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8th September 2021
ADAS market is projected to reach $60bn by 2026

As per a research report by Global Market Insights, the advanced driver assistance system market is likely to exceed a valuation of $60bn by the end of 2026. Growing number of research and development activities centred around integrating technologies like AI to enhance passenger safety is stimulating the development of new ADAS systems.

21st July 2021
Electronic skin products to see rapid adoption in cosmetic applications

Over the past few years, electronic skin technology has gained significant momentum. The technology finds a wide range of use-cases on account of its self-healing characteristics, stretching and self-powering abilities. Electronic skin and patches can be used for patients with prosthetics to provide a sense of touch. In addition, the products are increasingly gaining prominence in diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

8th July 2021
Mechanical ventilators market to garner significant proceeds

Surging COVID-19 cases worldwide have triggered the adoption of mechanical ventilators significantly. Coronavirus is an infectious disease that has a direct impact on the respiratory system of the patient.

10th June 2021
mHealth market to record proceeds with demand for remote data collection

One of the recent studies in the global mHealth market comprises research conducted by the IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology, and the Mass General Brigham (MGB) Center for COVID Innovation. The study underscores that mHealth mobile apps providing contact tracing are crucial in the detection of people who might have come in contact with a person infected with COVID-19.

3rd June 2021
Shaping the growth of the ultrasonic sensors market

Rising implementation of ultrasonic sensors across a plethora of industrial applications such as robot sensing, counting substances in conveyor belts, box sorting schemes, and liquid level control, among others, will outline the growth of the industry. The sensors are also gaining immense traction from AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) to determine vehicle distance from the object and for detecting obstacles.

24th May 2021
Electric bus market to record growth with government support

In January 2021, Proterra Inc., a major player in the global electric bus market, agreed to go public by means of a merger with ArcLight Clean Transition Corp, joining numerous electric vehicle makers in a transaction that was valued at $1.6bn, comprising debt.

20th May 2021
Orthopedic disorders to elevate global devices market share

The orthopedic devices market will see lucrative growth in the coming years backed by rising innovations and technological advancements in the healthcare sector. Orthopedic medical devices are known to be tremendously efficacious in reducing pain, restoring mobility, and improving the quality of life for many individuals each year.

18th May 2021
5G to spur GaN & SiC power semiconductor market

Rampant development and roll out of 5G technology around the globe will offer new growth prospects to GaN and SiC power semiconductor manufacturers. These semiconductors are known for providing small form factor and high-power density, hastening their adoption whilst telecom operators augment infrastructure development.

15th April 2021
Portable photorejuvenation devices market to record 6.8% CAGR

Rise in prevalence of skin problems coupled with demand for non-invasive treatments is expected to drive photorejuvenation devices market trends. Over the past few years, there has been a growing craze for aesthetic transformations such as hair removal, wrinkle reduction and tattooing.

8th April 2021
Non-mydriatic Fundus cameras market to see 5% CAGR over 2019-2025

Propelled by the need for advanced ophthalmic imaging modalities and increasing inclination towards painless detection of eye disorders, fundus cameras market is gaining remarkable traction in the ophthalmic imaging arena. As per the Laser Eye Surgery Hub, about 330,000 cataract operations are performed per year in England alone. Such high incidence rate of severe ophthalmic disorders generate substantial demand for diagnosis, thus favoring fundu...

25th March 2021
Top 3 trends fostering the growth of CRM devices

The Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) devices market is anticipated to amass considerable revenue growth on account of rising number of patients suffering from chronic cardiovascular diseases. Lately, there has been a surge in the number of sudden cardiac and arrhythmia deaths worldwide, accounting for almost 15-20% of all deaths registered globally.

12th March 2021
The future developments in digital genome market

Recent advances and developments in the field of genomics and next-generation DNA sequencing technologies have enhanced speed and reduced the costs of DNA sequencing. The growing occurrence of chronic health conditions worldwide has encouraged the adoption of digital genome solutions.

11th February 2021
Increasing technological developments to foster ventricular assist devices

Global ventricular assist devices market is projected to witness a lucrative growth spurt over the forthcoming time period. With rising awareness and technological developments, the global ventricular assist devices market is expected to chalk out remunerative growth trend through a diverse array of verticals.

4th February 2021
Putting second life into context with EV battery reuse

With a sustained growth of electric vehicles globally, environmental upsides of second life batteries have driven EV battery reuse market share. Second life of used EV batteries will potentially represent an invaluable business model for OEMs and equipment providers. As sustainability becomes paramount for stakeholders, including regulators, investors and end-users, automakers have upped investments in used EV batteries.

26th January 2021
Optical sensor market projected to reach $30bn by 2026

According to a recent study from market research firm Global Market Insights, optical sensors are broadly utilised in consumer electronic devices for the detection of events, changes, or input signals and pass the information to other components.

21st January 2021
Strengthening hemoglobin testing devices market outlook by 2025

Growing prevalence of anemia is estimated to drive the demand for hemoglobin testing kits over the forthcoming years. Anemia is regarded as a major public health issue that is impacting people across both developed as well as developing nations. According to reports, nearly 1.6 billion people suffer from anemia globally.

17th December 2020
Women health devices market to procure massive gains over 2019-2025

The uncompromising focus on tackling critical healthcare conditions like breast cancer and other chronic ailments have led to propelling growth of women health devices market lately. According to the World Cancer Research Fund reports, in 2018, there were around 18 million cases of cancer worldwide, of which 8.5 million were primarily identified in women.

9th December 2020
Will smartphone demand impact the haptic technology market?

Haptic technology market is poised to accrue sizable revenue growth on account of proliferating use of self-service kiosks that require responsive 3D touchscreens. Haptic technology focuses on simulating the sensation of touch using several mechanisms. It uses touch as a feedback system to deliver information to consumers or operators. By Saipriya Iyer, Global Market Insights

2nd December 2020
Home sleep apnea testing devices market to witness growth

Increasing prevalence of sleep apnea across the globe coupled with consolidating trend towards home testing is likely to inflate home sleep apnea testing devices market demand. Incidences of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) have become frequent, with an incredibly high number of people still remaining undiagnosed.

25th November 2020
Diabetes care devices market to surpass $14.5bn by 2025

Diabetes care devices market is estimated to amass substantial gains in the coming years with the growing prevalence of obese population stemming from sedentary lifestyles. In addition, factors such as unhealthy dietary pattern, tobacco intake and alcohol consumption are further stimulating the occurrence of diabetes in turn driving diabetes care devices market trends.

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