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9th September 2020
Automotive engineers outline thermal challenges for 2020

New research from Future Facilities has revealed the top thermal challenges and trends facing the automotive industry in 2020. Conducted as a roundtable discussion, the research brings together thermal engineering experts from some of the world’s leading automotive and electronics companies, including automotive supplier Brose and level 4 autonomous vehicle company, AutoX.

6th April 2020
2020 trends and thermal challenges in the LED industry

New research from Future Facilities, maker of the 6SigmaET thermal simulation software, has revealed the top challenges and trends in the LED industry for 2020.

29th November 2019
Solver technology enhances thermal simulation software

Release 14 is the latest upgrade to Future Facilities 6SigmaET thermal simulation software. It includes significant modelling and optimisation enhancements, including the company’s ‘fastest ever’ CFD solver. The key focus of development for Release 14 was improvements in optimisation, allowing electronics engineers to balance thermal requirements with design constraints such as weight, size and cost.

4th November 2019
The design priorities shaping thermal management in 2019

Over the next five years a flurry of new innovations and technology trends are coming into the mainstream with major implications for the world of electronics engineering. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to edge computing, 5G to the Internet of Things (IoT), new technologies are redefining the ways that we live, work and communicate. Tom Gregory, Product Manager, Future Facilities explains.

27th June 2019
Future Facilities celebrates ten years of thermal simulation

This month Future Facilities is celebrating the 10th anniversary of 6SigmaET, its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution for the electronics market. First launched at the thermal engineering conference, Semi-Therm, in 2009, 6SigmaET has evolved substantially over the last ten years and now incorporates advanced unstructured gridding technology, cloud-based solving and VR integration for the Oculus Rift.

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