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28th January 2020
Overcoming the skills shortage with VR

The UK is at the forefront of global innovation, with skilled engineers and electricians being called to work on projects all over the world. However, we’re experiencing a skills crisis that’s threatening the future of the construction industry. Here, HellermannTyton discusses how VR can help overcome this skills shortage and create a new breed of future-ready electricians.

22nd January 2019
Bringing cable management to life: a virtual reality experience

Cable management specialist, HellermannTyton UK has opened a Virtual Reality (VR) experience at its Cannock site. The investment in VR technology forms a part of the HellermannTyton ACADEMY; a centre which allows visitors and customers to gain hands-on experience with the business’s vast range of cable management solutions.

21st January 2019
RFID protection in a range of frequencies

From protecting valuable assets to protecting lives, radio-frequency identification (RFID) has many different industrial applications. Take the oil and gas sector, where everything from asset management to ensuring testing is up to date on safety equipment can be done with RFID. RFID from HellermannTyton is available in a range of frequencies, each with its own benefits.

12th December 2017
Silicone gels remove risk of outdoor jointing cable failure

With the new range of ReliGel products from HellermannTyton, electrical contractors can protect jointing cables in boxed enclosures even faster and more conveniently. The range comprises two new formulations, developed to meet the needs of contractors. With a faster curing time of 12 minutes, ReliGel Plus saves time – and reduces labour costs and power downtime – during installation.

30th March 2017
Keeping on track with RFID

Mary Butler, Product Manager at HellermannTyton, discusses RFID technology and why it is the smart choice for electricians. Radio-Frequency Identification or RFID systems are widely used across a range of industries and have been in use for a number of decades. Used in all kinds of applications, from microchips for pets to goal-line technology, global RFID sales are consistently on the up, with a projected global market value of $17.6bn by 2...

24th September 2015
Innovative RFID tags shape the future of identification

Cable management is being revolutionised with the development of RFID. HellermannTyton has developed a range of nylon and stainless steel identification cable ties complete with an integrated RFID tag. The new tags enable users to easily fix cables and equipment that need to carry a serial number for tracking and identification purposes.

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