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19th March 2013
Hylec-APL Launches Railway Certified IP68 Cable Glands

Hylec-APL has launched a new cable gland into the market which is fully certified for use in railway applications for both the European and American rail industry. As well as offering the highest ingress protection rating of IP68, the cable gland has passed all the relevant fire safety tests to achieve NF F 16-101 and UL 514B certification.

19th February 2013
Hylec-APL Weatherproof Connectors Provide Peace Of Mind

It’s well documented that the sea hides many billions of pounds worth of lost riches just waiting to be claimed; and there are many adventurous souls out there who are willing to take on the challenge. But treasure hunting in deep water throws up unique challenges in terms of equipment. The high pressures and corrosive nature of the sea water means that only the hardiest of components are suitable for use. Now a leading manufacturer of unde...

31st January 2013
Hylec-APL Terminal Blocks For Very High Temperature Applications

Hylec-APL has introduced a new comprehensive range of Steatite ceramic terminal blocks which are ideal for wire termination in demanding high temperature applications. Manufactured by Hylec-APL Company, DE Controls, the terminal blocks are a design that is available in both two and three pole options. The new ranges of Steatite ceramic terminal blocks have several characteristics which make it advantageous over existing porcelain ceramic products...

6th December 2012
Quick and Simple Wiring with Hylec-APL's Kwik Wire Connector Blocks

Hylec-APL has launched a new range of quick installation connectors which allows users to make a connection by simply pushing the wire into the opening. The discrete units are available with between two and eight conductors and feature dovetail slots for easy stacking. They are ideal for applications that require the common connection of multiple conductors such as lighting ring-main cabling connections in ceiling voids.

20th November 2012
Hylec-APL introduces speedy installation with Kwik Fix cable gland

Hylec-APL has expanded on its already wide range of cable glands with the introduction of the Kwik Fix range. Designed for use in applications where access to the interior of a bulkhead or enclosure is restricted, the Kwik Fix is installed from just one side of a panel; doesn’t require a rear mounted locknut; and can still achieve IP68 sealing of a cable transit.

31st August 2012
DIN Rail Mounted PCB Enclosures from Hylec-APL

Hylec-APL has introduced a new line of DIN Rail Mounted PCB enclosures. Complementing an extensive range of enclosures, control stations and connectors, the fully customisable housings are available with solid or open tops in a number of unit sizes. All housings can be mounted on ‘Top Hat’ DIN Rails or surface mounted as standard.

29th August 2012
Quicken On-site Installation Time with 'Kwik-Snap’ terminal blocks

When installing electrical systems onsite it is very often the case that two hands aren’t quite enough. If you’re up a ladder, trying to hold a wire in place, with a screwdriver at the ready; trying to cut the required number of poles from a strip of terminal blocks with a sharp Stanley knife is ill advised. Happily Hylec-APL has launched a new range of ‘Kwik-Snap’ terminal strips which can be reduced down to the required ...

19th July 2012
Quick and Compact IP68 Plug and Socket Connection with Hylec-APL's Newest TEEPLUG

Industrial plug and socket connectors that offer high ingress protection are historically awkward and cumbersome to install. The sockets are often bulky and once the connection has been made protective outer casings often need to be secured. This often means that connections cannot be made and broken quickly and that the components will not fit into tight spaces to form a discrete connection. Fortunately Hylec-APL has launched a new IP68 plug and...

25th November 2010
Wire piercing TeePlug gets straight to the point…

Hylec-APL has expanded its innovative range of Weatherproof plug and socket TeePlug connectors with a quick installation, wire piercing model. The wire piercing TeePlug can be installed at any point along an electrical cable with no preparation or tools required and offers up to IP65 protection.

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