception and data signal is designed for typical industrial point-to-point encoder applications to enable physical interface compatibility for many drive systems and controllers on the sensor side.

6th September 2018
iC-Haus premieres slave transceiver at electronica

  At electronica in Munich (November 13-17), iC-Haus will present the new IO-Link Slave Transceiver iC-GFP. The iC-GFP features two independent, COM3-compliant channels with a feedback channel each. The configuration of the iC is accomplished via SPI.

3rd May 2018
Integrated CMOS linear image sensors feature 2,000 DPI

  The new iC-LFH Series from IC-Haus offers CMOS linear image sensors in four different lengths with 320, 640, 960, and 1024 pixels. The pixel values are output with a clock signal of up to 5MHz.

14th March 2018
Optical sensors enable short-wave blue LED lighting

A minimal sensor area of only 1.9x3.3mm is sufficient for the optical sensors in the iC-PNH series to scan encoder code discs and generate sine signals in top hi-fi quality. Evaluation is executed by interpolation ICs using a Nonius calculation, e.g. iC-MN and iC-MNF, permitting a very high angle resolution of more than 21 bits, even with code disc diameters of only 26mm. All devices of this series can be used with short-wave blue LED lighting fo...

16th March 2017
Optical position sensor awarded Innovation Award 2017

For the development and successful market introduction of the reflexive position sensor, EncoderBlue, iC-Haus was awarded the Innovation Award 2017 in Rhineland-Palatinate. The optical position sensor transmits the performance data of machine tools, robots, and power trains. While under pricing pressure, products were required with high resolution, in wide temperature ranges, small packages, and for high rotational velocities. 

11th January 2017
Open-source single-cable interface simplifies system wiring

Digital feedback in the same cable and using the same connectors as motor power is a current trend in electrical drive systems. This single-cable approach simplifies system wiring and makes installation and maintenance easier. These advantages have already attracted the interest of both users and manufacturers.

Mixed Signal/Analog
26th October 2016
Multiturn encoder for Linear and Rotary applications

iC-PVL, a configurable Hall multiturn encoder, is a battery-buffered, economical, and space saving replacement for mechanically geared multiturn encoders. Its low current consumption (<10μA) allows the battery to last several years. A flat QFN package is used, which is only 4x4 mm², and includes integrated Hall sensors. This allows the iC-PVL to read magnetic linear scales or tapes, or discs or magnet wheels with pole widths of 1.0 to ...

13th November 2015
Opto-encoder ICs are blue, reflective & lensless

At SPS/IPC Drives 2015 in Nuremburg, iC-Haus will introduce its new encoder ICs which are described as blue, reflective and lensless. Specifically designed for flat encoders, with multiple diameters and line counts, the iC-PR reflective encoders feature dual analogue/digital output options, selectable interpolation factors and high resolution.

21st October 2015
Magnetic sensor device suits fast BLDC motor control

Recently released by iC-Haus, the iC-MH16 is a one-chip solution for magnetic sensor applications in fast motor control units. Combined with a diametrically magnetized permanent magnet, the tiny device can be used to create a robust, universal encoder for motor commutation and positioning. The chip contains a Hall sensor array with signal amplification control, a FlexCount interpolator delivering incremental (ABZ) and latency-free commutation (UV...

16th June 2015
Continuous wave laser diode driver features MCU interface

A laser diode driver that permits MCU-based driving of laser diodes with common cathodes or P-type laser diodes in Continuous Wave (CW) mode has been introduced by iC-Haus. With the iC-HTP, either Automatic Power Control (APC), Automatic Current Control (ACC), or a full controller-based power regulation can be used.

Mixed Signal/Analog
23rd July 2014
Hall encoder's 10-bit angle detection saves energy

A hall encoder, claimed to save energy, has been introduced by iC-Haus. The iC-TW11, which allows for a 10-bit angle detection, has a sampling rate and 10Hz, with an average current consumption of typically 3μA. In standby mode between measuring cycles the idle current cuts back to approximately 100nA. In normal operation the iC-TW11 supports sampling rates of 4kHz with an activated filter and automatic amplifier gain ...

Mixed Signal/Analog
7th March 2014
Device offers sine resolution of up to 4000 edges

For optical and magnetic length gauges featuring decimal gratings, the iC-MQF offers a sine resolution of up to 4000 edges. The circuit incorporates a signal conditioning analog front end, a vector-tracking converter for real-time conversion without latency, as well as fault-tolerant RS422 driver stages which output the incremental signals.

Mixed Signal/Analog
26th November 2013
6 Channel RS-422 Driver with Encoder Link

iC-Haus has today unveiled the new iC-HF, which provides 6 RS-422 line drivers for 3V – 5.5V encoder applications. Featuring an integrated Encoder Link function, the line drivers can be deactivated and analog/digital signals directly accessed through the line driver output pins. For differential RS-422 line driver operation, six differential complementary drivers are implemented.

13th May 2013
Universal Digital Sensor Output Driver From iC-Haus

iC-Haus have today announced new universal digital output drivers, iC-DX3 and iC-DXC3. The universal digital output drivers iC-DX3/DXC3 enable compact sensors to be equipped with NPN, PNP, push-pull, and IO link-compatible output driver options. From an input voltage of 8 to 30 V an integrated linear regulator provides the sensor electronics with a stable +3.3 V voltage and 10 mA loading.

26th April 2013
iC-MHL200: 12 bit universal magnetic position encoder

The iC-MHL200 is an integrated system solution for linear and angular magnetic encoder applications. Combined with a target like a magnetic tape or pole wheel an universal and rugged linear or angular incremental encoder can be realized.

21st February 2013
PWM driver halves the power dissipation of solenoids, valves, and actuators

PWM solenoid driver iC-GE and iC-GE100 enable the optimum energizing of magnetic solenoids in valves, relays, and other actuators, thus saving power. The solenoids are driven by a regulated current of between 100 mA and 1 A (iC-GE100: 10 to 100 mA). Active power control permits the devices to be used in a wide supply voltage range of between 10 and 36 V.

12th February 2013
Evaluation Board NQ6D

The cascadable demo board NQ6D for the evaluation of angle sensors and encoders comes with the advanced sine-to-digital converter iC-NQC. Here, the serial BiSS C interface permits clock-synchronized measurement reading from boards docked on to one another, useful for position sensing along several axes, for example.

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