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Test & Measurement
25th April 2019
DAQ module with CAN FD for increased bandwidth requirements

Test and measurement specialist HBM has expanded its range of data acquisition modules by launching the new MX471C module with CAN FD (CAN with flexible data-rate) protocol. The module is part of the industry standard’s QuantumX family, providing engineers with universal and flexible solutions for integrating data acquisition systems into CANbus networks.

Test & Measurement
13th February 2019
Miniature piezo force sensor covers wide measuring range

It has been announced that HBM’s new PACEline CFTplus series of piezoelectric force transducers is a well suited choice for making measurements in the production and manufacturing sectors. CFTplus sensors are particularly suitable for covering very large measuring ranges, for example, when using presses with a large measuring range.

8th June 2018
Z6R load cell offers compatibility with market standard

HBM’s Z6R bending beam load cell has been designed for maximum capacities ranging from 20 to 200kg. It contains a robust enclosure, dirt-repellent design, and compatibility with the Z6 load cell. Typical fields of application can be found in the packaging or food-processing industries. The robust enclosure withstands mechanical stress and is not affected by dirt, humidity, and aggressive media.

1st June 2018
Software designed to accelerate and facilitate data acquisition

Now available from HBM is the very latest EVIDAS software, which is designed to significantly accelerate and facilitate data acquisition. Simple to use, EVIDAS software features an intuitive user interface that provides immediate visual feedback. By simply connecting the smart sensors (TEDS), it takes two simple clicks to display measurement results, without any programming, saving users valuable set-up time and effort, which is a ...

Test & Measurement
24th May 2018
Data recorder provides fast results in vehicle testing

  Now available from HBM is the new SomatXR CX22B-R data recorder, which has been specifically designed to reliably acquire and store measured data in mobile applications, such as interactive vehicle testing.

Test & Measurement
24th April 2018
New standards are set with ClipX signal conditioner

HBM has announced its new ClipX signal conditioner, which sets new standards in industrial process control by simply integrating into existing machines and production systems. Designed to optimise production processes, ClipX is a signal conditioner that not only amplifies signals and transfers them to the control unit, without any interference but also completes preliminary calculations and summaries, to reduce the load on higher level ...

Test & Measurement
11th April 2018
Data recorder enables entry into high speed data acquisition

With the portable data acquisition system GEN2tB, HBM has introduced a high performance starter device for high speed measurement with sampling rates of up to 250MS/s. Thanks to its flexible design and possibility of individual assembly with different data acquisition cards, GEN2tB offers attractive functions for professional users as well. Typical applications include testing electrical networks (eGrids), electric drive trains (eDrive), as well ...

Test & Measurement
15th February 2018
Digital load cell designed to simplify off-centre compression

  The new digital C16i load cell has been announced by HBM. It has been designed to simplify off-centre compression. Following on from the company's C16a analogue cell, the C16i is designed to precisely measure heavy loads of up to 60 tonnes with an accuracy class of C3 and C4. 

Test & Measurement
14th February 2018
Miniature force washer allows reliable shear-force monitoring

Test and measurement company, HBM, has introduced its new PACEline CSW miniature force washers for reliable shear-force monitoring. The new piezoelectric sensors’ typical fields of application include force monitoring tasks in machining processes such as cutting, milling, and turning. Additionally, the CLP miniature sensors enable a swift upgrade of the force washer to a sensor with multiple axes.

Test & Measurement
30th January 2018
New online guide on strain measurement

HBM Test and Measurement has launched a new Strain Measurement online guide, focusing on the selection, installation, data acquisition, and analysis of electrical as well as optical strain gauges. The new portal contains comprehensive information about measuring strain, including valuable tips from leading strain measurement experts.

Events News
23rd October 2017
Webinar reveals smart technologies for mobile vehicle testing

HBM has announced the date of its latest webinar on Smart Technologies for Mobile Testing, which takes place at 9.00am on Thursday 23rd November 2017.

Test & Measurement
4th October 2017
A cloud-based structural health monitoring package

  HBM has announced its capabilities of offering complete customised, end to end cloud-based structural health monitoring (SHM) packages. The packages include all associated hardware, software, installation, and monitoring requirements, along with cloud-based data access for each customer.

Test & Measurement
23rd November 2016
Rosette strain gauge measures PCB stress in tight spaces

Suitable for measurements on printed circuit boards (PCB), small components or applications with limited space, the RF9 miniature rosette strain gauge has been released by HBM. Compact in size, the strain gauge rosette features a three stacked measurement grid which is only 5mm in size, enabling it to determine a biaxial stress state with unknown principal stress direction in confined spaces.

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