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24th February 2020
Test suite for validating automotive TCP/IP stacks

As part of its commitment to producing the highest-quality networking software for automotive, HCC Embedded has added TC8 test cases for validating a TCP/IP stack to its Safety Integration TestBench. TC8 is the technical committee responsible for the OPEN Alliance Automotive Ethernet ECU Test Specification, which ensures that a TCP/IP stack conforms to minimum standards of interoperability.

5th September 2019
File system solution for failsafe data storage

HCC Embedded (HCC) has introduced SafeexFAT, its failsafe, RTOS-independent exFAT file system implementation that provides an easy integration for device manufacturers who demand the utmost in storage reliability for their deeply embedded applications. This is particularly important for manufacturers of devices where loss of data could be detrimental, such as in automotive, industrial, and medical applications. 

15th August 2019
Flash management software supports non-volatile memories

HCC Embedded (HCC) has announced its collaboration with Adesto Technologies to support the new Adesto FusionHD serial flash technology. HCC’s field-proven file system products use the features of FusionHD devices to significantly improve performance and data retention, reliability, and battery life of smart IoT devices.

17th April 2019
Failsafe flash translation layer management for flash memory

It has been announced by HCC Embedded (HCC) that its failsafe flash translation layer (SafeFTL) has been tested and verified for the entire range of automotive-grade SPI NAND flash memory products from Micron Technology. Automotive designers integrating Micron SPI NAND flash into automotive systems can use HCC’s SafeFTL to ensure the reliable storage of data to the NAND flash.

14th February 2019
RTOS-independent implementation of exFAT file system

Long-time experts in developing file systems for deeply embedded systems, HCC Embedded (HCC), has signed an agreement with Microsoft to license its RTOS-independent exFAT file system implementation to device manufacturers with a direct patent license from Microsoft. 

21st December 2018
HCC Embedded achieves ISO 27001 certification

Specialist in high-quality software components for deeply embedded systems, HCC Embedded (HCC), has announced it has been awarded ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, one of the most widely recognised and internationally accepted information security standards. This certification reflects both HCC’s long-term commitment to quality management principles and its expertise in managing risk and protecting data on behalf of the company and its cust...

23rd August 2018
Advanced embedded framework to provide access to all HCC middleware

Experts in software for securely storing and communicating embedded data, HCC Embedded (HCC), has extended the range of platforms supported within its Advanced Embedded Framework to include the ChibiOS real time operating system (RTOS).

2nd March 2018
MISRA-compliant encryption suite secures embedded IoT devices

In order to ensure that IoT devices can be managed securely, HCC Embedded has released its CryptoCore embedded-cryptography suite. With this new encryption suite, HCC provides a complete end-to-end security solution focused on system-level design and software-quality issues largely unaddressed in the industry.

26th October 2017
HCC achieves ISO 9001:2015 certification

HCC Embedded has announced that it has attained ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification. Achieving ISO 9001 certification is a testament to HCC’s commitment to quality management principles, continuous improvement, and strong customer focus. ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates that organisations can link business objectives with operating effectiveness.

14th March 2017
HTTPS client added to TCP/IP networking stack

HTTP Secure (HTTPS) client has been added to HCC Embedded's high performance TCP/IP networking stack. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to develop, the growth of embedded HTTP servers in devices that collect and exchange data runs the gamut from smart home, connected car, medical and industrial control applications. HCC’s HTTPS uses HCC’s verifiable Transport Layer Security (TLS) module to provide a highly flexible web-se...

14th March 2017
Connectivity protocol added to networking and security suite

HCC Embedded has added MQTT IoT protocol support to its robust suite of connectivity and security software. MQTT is a small, low-bandwidth networking protocol ideally suited for connecting the growing number of embedded applications that are remotely monitored through an Internet connection. HCC Embedded’s MQTT implementation runs on HCC’s trusted TCP/IP stack to reduce time to market and uses verifiable TLS to secure IoT cloud connec...

25th July 2016
Global combined business merger strengthens US technical presence

HCC Embedded had acquired the networking business of InterNiche Technologies, a supplier of embedded networking protocol software. Through this acquisition HCC has created a global, combined business that streamlines and simplifies the development of networking and storage solutions for IoT devices.

25th February 2016
Network stacks make embedded IoT devices less vulnerable to attacks

HCC Embedded has added an IPSec/IKEv2 module to its growing range of embedded networking and security software. HCC’s verifiable network stacks now have a full set of security protocols and can handle all popular forms of secure network traffic. IPSec/IKEv2 works seamlessly with HCC’s IPv4/v6 stacks to create robust host-to-host, host-to-gateway and gateway-to-gateway security.

24th February 2016
Reliable file systems to safeguard automotive data

HCC Embedded has extended its range of reliable storage and networking software to the OSEK real-time operating system (RTOS) used for automotive applications. Automotive developers can now easily upgrade networking, security, and flash file systems software to improve the safety, security, and reliability of their applications. The growing use of Ethernet, USB, and flash in vehicle control, entertainment, and telematics has created a need f...

23rd February 2016
HCC Embedded releases Dual IPv4/IPv6 Stack

HCC Embedded has released a full IPv4/IPv6 dual stack that is available for free evaluation download. The stack is designed with a focus on quality and data security and is available with a full MISRA-compliance code-quality report. When used in conjunction with TI’s Hercules automotive and industrial MCUs for functional safety applications, this stack provides engineers a high-performance networking solution that meets multiple quality and...

22nd February 2016
Verifiable software suits Automotive OSEK-based applications

HCC Embedded has extended its range of reliable storage and networking software to the OSEK RTOS used for automotive applications. Automotive developers can now easily upgrade networking, security, and flash file systems software to improve the safety, security and reliability of their applications.

9th November 2015
Networks made more secure with software for Atmel Cortex-M7-based MCUs

HCC Embedded has extended its range of reliable storage and networking software to the Atmel | SMART SAMV70/V71, S70 and E70 range of ARM Cortex M7-based processors for automotive and industrial IoT applications. Atmel developers can now choose software designed using functional safety processes to ensure security and flash file systems are operating correctly. HCC’s development process uses a framework that ensures complete target independ...

6th March 2015
File system support guarantees data integrity

HCC Embedded has introduced fail-safe file system support for eMMC Flash that simplifies software integration and guarantees the integrity of data. HCC Embedded’s range of eMMC drivers supports high-performance file operations, fail-safe operations, and secure erase. Devices with JEDEC eMMC 4.4, 5.0, and later interfaces (JESD84-B50) are supported.

6th March 2015
MISRA-compliant protocols enhance embedded networking stack

HCC Embedded has extended its MISRA- compliant TCP/IP stack to include HTTP, SMTP, SNTP/NTP and SNMP protocols. These additions give embedded developer access to an extensive range of network protocols, all supplied with rigorous MISRA-compliance reports and a full test suite that verifies target functionality. This level of quality, security and test improves reliability and shortens time to market.

6th October 2014
HCC Embedded Encryption Manager Improves Embedded Data Security and Reliability in the Internet of Things

HCC Embedded has released a new Embedded Encryption Manager that allows developers to secure IoT systems using multiple encryption or hash algorithms through a uniform interface. Using a well-defined interface shortens development time as developers can now simply drop-in the Manager and encrypt data stored on flash or transmitted across a network. Such security is necessary to block potential hackers looking for a backdoor into the microcontroll...

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